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    Vol 3 Chapter 727: The Strength Of Tianwang Palace

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    The world is lacking.

    This is not a joke, but a fact.

    The three realms of heaven, earth and man, the combination of these three realms is a complete world.

    There are six reincarnations, the laws of the great road, the stars of the week, and so on.

    But since the sky collapsed and the two realms of heaven and earth shattered into pieces of fragmented worlds due to the end of the law, this world was no longer complete, and there had been incompleteness.

    However, this situation is gradually improving. The world of fragments of heaven and earth is merging into the human world of the past years. When all the worlds of fragments of heaven and earth are successfully integrated, then the former three realms will become one world.

    This is a complete one-party world. It is no longer the original three-party world. It seems to be connected to each other, but in fact the three-party world is independent.

    One world swallowed the other two worlds, and this complete world was destined to be promoted.

    The coming of this last method seems to be an ordeal to the world, but it is not an opportunity. After the three realms are unified, the world will be promoted. The strongest ancestral realm in the past will be the same as the gods today. The strongest has risen to a level. .

    In Dou Changsheng's opinion, above the heavenly immortals is the golden immortal, so that the golden immortal is strengthened again, that is, the golden immortal fruit.

    And if this world swallows the Qi of Chaos, and the promotion continues, and the effect is amazing, Da Luo Jinxian may appear.

    This would have been regarded as a second-rate world, and if it jumped up, it will become a first-rate world.

    Dou Changsheng's knowledge is not bad. After all, Dou Changsheng is not a native of this world. He has the inheritance of the Conferred God List. Many of his knowledge has opened up his horizons.

    Daluo Jinxian is the only one among the heavens, able to travel through chaos.

    This kind of powerhouse has been able to transcend the world, and is no longer limited by one world.

    You can appreciate the demeanor of the heavens and the worlds, see different scenery, the only power of the worlds, so that no matter where they go to the world, they will not be at risk of losing strength due to the different restrictions of the world.

    They themselves are concepts and Tao.

    Even if they come to other worlds, they will automatically be recognized by the world and become a Dao ancestor.

    The world is instinctively delighted for the arrival of the powerful Da Luo.

    Every Da Luo is Tao.

    This big Luo came to the world and brought different ways to the world. He would add to the foundation of the world and bring about benign changes in the world.

    If there are a large number of big Luo gathered and a large amount of Chaos Qi is swallowed, the world can be promoted by itself.

    But the battle for Luo was also a disaster.

    This is an opportunity, and accompanied by a crisis, the two complement each other, and there is never an absolute.

    Going to the Western world, that is also the main god, and there is no need to actively promote it. The creatures in the world will know it when they see it.

    Just like in the worldview, the Sanqingdao suddenly changed to the Siqing, you will not feel abrupt, but will think it is normal, this is the ability of Da Luo.

    Of course, if you want to fully possess these kinds of things, that means you have to be a Daluo Taoist, not an ordinary Daluo Jinxian.

    After all, Da Luo is detached from the world, but the chaos is infinite, and he does not distinguish between east and west. If you want to travel in chaos, Da Luo Jinxian dare not. Unless he has the coordinates, he dares to travel in the chaos. Only Da Luo Dao is truly fearless. Fruit can be.

    With the general trend of the three worlds uniting in this one side, the Golden Immortal must be born, and it is not impossible for Da Luo.

    Dou Changsheng has various thoughts in his mind. Now it seems that he has mastered a lot of the secrets of the heavens and the earth. He is aware of the abnormal changes of the Sanqing Immortal Mountains. In the past, there were outside powers who crossed the boundaries. There are also three masters in the Sanqing Dao. The incarnation of the Taoist ancestor may be a distraction.

    These are the secrets of heaven and earth, even ordinary gods do not know.

    But as it is today, it is truly top secret, and it has not been shown in front of Dou Changsheng.

    Where are they in the ancestral realm?

    So far, there is no news.

    The Taoist ancestor of the Sanqing Taoist Sect was also concealed and secretive, and did not dare to reveal his identity.

    This was incredible from Dou Changsheng's point of view. The ancestral realm's strength, immortality, and immortal spirit were no longer at the same level as Tianxian.

    There is no need to hide such a strong attitude.

    Because of the sluggishness of the heavens and the earth, it is impossible to be killed by other gods.

    Every ancestral realm is not a golden immortal. It seems to Dou Changsheng because of the power of the original source. They are all heavenly favored ones. They are not like Dou Changsheng such half-hearted people, at least one realm ahead of heaven and earth aura.

    So they hide, not for conspiracy, but to hide.

    Dou Changsheng slowly shook his head. All these big and empty thoughts expelled his mind. Now he is taking a step and looking at it.

    Every time an enemy appears, then solve an enemy.

    The current enemy is the Palace of the Heavenly Kings. In the past seven years, the Palace of the Heavenly Kings has never been honest, according to sources outside the world.

    Heavenly King Palace Taiwei Heavenly King, has awakened the four envoys and five princes, the only good news is that these nine heavenly immortals, among them, because of an accident in the sleeping place, the ancient war was implicated.

    Of the nine gods, only five of the gods recovered successfully, and the remaining four and three confirmed that they were only one was missing, and there was no way of life or death.

    But the hope is also slim, and there is little chance of early recovery. If it recovers in the ancient times, with the strength of the gods, there will still be a glimmer of life.

    The power of the Heavenly King's Palace is amazing, but the damage is also severe. For example, other Keqings, etc., have been scattered, and there is little hope of gathering.

    During the peak period, there were nine gods in the direct line, and there were twelve in the Keqing, a total of 21 gods.

    In addition to the other four hall masters, each hall master is a big power entrenched on one side, with five or six gods.

    All together, there are five hall masters, nearly fifty heavenly immortals and more than three hundred earthly immortals.

    The first time he got this news, Dou Changsheng knew why Maoshan fought. When the Master Xuan arrived, some of the immortals in the Maoshan group, regardless of the face of their immortals, began to confuse.

    They had seen the Palace of Heavenly Kings at its peak, and they naturally knew the horror of the Palace of Heavenly Kings, especially many of them, who were members of the Palace of Heavenly Kings in the past.

    The Palace of Heavenly Kings moves continuously, constantly contacting the other four hall masters.

    It is worth mentioning that the other four hall masters, two of whom are missing, all have low hopes of death. They are probably still sleeping, and the time for birth has not arrived.

    Of the two remaining two, one of them explicitly refused, and only one was unclear and had a more ambiguous attitude.

    This one is united with the Heavenly King Palace, and there are about ten heavenly immortals, which is not a small number.

    Therefore, it is necessary to cut off the possibility of alliance, so that there are only six heavenly immortals in the palace of the heavenly kings, and there will not be much difference in this high-end combat power.

    Dou Changsheng is a trinity, these are three, plus Ge Tianshi, the queen, this is five.

    The main context of the dispute with the Palace of Heavenly Kings has been clear.


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