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    As Lee Jinhee was immersed within her thoughts, she did not exactly notice when Han Taehyun had entered in, and seeing him here made her gasp.

    Looking at clock on the wall, Jinhee read the time before watchung Han Taehyun with widened eyes, and she vocalised, "What are you doing here at this time of the day?"

    It was almost half past twelve at the midnight, and the fact that Han Taehyun came at this time of the day was enough to shock her. 

    Han Taehyun shrugged his shoulders and said, "I missed you, and as I thought you will be sleeping at this time, I was like why not come and watch you sleep?"

    Lee Jinhee scoffed and stated, "Creep. How are you allowed to be here though? Isn't it past the time for visitors?"

    Jinhee raised one of her eyebrows, and as a small smirk formed upon Han Taehyun's features, he walked towards Jinhee's bed. 

    Standing beside her bed, he voiced out, "That's because I am Han Taehyun."

    Those words were enough to make Jinhee understand what Han Taehyun was trying to mean. As he was Han Taehyun, the rules of the hospital did not apply to him.

    Taehyun's arrogance caused a chuckle to leave Jinhee's mkurh, and she said, "Too bad, I will be sleeping now, and you should be resting as well."

    "Isn't that what I am here for, Jinhee-ah? Watch you sleep, and I am not sleepy at this moment. Whilst watching you sleep, I will eventually fall asleep," Han Taehyun voiced out.

    He then added, "Then again, considering how ethereal you seem, Jinhee-ah, I don't think I will be ever able to fall asleep whilst looking at you. You are just so interesting that it takes my sleep away."

    Lee Jinhee shuddered and vocalised, "I just got the goosebumps, and now, I don't think I will be able to sleep until you sleep."

    Smiling widely at Jinhee, Taehyun expressed, "Then, I will be going outside, and I will come in after you fall asleep. That would be a win-win situation for both of us. You will be able to sleep, and I will be able to watch you."

    Pulling on a disgusted face, Jinhee stated, "Now, I would not be able to fall asleep for the entire night because I have to keep an eye for the creep which might suddenly pop up in my room."

    "Wow! Jinhee, I really did a mistake thinking that you would soften upto me after both of us starts dating. Geez! Jinhee-ah, you really know how to disappoint me," Taehyun vocalized.

    Shrugging her shoulders, Jinhee said, "Break up with me if you think I disappoint you."

    Han Taehyun scoffed and, letting out a chuckle, stated, "You will go into depression if I do that. I remember on how you clearly mentioned to cling tightly to you if you try to push me away forcefully and tie you by my side. Even if you beat me up, I should not let go of you."

    Rolling her eyes at Taehyun's words, Jinhee mumbled, "You are exaggerating everything."

    A light pink tinted Jinhee's cheeks, and seeing that, Taehyun learned that Jinhee blushes really easily, especially when he was involved. 

    Finding this side of her absolutely endearing, Taehyun extended his hand towards her and pinched her cheeks, taking her by surprise.

    Lee Jinhee scrunched up her nose at Taehyun's actions and said, "You should be sleeping now. I am sure you don't want to sleep on the desk tomorrow and get sent out of the class for that."

    "Don't worry about that happening, Jinhee-ah, because I will not be going to school tomorrow," Taehyun voiced out.

    Raising one of her eyebrows, Jinhee asked, "Why is that?"

    Moving closer to Jinhee, Han Taehyun wrapped his hands around Jinhee and pulled her into a hug. His sudden action brought some surprise into Jinhee.

    "Isn't that easy? That is because I want to be with you, Jinhee-ah," Taehyun confessed.

    He then added, "Ah! You smell really good. This is really comforting after that nauseating smell of the disinfectants."

    Lee Jinhee wrapped her hands around Taehyun and vocalised, "If you find it that nauseating, go home. No one is telling you to endure it."

    Taehyun chuckled and stated, "Isn't the reason why I am here very obvious, Jinhee-ah? Moreover, I know that you will be bored to death without me, and at this moment, you are really helpless. Being the best boyfriend, I will be beside you to help you in whatever you need."

    Han Taehyun pulled away from the hug, and pulling the chair closer to him, Taehyun sat down upon it. Then, smiling at Jinhee, he extended his hand towards her and patted her head.

    "Now, that we have established you are not sleepy anymore, what should we do? Should I start telling you stories to entertain you, Jinhee-ah?" Han Taehyun questioned as he arched his eyebrows.

    As creases appeared between both of Jinhee's eyebrows and furrowed her eyebrows, she said, "When did I mention something like that, Taehyun-ah? You are assuming things on your own, and at this moment, I am really sleepy. However, due to you annoying me and creeping me out, I can not sleep at this moment."

    For the added effect, Jinhee yawned at that moment.

    Seeing Lee Jinhee's actions, a chuckle left Han Taehyun's mouth, and he vocalised, "That's the same thing, Jinhee-ah. Either way, you are unable to sleep, and being the best boyfriend, I will try my best to entertain you the entire night."

    Lee Jinhee's lips curved to form a smile, and he said, "If you really want to be the best boyfriend, then go home, Taehyun-ah. That is the best possible thing you can—"

    Before Lee Jinhee could continue, Han Taehyun brought his face closer to Jinhee and placed his lips on top of Jinhee's, taking her by surprise. 

    Pulling back from Jinhee, he flashed her a wide smile and said, "Jinhee-ah, since the bed here is wide enough, let's share it together, alright?"