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    Vol 3 Chapter 732: Build 9 Heavens

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    Nine Emperor's Palace, there is Chao Palace!

    Pearls are inlaid on the roof, and the milky white light is constantly diffused.

    Illuminated the main hall like the day, without any blind spots appearing shadows, like a ray of brilliance, falling on the emperors like a light veil.

    The Huaxu family paddled the water all the way, just like in previous meetings, he would not speak at all, and quietly be a beauty.

    Such a meeting, although Huaxu did not speak, every time no one directly ignored Huaxu and did not invite the other party. As one of the nine emperors, it is Huaxus right to participate in the meeting.

    Huaxu is a beautiful woman, Yanhuang is a beautiful man, better than Huaxu, the other party will agree with the situation.

    Emperor Xi also did not express many opinions. He watched the argument between Xuanyuan, Suhuang, and Emperor Yu throughout the whole process, just like watching a good show. He did not speak but his eyes were piercing, watching everything with relish.

    In the past, the Chao family and the dead two emperors would also participate and start arguing together, deciding that the chariot of the Nine Emperor Gods Palace, the main way forward, can be accompanied by the two emperors fighting to the death of the human race, now on the stage It is the role of Xuanyuan three.

    You Chao's only opened a beginning, and the three spoke with one word, starting the previous debate.

    The Nine Emperor Gods Palace enters the realm of the masters. This is a general direction. This will not change, but there are many ways to enter the realm of the masters.

    Especially Xuanyuan presided over the world of human affairs, but there is still the rise of Da Chu. The combat power that has been dispatched many times into the world of humans has begun to eradicate Da Chu, which can be described as defeated and defeated.

    Regarding the fact that Emperor Yu wanted to seize the world of the host, Sui Renshi also focused on this point. Although the two had no words to directly explain the union, no matter whether it was Emperor Sui or Emperor Yu, the tacit understanding has appeared, and they have joined forces to target Xuanyuan.

    This is not the first time they have done this. They did it once, but because of the dragon clan, neither Emperor Sui nor Emperor Yu wanted to affect the overall situation, so they let it go.

    This time, the Chao clan gathered everyone to discuss the next nine emperor palace policies and strategies. Emperor Sui and Emperor Yu did not intend to continue to back down.

    Fire stands outside the gate, like a guard, guarding the palace gate, preventing outsiders from entering and approaching.

    The voice in the palace has never been heard. Of course, the image of the Nine Emperor Gods is wise and martial, and no one knows the Nine Emperors gaffe.

    You Chao looked at the trio of fish and fish in troubled waters, and then at the arguing three people, patted the bed lightly, and looked at the three who had fallen silent, and Chao said: "Into the masters world. Since there are disputes about the matter, let it go temporarily."

    "Talk about the Tianwang Palace first."

    Sui Renshis hand was like a flame. In the raging burning, a scorching heat continued to diffuse from it, gently turning back and forth, and a deep voice resounded: "There is nothing to say about the Tianwang Palace."

    "The Palace of Heavenly Kings also wants to enter the realm of the masters. This is the same purpose as our Palace of the Nine Emperors. It is our greatest enemy after the Dragon Court victory."

    Emperor Yu also approved the preaching: "Taiwei Heavenly King was ambitious. He built the Heavenly King Hall in the ancient times and swept the Three Realms. If it werent for the coming of the end, the Heavenly King Taiwei had successfully established the Heavenly Court, and he was the Emperor of Heaven and dominated the Three Realms."

    "The Palace of Heavenly Kings is our archenemy of the Nine Emperors Palace, and it is the object that must be eradicated."

    "What is worth celebrating is the main purpose of the Palace of Heavenly Kings. Now it is not us, but the great Chu of the human world. With this buffer, we have more opportunities to choose. It is still the matter that I just told, and I will be in charge of the human world. Things, with the help of the Heavenly King Palace invasion, captured Da Chu in one fell swoop and completed the Nine Emperor Gods Palace into the master's room.

    Suiren sneered once or two, looked at Emperor Yu with an unspeakable charm, and categorically spoke: "The Palace of the Heavenly Kings is not a direct invasion. The Heavenly King of Taiwei is ambitious. With the help of the fragmented world of Jiufangtiandi, he has built into the Nine Heavens. ."

    "The earth of the world, the world of God, has turned into the world of the world, with nine heavens above it, swallowing other world fragments, so that the status of the immortals will not be lost, and they will still be high above all living beings."

    "The Chu Emperor slaughtered the celestial immortals first. The Emperor Taiwei echoed the mind of the celestial celestial beings and protected the status of the celestial celestial bodies. This is a general trend and cannot be violated.

    "Rather than confront the general trend, it is better to follow the trend and let me preside over the affairs of the human world. Then why can't we do what Taiwei King can do?"

    "The Palace of the Nine Emperor Gods was transformed into the world of the largest nine-square fragments in the world at the time. We have a stronger advantage than the King Taiwei, and we unite with the immortals to establish the Nine Heavens. The land of Shenzhou is the world of humanity. Why should we conflict with Da Chu? Self can be overwhelmed by the great Chu and enter the master's room."

    Suihuang directly rejected the words of Emperor Yu. Although the two were united, as an emperor, they were arbitrarily accustomed to acting alone. They were tenacious and would not recognize other emperors at all. Conflicts were everywhere. This is also Xuanyuan. The reason for being able to barely suppress Emperor Sui and Emperor Yu.

    There is no real unity between the two, otherwise Xuanyuan would not be able to suppress it.

    Seeing Suihuang and Yuhuang expressing their positions, Xuanyuan remained motionless. This time, he did not speak. Instead, Xihuang looked at Suihuang and became interested in Suhuang's proposal.

    Two strategies, the third one no longer appears.

    Either unite with the Great Chu to fight against the Palace of Heavenly Kings and prevent Nine Heavens from appearing, or just like the Palace of Heavenly Kings, directly establish nine days.

    For a time, the Temple of the Nine Emperor Gods fell, thinking about which feasible way.

    This seems not to enter the realm of the master directly, but in fact it is not much different. No matter which two are adopted, there is a certain tendency to implement the other party's strategy in the end.

    In the silent atmosphere, everyone looked at Xuanyuan, who had never proposed a strategy.

    Xuanyuan watched the crowd gather together, did not tell the strategy, but looked at You Chao, and asked, "What do you think?"

    Xuanyuan didn't answer any questions, and moved everyone's eyes to You Chao.

    Youchao did not do anything to humbly, his gaze swept over everyone one by one, and he directly preached: "To unite Da Chu against the Palace of Heavenly Kings, this seems to be a two-to-one, but Da Chu can't take advantage of it."

    "When the Palace of Heavenly Kings started, it was already in the age of celestial beings. In more than 30 years, Emperor Chu could not be promoted to celestial beings. At that time, it was not only a help, but a drag."

    "The group of immortals is the power we can use, so the establishment of the Nine Heavens Realm is what our Nine Emperor Gods do."

    "Go to unite with the immortals, increase the strength of the Nine Emperor Gods Palace, then replace the Heavenly King Palace, and successfully enter the realm of the masters."

    "Well said, this is the right way."

    The last sentence was spoken for Xuanyuan and directly expressed his opinion.

    The Emperor Xi looked radiantly again and again, as if thinking of something.