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    Chapter 1464 Daybreak

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    Above King’s City on the Deity of Gods.

    Mask, who possessed many heads, did not require long periods of rest. Or it could be said that by staggering rest for each of his heads, he could maintain a long period of lucidity.

    As such, the moment the Eye Demon guards noticed something abnormal, he received the alert.

    “The enemy is here.” The King’s consciousness was also transmitted over without causing so much as a stir. “From the dark of the night.”

    Those lowlifes are trying to use the night to avoid the Devilbeasts’ surveillance. That is without a doubt. However, what can those iron birds do? Do they think that we remain without any preparations?

    “I’m still waking those Bogle idiots up, but it still requires some time!”Undeserved’s reaction was clearly slower, but in consideration that he only had a mere head, his wariness was already perfect enough.

    “It wouldn’t matter if it’s a little late.” Nassaupelle took out a mini core. “I’ve said before that I’ve already fully studied the combat strategies of the iron birds. Your Majesty, leave these irritating lowlifes to me.”

    Under the might of his magic power, the Blackstone wall that formed King’s City’s dome extended several crystalline “branches.” These were originally part of the first generation of Symbiotic Demons, but after his special modifications, it could no longer shot out crystalline needles, but another type of special miniature Symbiotic Demon.

    After several clashes, he could already tell that the iron birds—machinery which the humans called the Fury of Heaven or Fire of Heaven—possessed a clear flaw. Despite their speed being faster than Bogle Beasts, there was no way they could change directions as agilely as the latter. This flaw was more obvious the faster they went. The resulting flying trajectory presented a circular arc, and when diving, there was no way they could do a barrel roll. This meant that at specific points in time, they definitely needed to pass through certain spots.

    In other words, as long as they decided on the needles’ fragmentation degree ahead of time, the Symbiotic Demon’s chances of hitting the iron birds would greatly increase. Of course, the crystalline needles were incapable of doing this, but by viewing the problem from a different angle, changing the projectile to a Symbiotic Demon which could autonomously judge the situation would make everything a lot simpler.

    These needle-shaped objects would automatically explode when approaching the iron birds, turning into a group of Symbiotic Demons which could temporarily float. Once they landed on the iron birds, they would act like parasites, tearing and chewing the target’s weak outer shell.

    Mask believed that this series of defensive systems would definitely leave a deep impression on the sneak attackers.

    However, through the Eye Demon guards, the subsequent reactions of the humans left him slightly surprised.

    The mechanical iron birds did not launch an assault on the Deity of Gods during the gap before the Devilbeasts rose to the sky. Instead, they turned south collectively, like they were deliberately avoiding King’s City.

    What does this mean?

    Are the lowlifes abandoning the attack?

    “Heh, they are fleeing. It looks like your toys won’t have a chance of being used.”Undeserved scoffed lightly. “In the end, it still requires me to do the pursuing of humans.”

    No… It shouldn’t be like this.

    Nassaupelle frowned. Although he labeled the humans as lowlifes, the past clashes was enough to prove that this magicless bodies had no lack in courage. Since they were taking the risk to plan a night expedition, how could they show fear and escape before the battle began at a critical point?

    Now, there was only one source the Eye Demon guards could sense in their vision. It implied that most of the lowlifes had yet to “see” the Deity of Gods. While the night limited the other party, it also weakened the Eye Demon guard’s senses.

    Could it be… that this bunch of iron birds are not the main assault force of the humans?

    An idea suddenly popped up in his head as he controlled all the Eye Demon guards to look around the empty skies around the Deity of Gods. This time, the Eye Demon guards were not using magic power, but the visual abilities of thousands of eyes.

    “What are you doing?” Undeserved immediately protested unhappily.

    Mask didn’t bother explaining to him. All his brains were connected to the Eye Demon guards. After a while, he finally noticed something peculiar in the empty night sky.

    He saw an inconspicuous black metallic object flying towards the Deity of Gods. Its body was far smaller than the iron bird, and it was very difficult to differentiate it from the dark blue background.

    This cylinder-shaped object immediately made Mask recall of the explosive object that Fury of Heaven planes had dropped previously… However, were the humans going to such great lengths just to drop something like this?

    Even so, Nassaupelle continued ordering his subordinates to launch the magic barriers.

    At that moment, an extremely bright light bloomed in the sky!

    This was also the final scene he saw through the Eye Demon guards.

    The light lasted for less than the time it took to blink. All the Eye Demon guards disconnected from him, and what was left in his mind was an extremely scorching pain and whiteness.

    He could not help but growl!

    But this was not the end.

    The Deity of Gods seemed to be nudged by something as the city’s interior quaked amid a buzz. The dome let out a sharp shriek and the ground began to collapse. Nassaupelle only felt his feet sink as his body seemed to float up.

    Tilly did not see the instant the explosion happened.

    Although she had prepared black shades, to capture the explosive thrown from seven thousand meters high with the naked eye was quite impossible. Besides, wearing shades made her already terrible vision turned darker. After a few attempts, she gave up the idea.

    As such, only when the world was lit up did Tilly subconsciously realize what was happening.

    At that fateful moment, she had her back facing the Deity of Gods. Instantly, the plane’s wings were illuminated into a sparkling radiance. Even the rivets on it could be seen clearly. As for the protruded parts of the plane, it even drew out a staggering long shadow!

    In the past, only daybreak could outline and illuminate all things in the night sky, pushing back the darkness.

    Tilly drew a deep breath of air and turned her head to look over—

    A huge fireball appeared several hundred meters above the Deity of Gods, but regardless of its height, it rapidly descended and still managed to illuminate the floating fortress.

    The grand Blackstone walls emitted billowing green smoke, as though they were swept by a surge of air. However, Tilly knew that it was no air, but illumination which reached a certain intensity. It was able to deliver an impact force and ignite any flammable object.

    At the same time, the fireball began warping as ripples began to rapidly spread outwards. If not for the Deity of Gods setting off as a foil, she would not have been able to see this stunning scene.

    The ripples collided with the floating fortress beneath it, akin to a gigantic palm striking a wooden table that was covered in dust. Large amounts of dust instantly stirred and nearly blanketed the vertebral body’s surface. Following that, it was the rest of the Deity of Gods and finally, the ground. From the moment the smoke leaped up, one could tell that the ripples looked nothing ethereal. They were corporeal and real.

    After it struck the ground, it continued inflating, surging straight for the fleet!

    “Prepare to charge!” Tilly raised the transmitter receiver and yelled.


    Only then did the earth-shaking boom reach her ears.

    The silent night was finally shattered. Accompanied by the rumbling booms, the planes began to vibrate violently. At the same time, under the influence of the blast, the planes plummeted like they had lost control. It took them several seconds before they stabilized the situation.

    The loud boom was like a gong that marked the creation of a new world, announcing the arrival of dawn. A sliver of morning light tore through the mountain ridge as it projected across the land.

    And the fireball had already turned into a yellowish-brown column of smoke. Its bottom was deeply embedded in the Deity of Gods while the top was constantly rising, merging with the clouds.

    Tilly once again gave the order to turn around.

    When the fleet flew to the eastside, she finally saw the Deity of Gods under the cloud of smoke.

    From an overall perspective, it was almost unaffected. Compared to the rickety trees below, it still remained floating stably in midair.

    However, the result of the explosion was not without any damage. Through the smoke, they saw a huge hole in the Blackstone pyramid’s top!