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    Chapter 1473 Quarantine

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    “Is that so? King’s City has already toppled…”

    In the Rose Café, Valkries slowly put down the cup in her hand and turned to look out the window. It was drizzling in the Dream World and the water droplets on the glass pane was coagulating bit by bit before slipping down. Gradually, they melded with the reflection of her side profile.

    Her eyes were filled with mixed feelings.

    In fact, when Roland informed Valkries over the phone, he could sense her churning emotions. Later, she arrived extremely quickly, to the point of her trousers being stained with mud. However, when they really met, she did not take the initiative to ask and instead, mostly listened to his recount. Such a contradictory attitude was rare for Nightmare Lord.

    “Due to the limitations based on the conditions, we have not been able to investigate the outcome. However, from the subsequent reports, it’s likely that Mask was on the Deity of Gods. This implies that all the obstacles that stand in our way of heading to the Bottomless Land is eliminated. We are one step closer to the truth.”

    Roland did not say any words of consolation.

    This was the price of attempting to end the Divine Will, and since the demons had paid a much greater price, any form of consolation would be a cheap form of pity.

    In consideration of Nightmare Lord’s pride and dignity, she absolutely didn’t wish to hear anything like that.

    “Of course, I do not know what will happen when we reach there, but as long as we can escape the repeating war, I will definitely abide by my promise. What’s left are the clues to Mist Island and our considerations that the Sky-sea Realm has once appeared on the island…”

    “The demons will not help you in the battle with the Sky-sea Realm.” Valkries interrupted for the first time. “Even without a King, the leaders will not accept the new situation so readily. Hackzord might use my name to maintain order in the army, but only barely. You will have to rely on your own strength to eliminate the hybrids that crawl out of the sea.”

    Thinking back to the distance between Neverwinter and the Land of Dawn’s north shore, Roland could not help but frown. The floating island’s main force was the Aerial Knights, but solely relying on the air force was impossible for them to occupy the ground.

    “However, gaining the support of one or two people isn’t impossible,” Nightmare Lord added. “For example, Sky Lord and Silent Disaster.”

    “You mean…”

    “The Western Front army is still under Hackzord’s command. This means that you can pass through the continent ridge that connects the south and north. With the help of a Distortion Door, it wouldn’t be too far a distance.” Upon saying that, Nightmare Lord’s mood had returned to normal. “Therefore, as long as you quickly move your troops to the Everwinter’s Northern Region, you should be able to chase up to the floating island.”

    “Teleportation… That’s a workable plan.” Without a doubt, since Valkries had mentioned it, it clearly meant that she planned to discuss it with Hackzord personally. As such, the plan was highly likely to be confirmed. Although it wasn’t a joint operation against the Sky-sea Realm, it was already extremely ideal for them to go this far. “Thanks a lot,” Roland said with a nod.

    “I’ve said it before. All of this is for the race. You don’t have to thank me.”

    “I know, but the ultimate beneficiaries includes us humans. Therefore, regardless of whether you need my thanks, I’ll still say it out.”

    “It’s up to you.”

    The two looked at each other for a while as the café turned silent.

    “… Is that all you wish to say?” Valkries asked moments later.

    “I actually had many things to say, but I don’t think you would like to hear them,” Roland said frankly.

    “Humph.” She revealed an “at least you know better” look. “In that case, go ahead and busy yourself. I believe there will be many things for you to deal with after the battle?”

    “Indeed.” It was especially easy for him to talk to someone smart. Roland looked at the clock on the wall. He had been in the dream for three hours and twenty minutes. According to the time difference between the two worlds, the celebration likely hadn’t ended. “Then, I’ll first make a… Oh?”

    He suddenly noticed that there was a commotion in the alley in the district.

    Despite it drizzling, people were still walking out of the stores and gathering on the streets. The people holding umbrellas had placed their umbrellas to the side and taken out their cellphones. Their gazes simultaneously looked up into the sky as though they had seen something incredulous.

    “What are they doing?” Valkries also noticed this.

    “No idea. I’ll go out to take a look.” As Roland spoke, he got up and left the café. Soon, he stood rooted at the door. Far into the distance, he saw a thin red line rise up into the sky. Following that, it connected with countless hexagons in the sky, forming a gigantic “umbrella” that blanketed the sky!

    “What’s that? A new laser show?”

    “But isn’t its range a little big!?”

    “I don’t know where that light comes from. The city center isn’t in that direction.”

    “Should we go to a major street to take a look?”

    There were discussions everywhere. The suggestion of going closer quickly won the agreement of everyone. A small crowd began moving out of the district as more curious onlookers joined. It left the alley packed.

    “That’s no laser show,” said Valkries who had followed Roland out.

    “I think so too.” Roland frowned. Even though there were rain clouds blanketing the sky, it was still day time. There was no laser that could be this bright. Furthermore, the red beam was coruscating, as though something was flowing within it like a blood vessel.

    And what made him feel most ominous was the honeycomb structure of hexagon “scales.” Back when the Oracles attacked Zero, he had seen a similar scene. However, the barrier back then was like a mirror, and not something that was transparent as the one in the sky.

    Roland called Garcia and received an answer that the sanatorium had not suffered an attack and that Zero was fine. This relieved him.

    After hanging up, the cellphone vibrated again.

    The caller was Fei Yuhan.

    “Hey, where are you? The Association has sent an emergency notice. It requests all formal martial artists to immediately return to the base.”

    “What happened?”

    “Sky City has suddenly had all communications with the outside world terminated. The actual situation is still under investigation. However… Do you see the red beam in the sky? That was shot out from above Sky City.”

    Roland was stunned. Sky City was a world apart from where he was. How was it possible to see it with the naked eye? This completely exceeded the curvature of the world!

    He could not help but remember the Bloody Moon which could be seen from any angle.

    “… I understand.”

    “By the way, is Valkries by your side? Tell her to come.”

    Wait… How does she know I’m with Nightmare Lord? However, before Roland could say a word, Fei Yuhan had hung up.

    “Was it from the Association?” Valkries asked.

    “Yes. This phenomenon is likely related to Oracles.” Roland held his breath in preparation to leave the Dream World. This matter did not appear to be something resolvable in a short period of time. It wasn’t too late for him to handle it after the banquet. Besides, there was a huge Witch army which could provide assistance at any moment. It wasn’t like now, with only Ling and Dawnen standing guard by the café.

    However, the familiar dizziness did not happen.

    He blinked in surprise and attempted it again, but the surrounding scenery remained the same. It was as though the other world didn’t exist.