Reincarnation Of The Goddess Chapter 21

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In a cultivator's life, they will sense qi energies at the age of 8, but geniuses sense it at an early age like 5 and prodigies already sense it the day they born. You will know when someone was able to sense qi when the qi energies would gather around to that person. But somethimes, there are some people that was not able to sense any qi even at the age of 8 and they were just called normal people. They just live on doing menial works, like farming, blacksmithing, cooking and other things that don't require qi.

And there's some that are too gifted, having vast qi energies on their body, inabling them to open up all their meridians.

There are 125 meridians on the human body, not all of them are needed to open but a person is born with only 3 meridians opened already, leading them to cultivate more to unlock the other close ones but it's not really necessary.

But the more you have an open meridian the more stronger you are and the more qi energies you can absorb when cultivating.

At the age of 10, the people that can be a cultivator would be sent to a sect, school or any institution that practices martial arts, magic and other artforms. They will study there for years until they will reach the adulthood which is the age of 22 and until then they need to persist on cultivating because once they graduated, they can choose the cultivators' path or find other jobs that they want.

The green haired youngster named Lin Zan, the assistant class representative of Section A of the Aces, was third to the Vice President and President in terms of cultivation stage. The Vice President is at the Middle Realm's Middle Stage while the President has an unknown level, it was rumored that he has the same cultivation level as the Headmaster which was on the Late Realm.

It is said that when you reach the Late Realm, you will achieve divine immortality which means your life span will increase for a thousand more and when you reach the Immortal Realm, you can be a true immortal, having a divine body and you will experience a new profound way of qi refining which was said in the written books. Still, you can be killed but you have an everlasting life.

So let's go back to Lin's case, he was called a genius at 14 when he reached the Profound Realm Peak Stage but suddenly he had a difficulty on breaking through because of some reasons. Youngsters like him at the age of 14 is normally on the Profound Realm Middle Stage so when he is now in 16, his classmates is on Profound Realm High Stage so practically Lin leaped off two stages when he was on 14.

That shows that cultivating is an hard task because in every realms required some essentials to be meet in order for you to proceed.

A youth clad in white was skipping around, his fluffy white hair was bouncing off cutely with the sun was shinning through the windows of the corridor he was walking, it's silvery allure was sparkling bringing him an image of an handsome fairy.

Some students was on their lunch break and some are only had afternoon shifts. They keep on whispering while staring on the oblivious latter.

"Who's that handsome?"

"He's so cute. I want to cuddle him"

"Stupid. That's the one who was the newbie handler of Section A, Aces"

"Ahh. The one who beat up Lin?"

"Yes. He is on probation right now"

"Psh. Such a charismatic teacher was given to the arrogants"

"Though they deserve a teacher like that who can beat them up"

"But he's such a waste"

The three beauties that was known as the 'whispering ladies' were discussing intently while gazing at Chun. They were from the Section B of Corner of Hearts department.

"Does the Queen know this?"

"Know what?"

"That a new prey was up"

"She doesn't----"

"My love of my life! Here you are"

"Ahh. Now she knows"

The whispering ladies just sighed for the unfornate event that they will about to witness.

A young lady with peach hair and bright blue eyes appeared. Her big curls was swaying while she run. She was wearing a red uniform with hearts on its sleeves and ribbon. She had a small crown on her hair giving her a princess look. And you can't ignore that bouncing front of her, it was irresistable to watch. All the boys worship her alluring beauty with its guise of innocence. An innocent beauty.

"It's the Queen"

"She's so beautiful"

"I really admired her bravery"

"Yeah. Last year, he was fantasizing Kali but the President just ignored her love letters and gifts to him that caused her to leave school for two months if not for the persuasion of her brother and parents, she would not attend anymore"

"But now, she's on the move again. And as you can see who's her target"

"Even teachers are not excluded from her handsome fetishes"

The youngsters was directing a stare of envy to Chun. While the latter was occupied on finding the Headmaster's office. He had no sense of direction.

And he was called by the Headmaster to drop by his office to lift his one week probation but the lazy young lad was going to ask Xi Mong to add more weeks for his probation. He was just too lazy. Blame his laziness for it.

Shiha Xiu also known as the Queen was stop a meter away from the handsome silvery haired youth. She was staring intently at the latter. She was observing what he was doing and the way his hair strands fall down on his blue-green eyes and his laziness just blowing it up. He was the epitome of perfection for her.

She can't be rash anymore like last year that caused her to tear in rivers for whole month. So she need a 'fated' meeting like she read on her romance novels.

Hmm. How to approach him?

The beautiful lassie thought of many appealing methods she think would be good.

Bump with him while carrying stuffs in order to accidentally meet

Drop a juice on his robe to be notice by him

Fall accidentally and he will catch me and with the staring of the eyes and slowly nearing of the face and.....

Shiha Xiu suddenly squealed with delight, the passing students just look at her fondly. She's too cute.

Then she finally decided on what to do.

She 'obliviously' didn't see Chun while the busy youth was furrowing his brows while rememberimg the routes he took a while ago.

"Young Lord, do you need assisstance?"

"Not necessary. Just believe in your master. Even though I'm not good at remembering but I have a good sense of direction. So leave it to me"

Chun boasted all the way to his head. While on the other side, Art just helplessly sighed.

The busy lad was still thinking positively not knowing that he was on the opposite path of the Headmaster's office.


Chun slowly turn his head towards the noise from behind. The cute peach haired girl was lying face first on the marble floor.

Is this the new trend for this school?

The young man thought and he just suddenly run when he saw Assistant Hai.

The ignored young girl was helped by other students. Her nose was bleeding but what she experienced in her failed plan was most hurting.

Wait for me, sensei. You will notice me.