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    Vol 3 Chapter 734: Gods Gather

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    Top of the mountain!

    Thunderclouds are surging.

    The silver-white electric light constantly flared its teeth and claws from the thundercloud, showing its own existence.

    The howling wind blows, and the hair is constantly shaking in the wind. Looking up at the sky, Xiao Sanchu's eyes burst with infinite brilliance.

    The aura of the world has been promoted to the level of earth immortals. Ordinary immortals are nothing to big figures, but immortals are immortals, and the gap between them and the ordinary is still like the difference between clouds and mud.

    Able to survive the nine thunder tribulations, practice hard for a while, push open the immortal gate and become immortal.

    This is a qualitative change, a transformation of life.

    Rejuvenation of spiritual energy and the unity of the three realms is a general trend.

    The characters standing at the top of the pyramid in the world, they want to prove the ancestral realm of the Tao and become the ruler of the world, but for the lower level, they have never had such great ambitions and dare not extravagantly seek to prove the ancestral realm of the Tao, but the gods and earth immortals still dare to think about it. of.

    After Xiao Sanchu opened the immortal gate, he would surely be able to advance one step further in the future, and even get the chance to become an earth immortal.

    For a generation of immortals, this is also the leader and a big man.

    The silver-white rays of light blazed wildly, suddenly dispelling the darkness of the world, and then there was a rumbling sound.

    Xiao Sanchu's expression appeared wild, and he shouted angrily: "Come on!"

    A bucket of thunder had already fallen from the sky, and the thunder was endless, like a straight line, hitting Xiao Sanchu vertically.

    A defensive treasure has been suspended above Xiao Sanchu's head.

    This is a tortoise shell, about the size of a mile, like a wall, covering the top of Xiao Sanchu.

    A ray of green light permeated, and the threads hung down, like a curtain holding Xiao Sanchu in the center. With this treasure, Xiao Sanchu had never resisted the thunder.

    Between turning his hands, a straight knife appeared in his hand.

    The knife is one meter long, the blade is sharp, and the back is thick. It is a killer weapon.

    A sword slashed towards Thunder, and the blood burst out suddenly. Since Xiao Sanchu's body was flowing, it was like a big river in the Yangtze River, producing a rushing sound.

    The blood runs through the straight knife, as if smearing a layer of blood on the straight knife, and the blood gas is like a furnace, filled with terrifying high temperature, baking all over the mountain.

    The weeds that grew up on the soil under the strange rocks lost all water in an instant, and began to wither under the scorching temperature, and a piece of weeds had died.

    Slash Thunder.

    Lightning lightning splashed around, like drops of rain, the power of thunder that had just reached the sun had already blasted the power of blood and blood, and the straight sword froze in midair.

    A huge counter shock came out, and Xiao Sanchu stepped back seven steps in a row.

    A part of the strange rock under his feet has been broken, two feet have been stepped on the strange rock, and the splash of thunder fell and was blocked by the turtle shell.

    Not only was Xiao Sanchu not angry, but he was ecstatic.

    "As expected of the Nine Thunder Tribulation, come again?"

    In the carefree roar, he once again swung his knife to slash the thunder, completely treating the Ninefold Thunder Tribulation as his enemy.

    Dou Changsheng watched this scene calmly, really disrespectful of Lei Jie, really is Lei Jie is still rigid before, you can let you treat it wanton.

    Following Dou Chang's business aspirations, the light curtain in front of him quickly spread, and in a blink of an eye it has spread to the east, and the other shots have disappeared.

    Dou Changsheng has a clear vision, from top to bottom, and he can clearly see any actions of Xiao Sanchu.

    Moved by the mind, it should have gradually strengthened, one thunder, two thunders, until the nine thunders, through the last nine thunders, it is considered to have passed through the nine thunderstorms.

    Floating behind Dou Changsheng, it is like a thunder drum in the background.

    One side of Thor bulged brightly, and the two distinct colors on it slowly turned each other as if entangled.

    Two thunderbolts and three thunderbolts did not fall one by one, but the two were combined together, and a total of five thunderbolts fell together.

    Suddenly, like five beams of light, they slashed directly at Xiao Sanchu.

    Take charge of Thunder and manage the thunder disaster in the world.

    Now Dou Changsheng is only in charge of the Immortal Thunder Tribulation, like a more advanced Thunder Tribulation, not incapable of affecting it, but the next Thunder Tribulation, that is the Immortal Tribulation.

    Now no one has become a celestial immortal, even if it is difficult to recover from the outside world, no one has successfully recovered to the celestial celestial being, and the celestial calamity has appeared again.

    The Thunder controlled it, not letting Dou Changsheng do it.

    But there is a bottom line, which is like having a framework, in which you can do it arbitrarily, such as the second Thunder landing and the third Thunder merger.

    Dou Changsheng affected at most three times, two times, three times, and four times. These three times fell together instead of the remaining times of Thunder, which fell all at once and successfully smashed Xiao Sanchu to death.

    Of course Dou Changsheng could do this too, but at a certain price, this would be regarded as a violation of God's will, to provoke gods, and compromise his own gods.

    The five thunderbolts fell all at once, which was beyond Xiao Sanchu's expectation. Although Xiao Sanchu had been able to handle, he was caught off guard, and he was more embarrassed.

    Looking at the straight-knife gap, many positions have been cracked, and Xiao Sanchu is very embarrassed.

    Dou Changsheng's gaze slowly turned away, and then he did not pay attention to the other party, and just teach him a lesson. Dou Changsheng was not a murderer.

    Looking back, let Chu Huangxuanjingsi look up and see the details of this Xiao Sanchu. If it's not a chaotic courtier, then just work for yourself.

    Their own qualifications are still good, and the future potential of these characters is at least a mysterious immortal, and it is not impossible that they are rushing to become an immortal.

    High-end combat power is impossible, because the opponent is no longer in the sky. If Xiao Sanchu successfully opened the fairy gate when the age of the immortal began, then the opponent would have the potential to attack the immortal in the future.

    After testing thunder's authority or two, Dou Changsheng watched rain fall from other locations.

    Its not the first time that the living Dou Changsheng has done it, and its not the first time he has done this. Dou Changsheng will come here to relax every day.

    Find a few unlucky ghosts, hack, and abuse, soothe yourself.

    At the same time, you can also get the blessings. Although there are not many blessings, the small mosquitoes are meat, and the accumulation is a considerable number.

    When Dou Changsheng walked out of the thunder pond and returned to the Lingxiao Temple, the wave had already been born outside the Thunder God Realm, and the Ye Chu class deity summoned by Dou Changsheng had successfully arrived.

    Not many gods came this time, but every one of them was a high-level Shinto, all occupying high positions.

    The last time I planned the promotion of the gods, after many days of preparation, it is now time to implement it.

    Shinto combat power should also be mentioned, it cannot be left behind.

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