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    Chapter 1465 Battle Of Struggles

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    “Cough! Cough… Cough…”

    It took Nassaupelle quite a while to get up from the rubble. If he had not prepared a fortified body, he would probably have died from the tremor.

    Darn it—what were those lowlifes doing!?

    Although a life was worth nothing to him, he did not wish to be discovered that he was capable of transplanting his soul under the watchful eyes of the King. Until he fully obtained control over the core, he had to try his best to maintain his current image. Only then would he be able to reduce the wariness others had of him.

    “Your Majesty, are you alright…”

    “The dome to King’s City is damaged. The magic barrier has been shattered. The time to restore it to normal is expected to taken an hour.” The King rigidly instructed, “We have to immediately take countermeasures!”

    “What was the bright light and boom from just now?” Blood Conqueror’s voice interjected. “Why was I able to see the turmoil even from Arrieta?”

    “Where are the Eye Demon guards? I can’t contact any of them!” Undeserved felt somewhat flustered. “Mask, what did you do!?”

    What did he do? A raging fire suddenly surged up in Nassaupelle’s heart. Had these idiots who were all brawn no brains not figured it out yet? The humans had launched an unprecedented attack on the demon race!

    The white light’s brightness had reached an unbelievable state. Just the visual blast was enough to cause damage. Now, more than ten of his brains were blind. Even the sun couldn’t do the same.

    As for the outcome of the Eye Demon guards, it was obvious.

    For the first time, Mask did not hide his emotions.

    “The Eye Demon guards are dead. Use your own eyes to see.”

    After he said those words coldly, he went up to the nearest floating platform. On the way, rubble kept falling from the dome, crashing into the wide Red Mist Lake. Regardless of this damage, it did not threaten the Birth Tower. But ever since the establishment of King’s City, this place had never been defiled by the enemy. This no doubt was a setback to the race’s psychology.

    After climbing to the highest point of King’s City, a sizzling hot wave inundated him. There was a smell of burning mixed in the air as though a fire had once ravaged the area.

    He clearly remembered that the white light first appeared close to the top of the dome, a few hundred meters in the sky from where he was. Despite such a distance, the heat still remained and this far exceeded his level of comprehension.

    After surveying the area, Nassaupelle had a basic understanding of the entire situation.

    Without a doubt, the black metallic object was the culprit of all of this.

    Not only did it cause a huge hole in the dome, but it also destroyed many Symbiotic Demon defensive installations. From the periphery of the cracks that cratered in, the outer region of the city had been crushed by a particular force. Although the crystals that made up the upper shell was not as resilient as the Birth Tower, they had been under the protection of the magic barrier. Yet, just one attack had blasted open a hole. This served to prove that the destructive force of the object was astounding.

    It was absolutely impossible for snow powder to have such effects, even if the quantity was raised by ten times. The weapon the humans had used was clearly new legacy, but the demon race knew nothing about it!

    What warped Mask’s expression even more was that the iron birds did not swoop down while taking advantage of the situation. They did not launch an attack on the ground forces which were in chaos. Instead, they turned around and had no intention of coming close!

    This thing… Could it be that there might be more than one?

    He turned his head to see the tower and the churning Red Mist Lake beneath the crack as his heart abruptly sank.

    “Let all Bogle Beasts rise into the sky. Do not be held back by the iron birds. Investigate from a high elevation as best as they can. Once they discover any abnormalities, report it to me immediately!” Mask roared using his consciousness.

    “Report to you? Nassaupelle, are you mistaken about something? The King City’s Bogle Beasts army is under my command!” Undeserved said in an unfriendly manner.

    If I had not managed to successfully produce a Symbiotic Demon capable of flight from my research, would I be here listening to your nonsense!? Mask held down his anger and said, “Listen up. The human’s main force is not that bunch of iron birds, but something else—” As he recalled the scene from before, he continued, “That thing likely can fly very high. And it carried a weapon that is dropped from a high elevation. It will then detonate at a particular height. Due to its tremendous might, all the iron birds are circling the outer perimeter. Their goal is not to attack the Deity of Gods but to protect the main attacker! You have to find it as quickly as possible and destroy it. Otherwise, we are doomed!”

    “Doomed? You mean… as a result of the humans?” Undeserved was taken aback.

    “Quick. Take down those troops. Only you are capable of doing so!” Mask transferred his consciousness to the race’s core. “Your Majesty, please allow me to move the Deity of Gods. We cannot remain here. We would only become target practice for the humans if this continues!”

    He originally imagined that it would take a great deal of effort to convince the King of moving the floating fortress to avoid the humans, but to his surprise, the King quickly gave the orders. “Control over King’s City will temporarily be under your charge. Make sure to eradicate the intruders!”

    This is a conclusion that is devoid of emotions and completely a result of reason…Mask bowed his head at the Birth Tower. “Your wish is my command, Your Majesty.”

    Ever since the King fused with the core apparatus, he acted more to Mask’s liking. Perhaps in a century or more, he would truly understand his beliefs. Unfortunately, if not for the Presiding Holy See being that terrifying, he would not have to go to such drastic measures.

    Mask raised the mini core high and infused magic power into it.

    The Deity of Gods produced a rumbling sound and lifted off without any warning signs. At the same time, it flew towards the bottom of where the pillar of smoke was dispersing.

    With full control, he didn’t need to inform the subordinates. Just the core in his hand was enough to make all of King’s City operate as he wished. The floating island’s sudden movement caused a nontrivial amount of danger to the demons without a doubt. For example, the unlucky fools who traversed the boundaries of the cliffs would fall tens of thousands of feet and splatter to their deaths. However, this was no longer something Nassaupelle needed to consider.

    If he allowed the black explosive land on the dome, the situation would truly be irreversible!

    “A large number of Devilbeasts taking flight has been detected! I repeat, a large number of Devilbeasts taking flight has been detected!”

    “They are heading for us!”

    “This is Squadron 6. Lads, spread out and brace for the attack!”

    After the light of dawn illuminated the skies, the Aerial Knights finally didn’t need to rely on the taillights to determine their bearings. However, being bathed in the golden light of dawn was not a perfect situation. Apart from the blooming cloud of smoke, a large number of black dots appeared in the vision of everyone. They were surging out of the Deity of Gods like a horde of hornets.

    “Ark of Peace, how’s the situation right now?” Tilly asked loudly.

    “We have finished doing the calculations. We are proceeding to our drop point.”

    Previously, in order to confirm the situation of the explosion, it wasted the bombing squadron quite a bit of time. As the demons’ King’s City had an outer shell, to fully express the second high-explosive bomb’s might, they needed to do their best to close in on the source of the Red Mist. Even though Sylvie had managed to calculate the new parameters for the air drop at quick notice, the natural errors that resulted from a seven-thousand-meter drop exceeded the range of the hole. As such, the Ark of Peace had intentionally lowered its altitude by 1,500 meters so as to ensure that the bomb would enter the city.

    “Ark of Peace is preparing for the drop. All squadrons, be prepared for the charge.” Tens of seconds later, the transmitter sounded its report.

    “Wait!” At that moment, Sylvie suddenly interrupted. “The Deity of Gods is beginning to move!”