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    Chapter 1480 Bugle Horn For The End Of War

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    It wasn’t only limited to the seamen on the Speedster; the others on the dock had also noticed this inconceivable fleet.

    The dock instantly fell into a terrifying silence.

    If the fleet wasn’t flying the Graycastle flag, as well as the people on the vessels waving at them, everyone might have immediately dropped everything on their hands to flee!

    Even ghost ships of legend would only appear in the foggy distant sea, so how was it possible to appear in front of so many people in the day in such an ostentatious manner?

    More than half an hour passed when the inconceivable door disappeared, leaving only the departing figures of the fleet across the sea surface.

    If they had not seen it for themselves, no one would have believed that they had appeared on the sea out of nowhere.

    “Alright, alright. Get back to work!”

    “Boss, what was that…”

    “His Majesty’s secret fleet. It’s best you know less of it!”

    After hoodwinking his seamen, White could not help but wipe the tiny beads of sweat on his forehead.

    He decided to restrain himself a little more in the future, so as to prevent similar incidents from happening. Even though he had similar experiences in the past, he had confirmed his beliefs. The King of Graycastle had already effected so much change in the world that the world he was familiar with was already highly divergent from what it presently was.

    With the help of Sky Lord, Graycastle completed their gathering of troops in the northern ridge of the continent at an alarming speed. In a week, they managed to transport more than a hundred thousand people from one end of the continent to the other end. Of this, twenty thousand were made up of the regular corps, and the armaments and food were enough to last them a month.

    This was not a simple task. To raise the Distortion Door to its maximum efficiency, Iron Axe personally rushed to Neverwinter to organize the preparatory work. Kun Peng was changed into a transporter and, together with Agatha, the Red Mist was transported ahead of time to the Blackstone storage towers which had been built and not destroyed in Everwinter and the Kingdom of Wolfheart.

    Simultaneously, in order to replenish Hackzord with magic power, Spear, Leaf, and company basically accompanied him the entire way, causing the former to have no chance of taking a breather. He kept producing Distortion Doors, and together with the Administrative Office’s strong execution abilities, it made this movement over the continent happen extremely quickly.

    Despite the many soldiers of the First Army being extremely astonished at having the companion of Sky Lord and the demons in the continental passageway, Iron Axe’s lead prevented these doubts to turn into problems. And the troops slowly began spreading talk that the “demons had surrendered to the King of Graycastle and had expressed their loyalty.” Of course… Hackzord, who had received news of this ahead of time, ignored it, pretending he had never heard of such talk. He hid all the rejoinders in him.

    On the nineteenth day of Roland’s unconsciousness.

    The front lines had already made preparations to invade Mist Island.

    Amid the General Staff, all the higher-ups were engaging in the last round of war games.

    “First, Lightning will send a flare above the target to direct Lady Eleanor. Following that, the floating island will open up a path and enter the target from the west.”

    Edith pushed the model representing the floating island towards the western front of the map and said, “This step requires about three days. With the floating island’s mass, it will definitely be discovered by the Sky-sea Realm.”

    “But even so, they do not have any effective means to stop us,” Hackzord said confidently. “The Deity of Gods were originally designed to deal with the Sky-sea Realm’s lair. Although this island is a little smaller, it’s still a Deity of Gods at its core. As long as it doesn’t take a sea route, the enemy can only watch from the waters. The acids the Nest Mothers spray out will at most leave a few black stains on the rock.”

    “During this period of time, the enemy isn’t of much of a threat to us. The Aerial Knights’ main mission is to suppress the enemy and, with the Bottomless Land as the center, sweep out an isolation band.” Ferlin Eltek placed a ruler in the middle of the islands. “Your Highness Tilly, this will be left to you.”

    Tilly nodded.

    “When the enemy’s attention is drawn to the floating island, the First Army will appear from the north and slowly push south. The goal of the army is to eradicate the remaining enemy and occupy the periphery of the Bottomless Land, so as to seek a window of opportunity for Her Majesty Anna to find the entrance to the Divine Domain.” The Pearl of the Northern Region paused. “According to Joan’s description, the island has a receiver that’s called a Guardian. Perhaps, she will be able to open a pathway in the real world to the Realm of Mind.”

    “I remember telling you that the Guardian has already been killed by me,” Hackzord reminded.

    “Indeed, but after comparing various sources of information, we believe that she wouldn’t die that easily,” Edith said without much care. “What you saw was an upgraded demon, while Joan saw a female human. Either the Guardian is just an illusion or there are many of them. Considering how the island appears uninhabited, it implies that she’s quite extraordinary to remain there for several thousand years.”

    “But… Will this person really lead us into God’s domain?” Wendy asked worriedly.

    The venue plunged into silence.

    In fact, the entire plan’s second half was not supported by any reliable information. It was unknown if such an entrance actually existed. Nightingale had once rerolled the scene of what Roland saw in the Dream World to everyone, and that was their only clue. However, the content was just too abstruse and incomprehensible that even Anna wasn’t able to make much out of it.

    At present, the only thing that could be confirmed was that the Guardian would open a “path to heaven” to the victorious race that carried a complete legacy. As for what would happen with Roland not being in her receiving radius was still an unknown.

    “We will never have an answer to this question if we don’t try,” Anna said decisively.

    Her firm reply relaxed everyone’s shoulders, as though it bolstered confidence from the bottom of their hearts.

    “I have to warn you, humans,” Silent Disaster suddenly said. “This battle will be different from all the wars you are familiar with. It would not develop in steps. Once you make contact with the Sky-sea Realm, everything after that will happen simultaneously. Regardless of what you do, time is of the essence.”

    “Does that mean that it’s impossible for us to set up camp to slowly search for the island?” Edith asked with pricked brows.

    “Believe her.” Hackzord shrugged his shoulders. “Serakkas has spent most of her time the past hundred years fighting the Sky-sea Realm. She should likely be the person who understands the enemy the most among everyone here.”

    “Are there really… so many of those monsters?” Ferlin could not help but ask.

    “More than you can imagine.” Sky Lord had a rare tone of seriousness. “When they swarm over, the sea will turn into a rich blackness. If the Blackstone region were to land in the hands of the Sky-sea Realm, there will not be any obstacles between them and the Bottomless Land. Hoping to secure the island based on your idea is impossible. Without subsequent reinforcements, all that’s possible is to last longer.”

    “We have no plans on staying there for long either.” Finally, Anna stepped forward to cut the dispute. “The floating island will draw enemy fire and provide support, while the First Army will quickly occupy the Bottomless Land through the Distortion Door. At the same time, we will seek out the Guardian. As for what we do after that, it will depend on the enemy’s reaction. Am I right?”

    “Yes, Your Majesty,” Pearl of the Northern Region said while placing her hand on her chest.

    “Then, we shall take action two days later!” Anna said with a decided tone. “Regardless, we have to send Roland into the Bottomless Land. This is the only way to end the Battle of Divine Will!”

    “As you wish, Your Majesty!” everyone shouted together.