Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 882

884 Eating The Dark Neutron

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"I would rather deal with the Dark Neutron right now instead of letting Gordon to snatch it away from me! I need to make sure that he will never be able to lay his hands on it!" said Chen Xiaobei while sitting on the chair.

Keeping the Dark Neutron with him was like a time bomb. The moment Gordon laid his hand on it, he would be able to unleash the dark power making him more powerful than before! By that time, not only the Dragon City would not be able to stop him, even Xiang Yu could do nothing about him. In other words, as long as Chen Xiaobei could make it disappear, Gordon's strength would be set in stone. And there was a high chance that Xiang Yu would be able to defeat him.

"Sounds like a good idea! But, Dark Neutron is extremely tough! Not even an elite with Celestial cultivation possesses enough strength to destroy it!" said Li Gang.

"The only thing we can do about it is to throw it into the sea or bury it in the mountain!" said Li Xiang, frowned.

"No! I don't need to destroy it or throw it away!"

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes then smiled mysteriously.

"What are you going to do about it?"

Li Xiang and Li Gang were taken aback.

"I'm going to eat it!"


With their eyes and mouth wide open, they could not believe the thing that Chen Xiaobei just said.

"Mr. Chen Didn't you hear what I just told you? Dark Neutron is extremely tough! Not even an elite with Celestial cultivation can destroy it!" said Li Gang in frustration.

"This Dark Neutron is not that big or small. I don't think it's good for your stomach if you consume it!" said Li Xiang, nodded.

"Hehe To you guys, this is a Dark Neutron! To me, this is just a bean! I prefer it to be harder actually!"

"Err Mr. Chen Are you sure you are not joking? No! Don't eat it!"

Initially, Li Xiang and Li Gang thought that Chen Xiaobei was just messing with them. To their surprise, Chen Xiaobei had already put the Dark Neutron into his mouth before they could finish their words. They were shocked to see that Chen Xiaobei took a bite at it like it was a bean.


"Shit! Mr. Chen's teeth have shattered!"

Li Xiang and Li Gang took in a deep breath at the same time. They could almost feel the pain that Chen Xiaobei was experiencing. The two of them expected that Chen Xiaobei had failed to crack to Dark Neutron with his teeth.



Just when Li Xiang and Li Gang thought they were feeling his pain, they saw he started to chew on it like it was nothing.

"Is he crushing his own teeth?" asked Li Gang with sweat dripping down from his forehead.

"Mr. Chen Are you" asked Li Xiang, stuttered.

"Damn! This Dark Neutron is so yummy! Super delicious! Legendary delicacy! It's tastier than the Phoenix Rune Enigmatic Silver!"

While talking,he smiled and Li Xiang and Li Gang. A row of perfect teeth was visible.

"Mr. Chen It seems like your teeth are fine! How is that even possible?!" asked Li Gang, shocked.

"In.. in other words, the Dark Neutron was truly consumed by Mr. Chen!" said Li Xiang, gulped.

Seeing that Chen Xiaobei's teeth were perfectly fine, the two of them started to doubt that there were actually having a dream.

"What a good meal! I'm feeling sleepy now! Let me take a nap first! You guys should take a rest as well!"

Chen Xiaobei then stretched his back and gotten ready to take a rest.

"Alright Then we should head out first"

Li Xiang and Li Gang nodded their heads and exited Chen Xiaobei's room with a lot of questions in their heads. Most of all, they were shocked that Chen Xiaobei could consume the Dark Neutron. The reason why Chen Xiaobei crushed the Dark Neutron with his teeth was all because of Twelve-Winged Golden Cicada's special ability!

The moment Chen Xiaobei finished digesting the Dark Neutron, his body would be able to absorb all the power from the Dark Neutron. One had to say that this was definitely an awesome ability. He could only know how powerful he had become after he woke up later.


"I can't seem to find it! Gordon Grand Leader! I can't find it!"

"I can't find it on my side as well! I have picked up and checked almost every single rock that I saw!"

"I have searched every single inch of the field as well! I still can't find it!"

All thirty-six Silver-Winged Myrmidons were standing in a row and shaking their heads. None of them could complete the task given by Gordon.

"Useless bunch of garbage! How can you guys not complete such easy task?! Why don't all of you go and eat shit!"

At that moment, Gordon was so furious that he turned into one of those old men that kept on complaining about things around him. He could not help but keep on yelling at all the Silver-Winged Myrmidons.

"Mr. Gordon! Please don't scold us! Please don't forget that we are assigned by King Vinsmoke to help you! Calling you our grand leader is out of politeness! You are only worthy to become the grand leader of the north when you lay your hands on the dark power! In other words, you can never be called a royal if you fail to take control of the dark power! To be frank, you are just slightly more powerful than us! Our position is about the same!"

"So, I'm not allowed to scold all of you if I'm a grand leader?!" said Gordon, his face darkening.

"Feel free to scold us if this is our fault! The tornado that you created is the one that caused the Dark Neutron to be lost! We would have found it ages ago if it wasn't for the tornado!"

"Tornado? Caused it? Are you trying to say that it's my fault that the Dark Neutron is nowhere to be found now?"

"I have no intention to reprimand you. I'm just telling the truth! I hope you don't scold us anymore! We all have dignity" said the leader of the Silver-Winged Myrmidon in a serious manner.

Upon hearing that, the rest of the Silver-Winged Myrmidons nodded their heads as well. Clearly, they were not happy that Gordon scolded them just now. However, before the leader could finish his words, he could feel a sense of coldness landing on his body.


Gordon flicked his finger and a wind that was hundreds of times sharper than asword was being tossed at the leader of the Silver-Winged Myrmidon.


The moment the blade wind landed on the leader of the Silver-Winged Myrmidon's left shoulder, his entire left arm was lopped off.




Gordon launched a dozen blade winds at him when everyone was still in shock. In a blink of an eye, the leader of the Silver-Winged Myrmidon was hacked to pieces.


The remaining 35 Silver-Winged Myrmidons could not help but took in a deep breath with fear creeping up their spines.

"Who else thinks that not being able to locate the Dark Neutron is my fault?"

"No No No"

Immediately, everyone shook their head vigorously.

"Am I allowed to scold you guys in the future?"

"Yes Yes Yes"

Everyone nodded their heads.

"Not bad! You guys are pretty smart! Not get lost and go and look for the Dark Neutron again! What's your name again?! Did you manage to record everything as I told you just now?"

"Yes! I did"

One of the Silver-Winged Myrmidons ran to Gordon and passed the cell phone to him. Gordon then tapped on the play button and watch everything that happened tonight.

"Keep on running! With this video clip! You can say goodbye to your identity as a demigod!" said Gordon with his eyes squinted and an evil smile on his face.ED: Is the author a One Piece fan? HMMM