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    Vol 3 Chapter 728: Hope Of The Whole Village: Dragon

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    East China Sea!

    Blue waves rippling.

    The waves continued to rush from wave to wave.

    In the whistling, the waves rose high, ten feet, twenty feet, hundreds of feet rolled up, carrying the aura of destruction, raging on the sea.

    Huge dragon horns emerged from the bottom of the sea, and immediately the dragon head slowly paid to the surface. A large amount of sea water flowed down the dragon head continuously. The slender dragon body snaked through the air, and the huge dragon head moved slowly, and a pair appeared. The dragon eyes with golden light were slowly looking towards the direction of Shenzhou.

    The slender dragon's whiskers were constantly waving, and the sea water slowly fell from above.

    The golden dragon scales are under the sun, and the reflected seawater is golden. This golden dragon is like a beautifully carved work of art.

    A loud dragon chant sounded.

    The sound shook everywhere, and the already calm sea was accompanied by the sound of the earth-shaking dragon.

    The sea, centered on the real dragon, was rapidly sweeping toward the four directions, and the sound was like an invisible giant hand, directly pushing the sea water away, setting off a huge wave that exceeded a hundred feet, and photographed in the four directions.

    The sea became furious and swallowed everything mercilessly.

    The dragon looked up at the sky and roared towards the sky.

    The breath is rising steadily, and in a blink of an eye it has already climbed to the critical point of Xuanxian, but the growth of this breath has still not stopped, and it continues to impact upward.

    The Dragon Clan practice is different from Taoism.

    The dragon race is a big family, which has risen since the time of the ancient Hongmeng. The ancestor of the dragon race in the past years was also an innate spirit. It was conceived by heaven and earth and was born at the time of the Hongmeng sub-judgment.

    They do not repair the blessed land, do not hold the sky, and rely solely on their blood.

    The promotion of the dragon clan is the return of blood to the ancestors, step by step to refine and purify its own dragon blood.

    Ordinary flood dragons purify their bloodlines and are promoted to true dragons, and true dragons return to their ancestors, and one day evolve to the realm of ancestors.

    Five claws are true dragons, six claws are Xuanxian, seven claws are earth immortals, and eight claws are heaven immortals.

    This is the realm of the Dragon Clan's cultivation, such as the earthly immortal Dao Guo and the heavenly immortal Dao fruit, which have not been separated into a large realm.

    At this time, the six claws appeared, and the seventh claw began to condense. In a blink of an eye, it was roughly formed. The dragon was ascending to its own realm and was breaking through towards the seven claws.

    A series of water columns rushed up from the sea.

    The water column soared into the sky, like a sky column after another, moving staggered from the sea surface, and the momentum it set off was like the destruction of the world.

    The seventh claw was successfully born, the boundary of the profound immortal shattered, and the dragon was successfully promoted to the earth immortal.

    There are shallow lines on the golden scales. The dragon scales are like yellow crystals. The dragon is motionless, like a statue carved from jade, standing calmly between the sky and the earth.

    Breaking through to the level of the earth immortal, white clouds in the sky emerged one after another as the dragon breathed.

    The sea of clouds is like a galloping army. Between three or four breaths, the sky has turned into a vast expanse of white, completely flooded by the sea of clouds. As time passes, the sea of white clouds is evolving in color.

    The colors of the clouds that have accumulated together have changed to black. ,

    Dark clouds blocked the sun, the sea was dim, and a sense of depression was born.

    Patter! ! ! ! ! ! !

    After the sound sounded, drops of rain were continuously falling from the sky.

    The rain water fell on the golden scales of the dragon, reflected by the golden luster like drops of golden raindrops, slowly sliding down the dragon's body.

    While breathing, clouds and rain spread.

    This is the gift of constant awakening.

    The dragon moved his eyes, looking at a position about a hundred meters away, a portal slowly emerged.

    The portal stands tall, and on the doorposts on both sides, there is a real dragon entangled each other, and their dragon heads are roaring at each other from the position above the portal.

    The aura of the earth immortal artifact is undoubtedly manifest at this time.

    The dragon stared at this dragon gate, this is the hope of the whole village.

    In the battle between the Dragons and the Nine Emperor Gods Palace, the Nine Emperor Gods Palace won a complete victory, completely destroying the dragons' resistance, and the remaining remnants of fleeing in the past few years have all been recovered and captured one by one.

    The only ones who can really escape the calamity are the Dragon Seeds who hid in the human world beforehand.

    The majestic dragon gate turned into a stream of light, like a pattern, directly on the dragon's scales, like a pattern.

    As the dragon gate was completely hidden, the golden dragon scales of the dragon seemed to be contaminated, with spots and spots appearing on them, as if they were infested by ink. In a blink of an eye, the brilliance was like the sacredness of the day, turning into a violent, fierce and fierce. The black Jiao.

    The black dragon has seven heads, and one dragon head is on the dragon body, like a sarcoma, one by one squeezed together, there is no beauty at all, full of ugliness, let people see Disgusted.

    A heterogeneous black flood rages on the East China Sea.

    The distant water waves rise, and a huge monster is hiding under the surface of the water.

    Suddenly, it looked like a heavy truck, rushing frantically in the direction of the black Jiao, and the waves rushing toward both sides.

    Shark with a fusiform body, cracked gills on both sides of the head, hard, dark gray skin, strong tail, and pointed fins.

    However, this shark is thousands of feet long, like an The huge body rushes upright, and the momentum it sets off is clearly visible even if it is hundreds of miles away.

    A roar resounded throughout the world: "Third Prince!"

    "Do not!"

    "The dragon clan is gone, you are no longer the third prince, you are just the remnant of the dragon clan."

    "The general chariot, there is a lack of a horse to pull the cart, so proudly, you should follow this general!"

    The dragon hovering in the distance in the distance, a cold murderous intent appeared in his eyes.

    The remnants of the dragon clan, the four words, deeply hurt the dragon.

    It is precisely because of this that the dragon cannot appear openly and has to hide.

    Tiansha's eyes moved, and he saw the seven black dragons and the ugly seven black dragons above the sky. A trace of disgust appeared in the huge fish eyes of General Tiansha, and he preached fiercely: "It turns out that it is not the third prince. It's your seven black dragons."

    "The evil species of dragons, which exist in the heaven and the earth, are pollution to the heaven and the earth,"

    "Dang Zhu!"

    The evil spirit shook his tail, knocked on the surface of the sea, banged, and shook.

    With the help of this recoil, General Tiansha jumped up from the sea, and the body of a fish of thousands of feet appeared from the water, showing a huge and hideous appearance.

    The seven black dragons rushed into the sky suddenly, and the cold voice spit out from their mouth: "You can't keep one of the dragon species, you all deserve to die."

    A middle-aged man with a brown tortoise shell on his back, short stature, squinted eyes like rice grains, and two black beards, walked slowly with a cane in his hand, stepping on the water waves.

    "Not bad!"

    "For me and other aquatic people, there is no dragon in the world, this is the flourishing age."

    "Order the authority of the aquarium, this shouldn't exist."

    "Being a lifelong slave, where is the joy of being a master.


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