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    Chapter 1475 Change In Sky City

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    Hackzord eventually chose to cooperate.

    Even though all that was needed was rational thought to make the most reasonable choice, to see a senior demon lord convinced by a young witch and have him rescind his views bolstered everyone’s chest and left it burning. They could not help but raise their heads higher.

    The only request Sky Lord had was to confirm the situation as Anna said, and it was permitted by her.

    Under the tight security of the God’s Punishment Witches, Hackzord and Serakkas saw Roland in bed. The beam of light over him remained magnificent, nearly capable of enveloping half the floating island.

    “If this were half a year earlier, I would definitely be overjoyed seeing this scene.” Hackzord put away the five-colored magic stone and sighed slightly. “Have you attempted to connect to the Dream World?”

    “Of course, but we didn’t succeed.” Replying him was Phyllis. “Our souls are no longer accepted by that world, and our companions who were in there are also unconscious. This makes it impossible for us to pass His Majesty Roland any news. The connection between the two worlds are presently severed.”

    “On the brighter side of things, at the very least, he has two witches accompanying him.” Hackzord shrugged and said to Anna, “The Western Front plan is a plan that has lasted nearly a century. It’s to transport the Red Mist from the Bottomless Land into human territory. Not only does it include a Birth Tower, it also has a passageway hidden among the mountains. And the entrance of this passageway is only the distance of a mountain away from Everwinter’s Northern Region. Therefore, sending your reinforcements to the Bottomless Land doesn’t require me to go through repeated hassles. If you are willing to take the risk, I can open the Distortion Door for you.”

    “That’s for the best,” Anna said with a nod. “I believe that with Silent Disaster escorting them, your subordinates will not mind that we are borrowing this shortcut.”

    By letting a senior demon lord to keep the stirring demons in place was no doubt a bold suggestion. The others could not help but break out into a cold sweat; yet, it was Hackzord who chuckled.

    “What an interesting young lady. It’s fine with me, but it will depend on her.”

    Serakkas took off her fearsome black helmet and revealed her gorgeous long hair which didn’t match her outer appearance. Her extremely feminine face surprised all those who had never seen her true face. She sized up Anna for a moment before saying, “I have a condition. When you bring Roland deep into the Bottomless Land, I wish to enter as well.”

    “Is it for Nightmare Lord?” Anna asked directly.

    Serakkas did not answer.

    “I agree to your request,” she said seriously in the end.

    After receiving an affirmative reply, Silent Disaster wore her helmet again and walked out of the bedroom first.

    Clearly, she did not wish to interfere with any of the subsequent plans.

    Hackzord seemed to be accustomed to her way of doing things. “Let us switch venues to discuss on how we should head for the Mist Island which is occupied by the Sky-sea Realm.”

    Shortly after arriving at the base, Roland and Valkries were invited to a hall by an attendant.

    There were already many peers in the hall. Most of them were gathered in the region towards the back, while he was led to the front. The person sitting beside him was also a relatively familiar face, the celebrity martial artist genius, Fei Yuhan.

    After learning that he couldn’t leave the Dream World, Roland appeared calmer than he imagined himself to be. Or it could be said that, he was already mentally prepared that the Oracle would not give up that easily.

    If he were still in Neverwinter, he guessed that it would cause some worry, but now that humanity’s greatest threat—the demons’ King’s City—had fallen, and the floating island controlled by Eleanor made information flow isolated, the situation of him being unconscious wouldn’t result in too negative an effect. As long as he rushed for time and finished the Oracle who was secretly behind the matter, all would be fine.

    The three exchanged simple greetings, and although only a few words were exchanged, Roland could still sense that Valkries’s attitude towards Fei Yuhan was a lot better than what he received.

    When did the senior demon lord get so close to this celebrity martial artist?

    I’m the one was always the one providing Peninsula coffee!

    Minutes later, Defender Rock walked into the hall.

    “Everyone, we have trouble on our hands.” His opening line immediately left everyone silent.

    Following that, Rock pressed the control pen in his hand, projecting a few pictures on the screen behind him.

    After seeing the pictures, everyone drew a gasp in unison.

    Red holes had appeared in the city streets and they were of varying sizes. The large ones were enough to cut through skyscrapers, and the small ones were just enough to envelop a car. Martial artists were no stranger to such things. It was a phenomena known as “Erosion” that had destroyed Prism City.

    Clearly, the residents situated within the holes were already doomed, but this was far from being the worst situation.

    The pictures showed many Fallen Evils. They were gathered around the holes, seemingly trying to cast their bodies into the red void.

    “Sacrifice,” Fei Yuhan said softly.

    “That’s what I’m guessing at as well.” Roland nodded. This wasn’t the first time he was seeing such a scene. While executing the mission to annihilate the Fallen Evils, the enemies had once used large amounts of cores to trigger Erosion, summoning pure magic monsters. What was happening now simply skipped one of the steps.

    At present, the city they were in remained calm and peaceful, but the problem then became apparent.

    “These are all pictures sent from Sky City’s periphery. The invasion has left them in extreme chaos,” Rock said gravely. “No one knows where they are coming from, nor does anyone know what the situation is like at Headquarters. There are cars fleeing and refugees everywhere. Even the martial artists who sent back these pictures might no longer be alive.” He paused before continuing, “This is a war instigated by the Fallen Evils. We have to immediately take action to reinforce Sky City!”

    Upon saying this, the Defender deliberately glanced at Roland.

    “Considering how time is of the essence, the actual plans and arrangements will be provided to you after you arrive at your destination. Thirty minutes later, the transporters will arrive at the Association’s encampment. At the appointed time, everyone will set off and there must not be any delays—this operation has nothing to do with faction. It’s also the best opportunity to prove your strengths.”

    After the meeting came to a hasty end, Rock made Roland stay behind. “Mr. Roland… we were ultimately one step too slow.”

    Ever since he demonstrated his ability to absorb cores, Prism City’s higher-ups had considered handing over the remaining stored cores from each branch for his handling. In fact, many branches had done so, but with Sky City being central to the Association, they ultimately failed to give an affirmative response. They never expected the news they suddenly received to be their worst nightmare.

    Roland thought for a moment and shook his head slowly. “Perhaps, we were too slow from the very beginning.”

    Rock was stunned for a moment before he realized what he was implying. He could not help but have a drastic change in expression as he said, “How is it possible? Sky City not only has many Defenders presiding over it, and I was even on the phone with the President not long ago—”

    “Apart from that, I can’t think of any reason for the sudden appearance of so many Fallen Evils. Only Sky City is able to provide so many Force of Nature cores,” Roland replied. “The red beam’s sudden appearance from the top of Sky City, the enemy’s swarming of the streets, and the sudden Erosion that happened—all of this couldn’t have been implemented in short notice. On hindsight, it’s not hard to realize something. The fact that they haven’t done anything after attacking Prism City all this time makes it illogical.”

    “…” Rock was momentarily at a loss for words.

    “Therefore, the President you spoke to on the phone is either a dead man…” Roland enunciated each and every word. “Or the Oracle himself.”