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    Vol 3 Chapter 730: Everyone Is Like A Dragon

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    People sit at home and blessings fall from heaven.

    A seven-clawed golden dragon descending from the sky at the immortal level, although it also brings a lot of hidden dangers, but in the end the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

    This is exactly what is missing, now there is a shortage of a cart.

    The details of the seven-clawed golden dragon have been investigated in detail, and even the East China Sea has been contacted.

    The seven-claw golden dragon has a blue and white origin, not from the dragon clan of Longting, but a dragon bred in the human world. It accidentally obtained the dragon gate and completed the leaping dragon gate by virtue of the dragon gate. This is what it is today.

    A man born in the human world with a relatively pure blood, the Emperor Chu naturally wanted to keep it.

    The seven-clawed golden dragon was arranged in Nanshan. The Emperor Chu personally watched the seven-clawed golden dragon. After more than a month of verification, the seven-clawed golden dragon had begun to repair its own damage.

    Although the body of the severely damaged dragon has never recovered, the dragon scales on the surface have recovered.

    Like golden dragon scales, under the shining of the sun, it constantly reflects the sunlight, a golden color shining like a gem, symbolizing the pure blood of the other party, and it is the blood of the king of dragons, the golden dragon.

    Chu Huang showed a faint smile, the purer the blood, the better.

    That is to say, in the Battle of the Dragon Court, the dragon clan was greatly defeated, and if the dragon clan was not extinct, the Emperor Chu would not dare to be so presumptuous.

    The golden dragon is the blood of the dragon king. He was born noble and in charge of the dragon affairs. If the golden dragon is used to pull the cart, this is an insult to the dragon, and it is destined to provoke the anger of the dragon. Just wait for the dragon's revenge.

    Emperor Chu calmly looked at the seven-clawed golden dragon, and the seven-clawed golden dragon also lowered the dragon's head, lying down in the Nanshan mountains, crushing a forest like a mountain of gold.

    After looking at it for about a quarter of an hour, Emperor Chu slowly nodded and preached: "Manager Zhang is going to move the chariot, let him practice one or two first."

    "In the future, I will be able to travel without hindrance, but if it is used for combat, this is not suitable for being unable to exert peak combat power.

    Manager Zhang stood by, heard the voice of Emperor Chu, and quickly preached; "No!

    "Old slave, go now!

    General Manager Zhang faced the Emperor Chu and slowly retreated to the back. After he had retreated about ten meters, he turned around and walked away quickly.

    Originally, the dragon's head was lowered, and a dragon that had already accepted his fate and was going to beg for everything. Suddenly, after hearing the words of Emperor Chu, a burst of anger was born, and an angry color appeared in his eyes.

    Long is a magnificent earth immortal, this is the most powerful person in the world, peak combat power.

    Especially the dragons rely on their talents. They are not in the empty realm, and their own combat power is not weak. If they fight life and death, ordinary immortals are not rivals at all. This is also the dragon who can experience life and death battles, successfully rushing out of the East China Sea, and always coming. Because of going to Beijing.

    A dignified earth fairy, no matter where he goes, he must be treated with courtesy. Hugh said that he is now the strongest combat power. Even in the ancient times, the Taiwei Heavenly King, who swept the three realms, would have to courteous three points and be called a friend.

    The dragon was so angry that he couldn't bear it for a while.

    Emperor Chu watched this scene plainly, and General Manager Zhang, who was standing by, had already subconsciously stood in front of Emperor Chu, and the guards who followed him pulled out their weapons one by one.

    A long knife with a handle reflects the white light from the sunlight.

    An awe-inspiring murderous intent was condensing, as long as the dragon had an abnormal movement, then this brewing murderous intent would explode completely.

    Long Shuang's anger suddenly dissipated for the most part, and his clear eyes had recovered, knowing that he would fall here if he violated Emperor Chu's fate.

    Many of the Donghai Sea tribe stared at themselves and wanted to kill themselves. Without the protection of the Great Chu, it would be impossible to survive.

    The dragon's head raised up, lowered again.

    When the guard saw this scene, their long swords that had been unsheathed had already been retracted one after another.

    The murderous atmosphere slowly dissipated.

    Long had already remembered this matter in his heart, and Emperor Chu was already on the list of dragons to kill. This man took advantage of the situation to bully others and bullied himself because of his youth and weakness. Sooner or later, he would have to pay all this.

    Seeing that the dragon had succumbed, the Emperor Chu slowly nodded, and looked not far away, a golden chariot was slowly being transported in, and said plainly: "The strength of the Donghai Sea is not weak. Two earth immortals, I also want to give them an explanation."

    "Let this golden dragon serve as a mount and pull the cart for me. They should also retreat in the face of difficulties."

    I have the voice of the waiter standing aside, and then deal with this matter.

    The seven-clawed golden dragon has a huge body, and the golden chariot is like a toy, just like a dragon scale on the dragon's body.

    But the chariot was in front of the seven-clawed golden dragon, filled with a ray of golden light, and a mark was slowly emerging, which was a prismatic mark.

    Chu Huang waved his hand slightly, and the prismatic mark flew up and rushed directly to the seven-claw golden dragon.

    Seeing this mark coming, a divine light appeared in the eyes of the seven-claw golden dragon. This mark is the core of the link with the chariot.

    With this mark added, it will be integrated with the chariot at that time, but this is not a refining chariot, because this chariot is an equipment of the Emperor of Chu, and the seven-claw golden dragon is not qualified to refining.

    The seven-clawed golden dragon did not stop, and the prismatic mark flew into the heart of the seven-clawed golden dragon's eyebrows.

    On the golden scales, purple patterns emerged, and the lines formed a prismatic mark.

    The imprint is added, and the power is spread.

    The golden light diffused out, echoing the chariot in front of him.

    The size of the seven-clawed golden dragon is decreasing sharply at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    Although the size is not small, the collapsed trees in Nanshan not far away are enough to see how huge it was not long ago.

    The chariot automatically came directly to the back of the seven-clawed golden dragon, and a golden chain appeared on it, which was instantly wrapped around the seven-clawed golden dragon, like a shackle, firmly locking the seven-clawed golden dragon.

    Looking at a three-zhang golden dragon ahead, with pure bloodliness and mighty power, as the seven-clawed golden dragon moves, the golden chains are constantly pulling and colliding together.

    The Emperor Chu showed a look of liking, not bad, and looks very good.

    Looking at the seven-clawed golden dragon again, holding the principle of not being wasted, can we blindly blind this pure golden dragon bloodline, and preach to the returning director Zhang: "Look for a horse with pure blood to match -, kind, then With dragon blood, you can also add a dragon blood horse to the great Chu,"


    The word two deeply stimulated the seven-clawed golden dragon.

    The anger that the seven-clawed golden dragon had just suppressed suddenly exploded.

    This is already intolerable, this is a step on the dragon clan, this is an insult to one's dignity, bullying oneself is still a child.

    The seven-clawed golden dragon exploded, and the golden chains entwined around him couldn't help but begin to lock tightly.

    This golden chariot is a piece of earth celestial artifact, not a decoration.

    When the seven-clawed golden dragon broke out, the golden chariot broke out immediately, and that mark, like a mark of servitude, began to appear between the seven-clawed golden dragon's eyebrows.

    The Emperor Chu watched all this with cold eyes. If it broke out at first, there would still be resistance, but with the link with the golden chariot, it had been enslaved by the golden chariot, and he wanted to get rid of a piece of immortal weapon, especially Under the control of Emperor Chu, this was already impossible.

    The seven-clawed golden dragon is at its peak and can still struggle for one or two, but now it has been severely injured and has not completely recovered. The seven-clawed golden dragon has just been suppressed after it broke out.

    The golden chain was tightly entwined on the seven-claw golden dragon, and the locked golden chain had been pulled into the scales of the seven-claw golden dragon, and the dragon scales could not help but deform.

    The painful seven-clawed golden dragon showed pain in his eyes, but he did not wailing. It was clearly determined to endure the pain.

    To be able to cultivate into an earth fairy, this one also has merits.

    After all, Emperor Chu discovered its brilliance, instead of being silly and sweet as at the beginning, thinking that he would be courteous by taking refuge in Da Chu.

    Don't look at it, what is Da Chu?

    This is not for charity, you must take good care of it when you come.

    For this kind of role that has enemies and has many hidden dangers, Da Chu will deal with it in different degrees according to the degree of trouble.

    If the seven-clawed golden dragon has no foreign enemies, it will be treated better, but it will not be too high.

    After all, the dragons are gone, the times have changed, and the dragons have fallen from the top of the food chain to the bottom.

    The seven-clawed golden dragon was patient. The Emperor Chu had not kept his hand, and the golden chain continued to tighten. The dragon scales that had just been repaired were already relatively fragile.

    Cracks appeared on some dragon scales, and the traces of the cracks began to spread all over the position of the golden chain. Blood continued to flow out along the cracks. Some dragon scales expanded from the cracks and suddenly burst.

    Manager Zhang's eyes moved for it, and he signaled to the waiter on the side to wait until the matter was over to collect the dragon scale fragments.

    This real dragon is full of treasures, and the dragon blood that has just flowed can be used to refine pills, and this broken dragon scale can also be used to refine defensive treasures.

    The dragon scales of the earth immortal level are not too difficult to refine immortal artifacts, which can also increase the treasures in the inventory.

    The young family has a big business, but the royal family also spends a lot of money. If you can save some, you have to save some.

    The look of struggling, unyielding, etc. appeared in the eyes of the seven-clawed golden dragon.

    The sacred golden scales of the seven-clawed golden dragon shattered, and the whole body was dripping with blood, but there was still no color of surrender. He struggled stubbornly and told the Emperor Chu that he would rather die than surrender.

    Like this match-, the species has completely exceeded the bottom line of the seven-claw golden dragon.

    Rather than surrender.

    This is the attitude displayed by the seven-clawed golden dragon, even if the golden chain has been completely cut into the flesh and blood at this moment.

    Chu Huang's heart was moved, the golden chain did not continue to tighten, and the seven-clawed golden dragon continued to be unbearable. At that time, with the vitality of the seven-clawed golden dragon, it would be impossible to die directly, but it would affect the seven-clawed golden dragon. This is not a good thing.

    The gold chain slowly slackened, and the pressure was suddenly lost. The resistance of the seven-clawed golden dragon broke out, and it was paralyzed on the ground.

    Emperor Chu took a deep look at the seven-clawed golden dragon, then turned and left slowly.

    The seven-clawed golden dragon did not give in, but it was already in the hands of the Emperor Chu. How to concoct the opponent was not a matter of the Emperor Chu's will.

    Repeatedly several times, no matter how much energy it is, it will gradually be smoothed out, and even if it can't destroy the opponent's mind, it's a match anyway, and there is no need for the seven-clawed golden dragon to keep active.

    All kinds of medicines and utensils, this is not a decoration, even if it is a seven-clawed golden dragon without conscious mind, but instinct is enough.

    This is the nature of the dragon. In the future, even if Emperor Chu does not take the initiative, he will have the first time, and there will be a second time. The seven-clawed golden dragon cannot bear it.

    In the end, he had to join the Emperor Chu and obediently contribute his modest strength to the prosperity of the Great Chu.

    Chu Huang and his group left, and Nanshan was empty in an instant.

    There were only a few figures, who were collecting dragon scales and dragon blood beside the seven-clawed golden dragon. As for the beasts raised in the Nanshan Mountains, they did not dare to come under the suppression of the dragon.

    When the house attendant who had packed up left, only the seven-clawed golden dragon and a golden chariot were left.

    The seven-clawed golden dragon was paralyzed on the ground, the painful expression in his eyes, when there was no one, his eyes slowly closed.

    Long Wei shrank, like a snake, the seven-clawed golden dragon hovered together and began to lie down on the ground, slowly recovering from his injuries.

    The closed dragon eyes hide the excitement under the pain of the seven-clawed golden dragon at this moment.

    Long was mature in mind, even if he was still young, there were shortcomings in it. He exposed himself in the East China Sea and caused the disaster this time, but he came to Da Chu to fight against the fire, but it was Long thought carefully.

    The dragon knew all the things he had encountered since then.

    The scenes before him are all in the dragon's expectation. In the battle that started in the era of the earth seven years ago, how could the dragon not know that the emperor Chu possessed a chariot of earth celestial weapons.

    But the dragon still came, just to be used as a mount.

    With the pure blood of the dragon king, the Golden Dragon, as long as he sees it, he will never let it go. When that time comes, he will use himself to train the mount, add dragon blood mounts to the great Chu, and cultivate a heavenly soldier.

    This is in line with the dragon's mind. Now that the dragon clan has been extinct, the East China Sea dragon species has been slaughtered, and it is impossible to keep a low profile in the East China Sea.

    Therefore, we must rely on the cover of big forces, and this big Chu just fits.

    In particular, the birth of the dragon blood mount increased the strength of Da Chu, while also increasing the number of dragon species.

    Dragons are no longer alone, they will also have many heirs. They are naturally the source of dragons, and with the dragon gate in their hands, dragons will be born among them.

    The dragon can use this to complete the world, and everyone is like a dragon.

    And this Great Chu and the Heavenly King Hall and the Nine Emperor Gods Hall are enemies. After all, it is impossible to defeat them. Sooner or later, they will collapse. When the great change comes, the dragon can also use this to escape from the Great Chu and complete its independence.

    No, even in advance.

    You can't wait forever, you have to take the initiative.

    The biting pain, but it can't hide the dragon's invigoration.

    During the battle between the Heavenly King Palace and Da Chu, he successfully returned to the Heavenly King Palace, and then drew pay from the bottom of Da Chu's cauldron.

    Rely on the Palace of Heavenly Kings to rescue the tribe and complete the rise of the dragon.

    This is the grand plan for the rise of his dragon clan.

    The first step is to plan, let's talk about the son of a hundred and eight thousand sir.

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