Resurrection Of Shinto
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    The Taoist once again made the list. On Friday, he saw that he was only one step away and couldn't hold back. Then the old book opened a single chapter, and the new book also asked for it. In the end, it was extremely sad.

    Now its Monday again. When the list is refreshed again, all potential values are cleared. This is the opportunity for Taoists. Taoists hope that all friends will support you. The new book list on the home page last time is an honor. It can be included in the new book. It proves that the new book has good results.

    I planned to update twice this week. After all, now the word count is up, and some of the updates are coming soon. With the addition of two chapters in the old book, a thousand words a day is a bit hard, but in order to make the list, I have to continue to maintain it. One week, if you cant make it, you may have to have two more changes. If you dont make the most of it, you dont care if you are upset.

    But it's the end of the year. There are so many things that I need to save the manuscripts for emergency. For example, it is impossible to stay with my family for 30 nights.

    Stop talking nonsense, I hope all the friends can help. The Taoist will get up tomorrow morning and see the word Shinto Revival, which is on the new book list on the front page.