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    Vol 3 Chapter 146: King Zhou: I Have The Emperor's Favor

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    Outside the world, the Heavenly Master's Mansion.

    Everything that happened in the human world was successfully transmitted to the palace of the heavenly master within an hour.

    The destruction of the Nine Emperors Palace and the Heavenly Kings Palace was handed over to the Heavenly Masters Mansion for the assailants from the human world.

    At this time, the four great celestial masters gathered together, and they each sat on the rising clouds, but only Ge Tianshi lay on it, watching the other three sitting on the side, with a light touch of the finger, and the grapes rose directly. , Fell into the mouth of Ge Tianshi.

    Zhang Lao Tianshi sat in the top position and turned a blind eye to Ge Tianshi's posture. Obviously, the nature of Ge Tianshi was already in their grasp.

    "The Nine Emperor Gods Palace and the Heavenly King Palace are not many, but they are all elites. They are led by the Earth Immortal Dao Fruit. There is an Earth Immortal in the team. Together with the Xuanxian, they attacked everywhere and started attacking the Earth Mai Luo Net."

    "If you want to rely on perseverance, this is already impossible. You can only take the initiative to attack."

    "The Emperor Chu handed over this matter to us, which I have to say is not a small problem."

    The words of Zhang Laotian master fell, the other three celestial masters looked the same, and none of them were here. Tianshi Ge continued to eat grapes, and the remaining two celestial masters were like wandering spirits, as if there was no one at all. Hear the words of Master Zhang.

    Seeing this scene, Zhang Laotian shook his head slightly, but he was not continuing the discussion, and directly preached: "If you want to deal with this matter, just sending disciples from the human world is not enough to solve this matter."

    "The attitude of the Emperor Chu is also clear. It is to ask one of our four great celestial masters to enter the world, so that the Emperor Chu can be completely relieved and not worry that our celestial master will give up supporting Da Chu in the middle."

    "So who of you three wants to go to the human world for a while?"

    Tianshi Zhang directly asked questions, using the words of inquiry, but the tone was narrative. He didn't wait for the remaining three celestial masters to speak at all. Tianshi Zhang directly asked and answered his preach: "Cooperate with Da Chu , This is your idea, Master Ge."

    "If you go to the human world, let's go to Master Ge."

    Ge Tianshi nodded slowly and said: "Okay!"

    The four celestial masters of the celestial mansion have successfully concluded their discussions.

    The remaining two celestial masters got up one after another, shaking their loose sleeves, one by one left, and Ge Tianshi also disappeared into a stream of light.

    The only thing left was Old Master Zhang, sitting in his place, with a faint wry smile emerging from his expression.

    Of these three juniors, one is more inconsistent than the other. Fortunately, it is reliable at the critical moment, otherwise the Heavenly Master's Mansion would have been in bulk.

    Heavenly Master Zhang sighed, he was still naturally busy.

    There was a wave of waves in his eyes, reflecting a portrait.

    But it was a fairy mountain, in which the strands of black energy were constantly rising, slowly eroding the fairy mountain, most of the fairy mountain had turned black, but only a part of it was clear, and it was persevering.

    The moment the screen appeared, the black energy rolled and moved, as if being irritated, it continued to roll, roar, and the black energy rose up into the sky, turning into a monster, and roaring upward.

    The screen instantly collapsed, turning into countless light spots missing, and Tianshi Zhang showed a trace of coldness.

    The bad world has reached this point, and it seems that we have to plan early.

    Heavenly King Hall, Nine Emperor God Hall, Da Chu.

    It seems that the three heroes are fighting, but in fact they are all invincible. I don't know how you choose the real body?

    The eyes of seeing through everything and understanding the world are slowly closing.

    . . . . . . . . . . .

    Thunder God Kingdom. ,

    Dou Changsheng doesn't pay much attention to everything about the outside world.

    At this time, I was taking advantage of the power of enlightenment to master all the nine laws as much as possible. Although I knew that it was impossible to condense now, I had to try repeatedly and start to increase my experience.

    The age of immortal is opened, if you can't attain immortal, then everything will stop.

    Now is the time to race against time. The opening of this era is really too fast. These old antiques are too smart. They simply don't give future generations a chance and directly promote the soaring of aura recovery.

    Severing the rise of contemporary Tianjiao, there is no heaven, even if it is a dragon, it is just a snake.

    In the last era, the ten thousand immortals active in the heavens and the earth are still those old antiques, and there are very few that truly belong to the contemporary era.

    And these few are the elites of the elite, and this group of immortals put them under the sect, which is completely broken for an era.

    If there is not such a quick recovery of spiritual energy, these people who have been brought back to the school to serve as disciples, who are not cherished great luck, they must be able to rise up, compete with thousands of immortals, and even overwhelm their master at this time.

    Among them, the best is enough to attack the heavenly immortals, and finally compete with the oldest immortals for good fortune.

    But it is a pity that none of this will appear now.

    Dou Changsheng is the only exception, and there will never be a second one again, and Dou Changsheng can rise because of the Fengshen Bang. Under the Fengshen Bang this plug-in, he has made rapid progress, and ordinary people have no chance.

    Do not.

    There are also.

    Dou Changsheng hesitated for a long time. Although the creation myth that he has been fabricating has been spread, it has always been fragmented and does not affect the mainstream at all.

    In the past, it was covered up in remote places, but now it is not covered up much, but there is no active promotion, and it naturally begins to ferment.

    The ordinary people naturally noticed, but the immortals didn't notice it at all, because they occupied too high a position, and how could they care about things that spread to the people at the bottom.

    Even if I hear it, I don't care too much. All kinds of myths are treated as mortal stories.

    What Dou Changsheng wants is this kind of effect. After all, the matter of establishing the sky is the mainstream of today.

    But Litian has something to do with Chu but it has nothing to do with Dou Changsheng. Even if Chu Huang is dead, it will not have much impact. Fengshen Bang and Shendao are the main factors of Dou Changsheng. Foundation.

    You can't put the cart before the horse and treat Emperor Chu as his true body.

    Now so many years of foreshadowing, it is time for the gods to be born.

    Dou Changsheng looked at the list of conferred gods in the dark, this matter was also mature, the age of the immortals had begun, it was a great chaos, and it was also the time when the world was opened.

    At this time, the gods began to be born in the mountains, rivers and lakes, and began to condense the gods' talisman, hovering in the chaos. When they reacted, the gods had already been born, and when the time was overwhelming, they could make further progress.

    I have been practicing honestly and obeying the rules of this world, but it's time to change.

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