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    Vol 3 Chapter 733: Thunder Authority

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    Thunder God Kingdom!

    Thousands of thunders roared, thunder after thunder, like rain.

    Thunder bombarded the earth, and the soil continued to splash, and there was a thunder force on it. Under the constant bombardment of thunder, the soil in the thunder **** kingdom had begun to change and could be regarded as a special treasure.

    Dou Changsheng walked out of the Lingxiao Palace slowly, standing on the Rainbow Bridge watching the thunder fall. Since the beginning of the Dixian Era, the world has been calm for so many years. It is not like every era in the past, when a major enemy has appeared.

    In the eyes of Dou Changsheng, the enemy of the Heavenly King Palace would not do it in the Earth Immortal era, and it is unlikely that it would even do it in the Earth Immortal Tao fruit era.

    Just like Zhang Tongxuan and other characters, his hands-on at the immortal level is completely a waste of resources. This earth immortal peak powerhouse is only close to being promoted to heaven immortal.

    It was in the age of the Earth Immortal Taoist Fruit that it was able to truly exert its true strength, and the threat posed at that time was definitely ten times, or a hundred times the threat.

    The heavenly immortal cannot be used as an earthly immortal. The safest way to use the Heavenly King Palace is to open it in the age of heavenly immortals, and at that time, with an absolute advantage, it will crush Da Chu upright.

    The two great eras of the earth and immortals, this can be regarded as the prelude to the great era, and it can be regarded as the most peaceful era.

    This is all the shock brought by the slaughter of immortals in the Maoshan battle.

    There are also troubles, because the immortals offended a group of relatives and friends, but the benefits are even more obvious. The calm of these two eras can bring about forty years of stability.

    How many years has it been since Dou Changsheng's crossing, not forty years yet.

    With this time, Dou Changsheng's steady practice, with the help of the power of the Conferred God List, can definitely break the outside world's cognition and promote to the third rank of the gods, which is equivalent to a god.

    Standing on the Rainbow Bridge, Dou Changsheng stretched out his hand.

    Somewhere in the Thunder God Kingdom, there was a sudden rumbling sound, and the Thunder God Drum had burst out suddenly.

    It turned into a stream of light from mid-air, and rushed towards Dou Changsheng whistling. In a blink of an eye, the Thunder God Drum had rushed in front of Dou Changsheng, floating at the position of Dou Changsheng about Michael.

    A thunderbolt wrapped around the Thunder God Drum, watching the big drum stand horizontally in front of him, the quaint vicissitudes of life, the thunder to the sun, set off the sacred and inviolable.

    The appearance is also good, but if it's a big battle, it's not very respectable. As an emperor, how can he be a drummer himself, do he beat instead of dancing in the square.

    The Thunder God Drum was moved with thoughts, but it changed its appearance, from the beat drum to the waist drum.

    It can be tied around the waist, and can be gently slapped with your hands. Fortunately, it is better, but it is still not very good.

    When you think of me, you pat the drum, thinking of this, Dou Changsheng couldn't help shook his head.

    The Thunder God Drum gave birth to electric light, gradually enclosing the Thunder God Drum in it, and finally rushed to Dou Changsheng suddenly, divided into four from behind Dou Changsheng, turning into a four-sided Thunder God Drum.

    Between each side of the Thor drum, there is a thunder link, which forms a whole.

    Gouyu jade appeared on the Thor drum, and the double gouyu jade was opposed to each other, the position was upside down, forming a Thor drum.

    The name Gouyu doesn't fit well. It should look like this Thunder God drum, which resembles the pattern of Tai Chi, but there is no Tai Chi picture that contains Yin in Yang and Yang in Yin.

    The two are very clear, not that I am in you, you are in me.

    Lei Guang twisted and danced from the top of the Thor Drum, like thunder dragons, stretching their teeth and claws.

    Dou Changsheng was completely satisfied when he saw this scene. The Thor drum behind it brought out the endless majesty of his body. This is what a **** should have.

    While the Thor drums were not in a fixed position, Dou Changsheng added Sanmao special effects.

    The Thor drum began to rotate slowly, and the special effects became dazzling.

    What king's weapon is left, Thor's Hammer.

    In Dou Changsheng's opinion, the soil is a little bit soiled, and the rest will continue to increase the power of the Thor Drum. This division into four does not affect the power, but this is the biggest difference.

    There are few Thor drums on all sides, so how can I have more sides.

    Nine is the ultimate number system, this is the most suitable number, which coincides with the world.

    Dou Changsheng walked forward slowly, with the Thor Drum behind him, and the thunder surrounded him, setting off the Thor's majesty.

    Dou Changsheng walked down the Rainbow Bridge and came to a high platform, which was suspended in the sky, similar to the one where Feng Tianhe was tortured and died in the past.

    But this place is not Xingtai, but a Thunder Tower, or Lei Chi, which is more appropriate.

    This place is located in the vortex of the sky, in the sea of thunder. From the Rainbow Bridge or other places, you can't see this place at all, all is covered by the rotating thunder.

    This is one of the cores of Thunder God Kingdom, and it is also the driving force for Dou Changsheng to contact the outside world of Thunder God's authority.

    Standing in the high platform of Lei Chi, surrounded by thunder on all sides, you can't see the north, south, east and west at a glance. Except for thunder, it is still thunder.

    Thunder Ocean surrounded the high platform and wanted to infect the high platform, but was isolated by a force and successfully blocked it.

    After Dou Changsheng walked the square light curtains on the high platform gradually rose. The light curtains in the four directions, southeast, northwest, rippling like water waves, wave after wave.

    The rolling waves suddenly dispersed.

    It seems to be cut by a sharp blade, divided into pieces, not as a whole.

    Dou Changsheng looked like a display screen, and one lens after another appeared on it.

    Different things happen in each shot. Some areas are dark and dark, with dark clouds blocking the sun. The sky and the earth are dim, and the wind is blowing and blowing, rolling up the sand on the ground.

    A bright light resounded in the black cloud, like a silver-white dragon, stretching its teeth and dancing its claws, and like a sharp sword, a sword pierced the black cloud.

    Suddenly, with a dull sound, a thunder has been born

    After the thunder sounded, the pattering sound also sounded, and drops of rain fell from the black clouds.

    Many other shots are similar to this one. The difference is that the place is different, but the general situation is the same. These are all thunder caused by rain.

    Dou Changsheng looked away and looked at those different lenses.

    This is a towering high mountain with white clouds surrounding the top, like a fairyland.

    A middle-aged man is standing on a tall rock.

    The waist stood tall and straight, like a long gun, and his eyes were flying high, with an aggressive fighting spirit, strong like granite muscles propped up his thin clothes, like a wild bear standing here.

    "Today I, Xiao Sanchu, passed the ninth thunder calamity, pushed open the immortal gate, and proclaimed that I became immortal.

    "Come on, Lei Jie, you are destined to be my stepping stone to Xiao Sanchu."


    "Lei Ting has eaten your rice, is it a stepping stone?"


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