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    Chapter 1469 The Fall Of A City

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    Good swore that it was the most inconceivable scene he had ever witnessed in his life.

    If it had to be described, it would be a volcano floating in the air—and this volcano was not only spewing out from the mouth, but from all directions!

    After the explosion that shook the world, not only was the top of the dome quilted with raging flames, even the regions surrounding the city spewed with hundreds of dark red lava flows. He could imagine the situation within the Deity of Gods: due to the immense heat, the Red Mist had transformed into thick flames like oil being set on fire. This caused the air temperature to rise and cause the swelling, only to finally explode out of the crevices and caves nearer to the surface!

    This meant that the demons had nowhere to escape. Even if they were to hide in chambers capable of withstanding high pressure and attacks, they would be cooked to death by the high temperatures that reached above a thousand degrees Celsius.

    It was definitely a scene that depicted hell.

    Even though they were the enemy, Good sympathized with them.

    But his current situation was nowhere better.

    The short distance of roughly ten kilometers from the center of the Deity of Gods to the edge could be called a perilous zone with danger at every turn. There were no signs of the chain reactions abating. The flames that were able to shoot up tens of meters high with ease like sharp knives that could destroy the plane with a single touch. If this problem was something he could overcome with his skills, then the “fiery rain” falling from the sky was another problem out of his control.

    The fragments that spewed out along with the initial explosion had started falling. They were either rock chunks that half-melted, or burning gelatinous substances. Good only had to raise his head to see the dense fire plumes above him. They looked to have covered the sky and even suppressed the light from dawn.

    “Goddamnit, are you seeing these things!” Finkin whined on the other end of the transmitter.

    “Obviously, I’m not blind!”

    “Its impact radius is way too exaggerated; we won’t even have time to fly out with so little time! When they fall, it’ll be difficult for us to escape!”

    “No… Crrr … there’s a place… Crrr… to avoid this.” At this moment, an additional voice suddenly sounded.

    Obviously, it was Manfeld that had taken the initiative first. Due to their dispersion, they had encountered different obstructions that led to his signal being fuzzy.

    “I agree, but the premise is that we are able to make it there!” Good replied.

    “Wait… are you guys for real?” Finkin reacted quickly. “All of those things are about to fall onto us and you’re thinking of using that to take shelter?”

    He knew that his comrades were right. In fact, after the second explosion, Good already knew that His Majesty’s plan was effective.

    The Deity of Gods was now clearly slightly tilted to the side. Although it was several hundreds of meters off the ground, this small change meant that the magic power core controlling the flight of the city had been damaged, and a plummet was only a matter of time.

    If they were able to fly beneath the Deity of Gods before the fiery rain hailed upon them, they would be able to avoid the fate of being burned by the eruption. But upon considering that the floating island was falling continuously, it held an equal amount of risk. If they had any failure over their control over their direction and speed even once, they would either plant straight into the ground or crash into the Blackstone walls. This conclusion was no better than being struck and taken out by the fiery rain.

    But it did not rely on fate!

    As the plane finally gained stability, Good accelerated to the plane’s maximum capabilities and soared towards the side of the Deity of Gods!

    On the Seagull, Sylvie saw the destruction of the demons’ King’s City.

    The violent expansion of the Red Mist not only surged through the city, but charged out of the sluice gates at the bottom of the tower. The burning Red Mist had turned into thick flame pillars and engulfed all the gathered demons in a flash, followed by roasting the ground where it flowed like a spewing flintlock, extensively spreading over a few kilometers in seconds.

    Following that were the rain of falling rocks—mostly wrapped in flames or were completely red themselves—falling onto the ground in unbroken succession. The Devilbeasts tasked to protect the city suffered under the flames, regardless of where they tried to escape. It was difficult to escape the wrath of the heavens.

    A distance away from King’s City was a demon camp that suffered equally severe repercussions, but they were ultimately only on the periphery of the eruption’s destruction. Although the troops that had retreated from the beginning had suffered losses, it was not a complete decimation. To them, it was the fact that the Deity of Gods they hailed as a miracle had turned into a live volcano city was the true setback they couldn’t handle.

    Sylvie saw many demons that stood in their place motionlessly as they stared at the Blackstone tower falling towards them.

    After experiencing two explosions, the Deity of Gods was completely paralyzed.

    It dragged two spewing lines of flames and sank along its original path. A moment later, the giant pyramid at the bottom made contact with the ground. The collision between the two triggered a third boom and the pressurized air within was unleashed as a small shockwave.

    Under the inertia, the floating island continued to slide forward, crushing the camp and scout stations into smithereens. As it slowed down from friction, it left a kilometer wide ravine in the ground.

    At this time, the spewing flames had weakened with the churning smoke and dust having a slight hand in the result, but it did not signify the end of the catastrophe. The interior of the Deity of Gods was similar to a boiling stove, apparent from the glowing red cracks seen on the surface. Perhaps the flames and heat would require several months to completely go out, but before that, all the demons that resided inside the city had turned into its fuel.

    The only thing Sylvie cared about were the three that had charged beneath the Deity of Gods.

    “… How is it, do you see them?” Tilly inquired on their whereabouts as well.

    “No, not at the moment…” She bit her lips and replied. With the Deity of Gods experiencing the destruction, fall, and slide, to follow alongside the Deity of Gods held unfathomable risks. If they didn’t appear, it would mean the inevitable—

    “Wait a minute.” Suddenly, her Magic Eyes noticed a few inconspicuous black dots. They appeared similarly to rocks being thrown out by the shockwave, but they never fell to the ground.

    Sylvie gathered her remaining magic power and enhanced her vision, to see three gray biplanes flying out of the billowing dust, the insignia on their tails still as distinct as ever! Although the planes appeared to be in shambles, with a layer of dust all over the wings, making them no longer as sleek as before, they remained intact.

    At that moment, she was unable to say anything, as though something had gotten stuck inside her chest.

    After breathing in through her nose, Sylvie picked up the Sigil and replied, “Your Highness… the three are fine.”

    “Is that so?” Tilly’s tone relaxed by a clear margin. “I knew it.”

    “If you had known, you wouldn’t have kept asking.” Andrea smirked by the side.

    Wendy smiled and shook her head. “Inform everyone to return to the cruiser. Let us bring the news of our victory back to His Majesty Roland!”