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    Chapter 1460 Under The Mask

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    “This is all because of Hackzord’s betrayal! Your Majesty, please permit me to slaughter him!”

    Within the Presiding Holy Sea, Blood Conqueror roared in anger. From the blue veins popping out of his forehead and the steam spewing out of his mouth, anyone could tell that he was genuinely furious.

    The other senior lords had gloomy expressions as well.

    Only Nassaupelle remained expressionless; he even felt a little amused.

    Truly a bunch of fools.

    He had clearly warned them before. It was a pity that aside from Undeserved, the other senior lords were skeptical about Silent Disaster’s and Sky Lord’s collusion and attack on him. Even after Mask revealed his memories to the King, all the senior lords merely suppressed their doubts. They likely believed that Mask had somehow crossed them.

    Just because he looked like an assembled “monster.”

    In the end, even before they could hear Hackzord and Serakkas’ explanation, the human’s “Deity of Gods” appeared.

    But wasn’t it already too late to pin the blame on the traitors by then?

    “The problem is, do you know where they are?” Undeserved remained unfazed by Blood Conqueror’s anger. “Currently, Hackzord might be hiding in any corner within the ridge of the continent, and our citizens of Sky City might have been compelled by him. Without investing a large force into this, we will not be able to find any traces of a senior lord like him. Furthermore…” He stared at the other party coldly. “Even if you find Hackzord, don’t forget that Serakkas is by his side. At that point, who knows who will be the one getting killed.”

    “You—!” If they weren’t in the Presiding Holy Sea, Blood Conqueror would have already taken action.

    “Your Majesty, I don’t understand this…” A fleshy body squirmed and spoke up.“Did the humans truly find some sort of evidence regarding the Divine Will? Otherwise, with Sky Lord’s character, how can he ever side the humans—”

    “With all that they have done, are you still guessing about the reason for their betrayal?” Mask interrupted him. “Regardless of the reason, Hackzord had plenty of opportunities to report to the King. But what happened? Since leaving the Western Front, heading to the Bottomless Land and colluding with Silent Disaster, he never sought to communicate with King City from the beginning to the end! This is obviously a betrayal that had been in the planning! If I hadn’t gained a breakthrough in my abilities, I would had died at Serakkas hands!”

    The other senior lords were dumbstruck.

    It was a piece of memory extracted from Mask and could not be faked, while Hackzord’s wandering activities had been sighted by scouts in the northern extremity of the Land of Dawn. Regardless of how one looked at it, it was not one of a panicked and hurried decision.

    That’s right, just like that… Nassaupelle smiled. Memories could not be faked, but parts could be erased and orders shifted. Mask chose to conceal clues of Valkries, and everything he reported to the King were tampered.

    Reality proved that he had taken a wise choice. If the other senior lords discovered the reason for the betrayal involved Valkries’s whereabouts, the situation would have become more complicated.

    In that sense, the obtaining of the human’s legacy might be delayed even further.

    He did not want to waste anymore time.

    “Mask is right, we should focus on the human’s floating island first. They are clearly heading towards King City,” Undeserved said. “The enemy is floating in the air and wield weapons capable of covering all angles. It is not a battle suited for Senior Lords Blood Conqueror or Death Scar. Weighing the options, I am the one most suited to stop them.”

    Like Resentful Heart and Death Scar, Undeserved was upgraded from a psychic, but compared to a mind controller who was good at confusion and manipulation abilities, Undeserved leaned towards melee combat. It was apparent from the attire he had—with a basic humanoid form, he was dressed in tight-fitting black leather. There was not a piece on armor on him like a sharp blade that had abandoned the notion of defense.

    The only difference between him and a human was the two horns that protruded out of his forehead, but Nassaupelle knew that the appearance was just a facade. Undeserved was capable of manipulating how other lifeforms felt towards him, and it was a mimicry capability stronger than Transformer’s. Mask had once experienced it for himself. While walking next to Undeserved, his consciousness immediately treated him as a rock and he did not even have the slightest sense of his presence.

    He is the most plausible candidate… Or rather, the only choice out of helplessness—if I’m excluded , Mask thought to himself. Wars could never end by just an assassination, and the King would not agree to his plea.

    “Overruled.” As expected, the King’s first sentence was to reject the suggestion. Nassaupelle was unsure if he had read it wrongly, but he felt that the King’s tone had become even more indifferent. “Killing the commander will only incite more chaos, and the replacement is more likely to expose themselves. The humans have witches that detect magic power; at the same time, do not forget the large number of anti-magic carriers. Your success rate will only stand at about thirty percent, with an escape chance of less than one percent, it is a meaningless risk.”

    “But the other senior lords—”

    “Our race has more than the senior lords to do battle; our higher ascendants shouldn’t be underestimated as well. The floating island owned by the humans utilizes a God’s Stone pillar from the Western Region. It is unlikely that they have a Plan B like our Deity of Gods. In the end, they are still relying on their own strength.”

    “Truly wise, Your Majesty!” Mask extended both his hands out and exclaimed,“In fact, I have studied how the lowlifes conduct their battle—the iron birds might seem difficult to handle, but they are in fact extremely weak! If they dare show themselves in the air above our city, I will definitely teach them a lesson they will never forget!”

    “Even your magic power core instrument was taken by the lowlifes, so how trustworthy are your words?” Death Scar retorted.

    “If not for Silent Disaster, how could I ever have lost the authority over the Deity of Gods?” Mask did not even look at him. “The Western Front’s battle have proven the potential of the Symbiotic Demons. What I have to do is just expand its application. Even though they are unable to fly, they are huge threats to those iron birds.”

    “Permitted. But you cannot overuse the resources at the front lines.” The King gave a brief reply.

    “That is only natural.” Mask decided to strike while the iron was hot. “Aside from that, I have a new concept—If we are able to successfully channel magic power out and release them unmodified, we might be able to obtain a powerful war weapon. It is just that the research requires magic power cores. Am I allowed to test it out?”

    “King’s City has a surplus of cores. You can test this new concept of yours, but do not interfere with the Birth Tower’s operations.”

    “Yes, Your Majesty!” Mask lowered his head.

    The Presiding Holy Sea gradually disappeared and the majestic King City’s stone tower appeared before him. Compared to the past, this black tower had additional pairs of eyes, as though capable of scrutinizing and observing everything beneath.

    That was the King.

    In terms of magic power, ten of Masks could not compare to the Tower. In the past, he would never have had such a thought, but now…

    Mask slowly rearranged his masks and walked towards the nesting grounds.

    … The King is merely a part of the core as well.