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    Chapter 471 True Damage

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    [Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes]: Special skill, exclusive skill of Berserkers. You will unleash 100 Combo Attack towards the target, each attack will deal damage equal to 150% of your Attack Power and cause the target’s Defense to reduce by 1%. When you finish executing Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes, you will release a Blade Aura that deals 400% True Damage to all enemies within a 100-yard radius. Cooldown time is half a month.

    Lin Jie had killed the Munjo Ogre Prince and taken all of the Wind Rider Sword Saint’s Training Handbook. Indeed, it recorded the knack of 99 Consecutive Strikes evolving to Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes With just a flash of light, as Lin Jie had already reached 99 Consecutive Strikes, it had directly evolved into Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes.

    Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes was similar to Tomorrow Night’s Vanishing Step. It could be used without activating the skill, but if the skill was activated, then one’s body would be guided by the system and therefore be able to 100% use the Nine Great Techniques.

    That was also a hint from the system as the system could support one by correcting one’s Combo Attack technique as it knew the correct forms of the skill, and thus, forcibly helping one succeed in the Combo Attack. When one could perfectly unleash it by themselves, then they would be able to use it anytime, anywhere. That was the goal that all experts strived for.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The Protective Red Lotuses were sliced into shreds under Lin Jie’s Blade Aura. Although the Power Storage of Red Lotus Knights was powerful enough to overcome two powerful skills, such as Dark Gold Broken Blade and Clomaros’ Kill, when facing Nine Great Techniques like Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes, Red Lotus Knights did not have any power to resist. Lin Jie’s attacking ability was already strong in the first place, so after activating Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes, he had literally turned into a humanoid meat grinder. The Red Lotuses that filled the sky were all crushed to powder!

    “Xuanyuan, come behind me!” A Fire Spirit God was formed by Scorching Sun. That was the Fire Sword Artist’s Epic Skill [Fire Spirit Defense]. It would temporarily increase one’s Defense values by 1,000 points and 500 points of Defense value for surrounding allies. They would also have Fire Immunity, which lasted for 3 seconds! At such a stage, it was equal to a small Invincible skill.

    The Fire Spirit God stared at Lin Jie with an emotionless face and moved its hands into a defensive stance. Baili Xuanyuan saw that the Protective Red Lotuses were not enough to protect him, so he immediately hid behind the Fire Spirit God. He then said in a low voice, “Scorching Sun, lend me your Invincible Ring!”

    “What? But that’s my life-saving trump card” Scorching Sun was shocked. e had a [Goras’ Ring], a Sub-Legendary Fragment with no additional attributes, but it had a special skill, [Goras’ Shield], which could provide immunity to any Damage Dealt within 2 seconds. In such a situation, Baili Xuanyuan actually wanted such a ring.

    Baili Xuanyuan said in a serious tone, “After a Red Lotus Knight dies, their Ability Points will be cleared, and he will be unable to gather Ability Points for the next three days. If you give me the ring, once I gather enough power and seize the city, then I will definitely give you a good spot! Dark Earl and Very Fat are not worthy of my trust, I only trust you.”

    “Oh okay then.”

    Baili Xuanyuan received a quaint and old ring, which was carved with the Devil Goras. A shred of surprise shone in his eyes. In an instant, the devil’s eyes gradually opened and gathered a blood-red Devil’s light ray, which enveloped Baili Xuanyuan’s body.

    Damage Immunity!

    “Idiot, die.”

    At that moment, Lin Jie’s Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes had reached its peak, and with a raise of his Broken Blade, a light ray towered into the sky! The shadow of the golden sword used by the God of War could be vaguely seen on that greatsword. Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes and Enraged Blade Aura were completely activated!



    When that sword was swung, it was as if the sky had let out a roarthe thick snow and clouds were instantly dispersed, and a huge hole was actually opened in the sea of clouds! The never-ending snow of Frozen Tundra actually temporarily stopped. Broken Blade was ready for action as if a ferocious tiger was let out of the cage, wanting to devour a certain person. Under Lin Jie’s guidance, a powerful Blade Aura was let loose.

    The accumulated snow, which stayed the same in Frozen Tundra, was completely blown away, filling the sky with snow. Mighty waves of snow were also formed and surged towards Baili Xuanyuan and Scorching Sun together with the Blade Aura releasing destructive aura!

    That tall and sturdy figure of the Fire Spirit God was instantly torn apart when it came in contact with the Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes. Scorching Sun’s pupils constricted as he could not believe what was happening before his eyes.

    Baili Xuanyuan, the sly old fox that had obtained the Invincible Ring secretly, took out a Random Teleportation Scroll in preparation to escape. Within the duration of Invincible, he was immune to all Damage Dealt, so even if it was Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes

    In the next second, his wishful thinking came to naught.

    The Blade Aura met Goras’ Shield, but in just the blink of an eye, it had destroyed the Goras’ Shield as it turned into fireflies that filled up the sky. Baili Xuanyuan was in disbelief as he was devoured by the Blade Aura completely!


    A black damage value popped up.

    That’s right, black! That number represented True Damage, which was the most powerful type of damage in the whole The New Age. It could ignore any defensive methods and Defense. Even if one activated Invincible, they still had to receive all of the damage!

    Before Baili Xuanyuan’s corpse even cooled, it was directly buried under the snow. Lin Jie’s attack also killed the members of Never Setting Sun and Xuanyuan Alliance, who were standing beside him! They were sliced by the Blade Auras that were running wild, which resulted in their corpses being incomplete, and even a mist of blood was formed.




    Damage values popped up neatly with the same number.


    ’You have killed City of Light’s Viscount Baili Xuanyuan, evil score +100 points.’

    “You actually managed to become a Viscount too?” Lin Jie was slightly surprised.

    Suddenly, Lin Jie felt a spell of exhaustion from his hand, which then overwhelmed his body. That was the side effect of Berserker’s 100 Consecutive Strikes, he was unable to attack for 1 minute.

    “This This”

    “F*ck, this skill is too domineering! Didn’t Baili Xuanyuan activate Invincible?”

    “So powerful”

    All members from Savage Blade were stunned. They looked at Lin Jie as if looking at a crazy wild beast. Lin Jie had destroyed all the Protective Red Lotuses, and that one towering Blade Aura had even directly instakilled hundreds of peopleit was too powerful!

    “Hahaha, I knew you would not disappoint us!” Just at that moment, a hearty peal of laughter sounded from the crowd. It was Dumb Fox, who had brought his team here! People from Steel Allies had outflanked the Xuanyuan Alliance from the back, and in addition to the members of Brotherhood, who were fighting within the Frozen Tundra, they had directly surrounded the Xuanyuan Alliance.

    “Fox, you’ve worked hard these days, thank you,” said Lin Jie in a heavy tone. He understood how much pressure Dumb Fox must have endured dealing with Baili Xuanyuan while using the Codename Lone Wolf.

    Heaven Plume said, “Not only did you return, but your strength has also returned to its peak once again, good job! The Brotherhood’s rise is bound to happen. Alright, let’s get down to business. We’ve lost quite a lot these days, so let’s go reap some loots of war.”

    As he spoke, people from Steel Allies instantly charged towards the people from the Xuanyuan Alliance and started slaughtering them. The players from Xuanyuan Alliance were mostly from second-rate and third-rate guilds, if normally they suppressed people from such guilds, they would be the subject of talk; if they recruited them, it would be a waste of resources. Now, since these second-rate and third-rate guilds entered the Xuanyuan Alliance, the Steel Allies could directly kill them! Also, large amounts of equipment could be obtained.

    Killing people felt better than killing monsters!

    Shouts and screams could be heard, the originally arrogant and overbearing Xuanyuan Alliance was forced back continuously. They were originally a gathering of different guilds, so how would they be able to withstand the attack from the Steel Allies’ army? In the battle, there were people taking out their Hermit Helmets, which they had bought when they were in Brotherhood, successively and wearing them, crying and shouting that they wanted to return.

    “Fu Sheng, how should we deal with them?” Now, Baili Changcheng had been revived too. He canceled the effects of Frozen Heart and directly died. Then, he had let Bu Yi revive him. He frowned as he looked at the players who were begging for mercy and asking to return to Brotherhood. “Accept them back?” he asked.

    Lin Jie smiled coldly and waved his right hand. “Kill them all!”

    After hearing what Lin Jie said, those players were completely stunned.

    One of the players, I’m Originally A Dragon, shouted, “Lone Wolf, didn’t Brotherhood claim to accept all players regardless of origin and everyone who entered was all brothers? Now, we want to return to Brotherhood, but you want to kill us, this is opposing all the solo players in the City of Light!”

    “Who are you to speak with me?” Lin Jie sneered and released a Blade Aura, which directly chopped off that player’s head. A 5,736 damage value popped up, he had been instakilled!

    “All fence-sitters, you enjoyed the protection of our Brotherhood when we were powerful without worries. But once the Brotherhood was in trouble, you all directly went to the Xuanyuan Alliance to wag your tails and beg. Now you dare come and use the word ‘brother’ before me?” shouted Lin Jie sternly. “You don’t deserve it! From today onwards, Brotherhood will no longer be a Mercenary Association, so all of you don’t deserve to stay here!”

    Baili Xuanyuan stretched out his hand to press on Lin Jie’s shoulder and whispered, “Calm down, Fox, Heaven, Ghost Eyes have cleared the people from the Xuanyuan Alliance. As for them” He turned to look at Dark Earl and Very Fat, the two guild leaders who had not made a move. He frowned and said, “Dark Earl and Very Fat, I still have to call both of you uncle in the real world, may I know where you stand?”

    “Hehe I have no malicious intent. Leader Lone Wolf, you are quite strong, but I have 100 types of ways to interrupt that powerful skill of yours. I am a Vampire, so I am good at Spirit Control.” Dark Earl smiled eerily. “However, I did not make a move, so you should understand my stand. I do not want to be involved in the battle between you and Baili Xuanyuan and am unable to be involved. However, I am very interested in the abundance of players’ resources in the City of Light.”

    That Maitreya No, Very Fat, with a benignant look, smiled and said, “We would also like to take roots and develop in the City of Light, so I hope we could coexist peacefully. I’m not like that barbaric Xuanyuan, who would go to war anytime, I don’t like fighting.”

    Lin Jie’s face darkened. Two guilds were about to enter the City of Light, and they were two major guilds that could possibly betray them? This did not seem to be a good thing, but once he rejected them, the players from Vampire City and Knight’s Glory would instantly turn into their enemies. The reason why the Brotherhood and Steel Allies had not met much resistance was largely due to those two guild leaders staying neutral. Lin Jie had also specially ordered for them to avoid people from those two guilds. Also, those two major guilds, if he could make use of them

    “Welcome to the City of Light,” said Lin Jie as he turned his eyes and stretched out his hand.

    “Oh? Hahaha, you’re too polite, Lone Wolf.” Very Fat squinted his eyes as he said happily, “Let’s have a pleasant cooperation, a pleasant cooperation.”

    “Then now, how do both guild leaders want to deal with the situation now?” asked Lin Jie meaningfully as he pulled back his hand.

    “Do you still need to ask?” Dark Earl and Very Fat exchanged a look and replied without hesitation, “Slaughter everyone from the Xuanyuan Alliance! Let’s reap some loots from war first!”