Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 980

    Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 980 - Death Wish (1)

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    Chapter 980 Death Wish (1)

    A dead silence fell over the entire martial arts arena.

    Everyone stared disbelievingly at the huge holes that had been smashed in the walls.

    At that moment, there was no sign of Duan Tianyun on the dais. Only Ye Qingtang was left.

    Youve lost. Ye Qingtang acted as if nothing had happened. She swept a glance at the stunned group from the Duan Family. She slowly walked off the dais under the flabbergasted gaze of everyone present.

    Eldest Eldest Brother?!!! Duan Tianrui suddenly snapped out of his trance and hurriedly led the group in the direction in which Duan Tianyun had been sent flying.

    Only Duan Tianrao was left below the dais in a daze. He looked at the detached figure, his face full of disbelief.

    What had happened just now?

    No one present was certain of what had happened on the dais just now.

    Why was Duan Tianyun suddenly sent flying?!

    They were unable to see any indication of what Ye Qingtang had done.

    Much less the Duan Family and the other citizens of Lin Town.

    Even the youths from the Ye Family were rather stunned.

    No one was certain of how Ye Qingtang had done it.

    But even if they had seen it clearly, no one would believe that the omnipotent Duan Tianyun, who had the power of the Second Heaven of Martial Qi Level One

    Would be sent flying by a flick of Ye Qingtangs fingers.

    Why are you still gaping here? Shouldnt you go back? Ye Qingtang said slowly as she looked at the stunned group from the Ye Family. With that, she took the lead and walked out of the martial arts arena.

    Only then did the youths from the Ye Family recover their wits. Although they were completely bewildered, with Dan Yifans injuries in mind, they had no choice but to rush him back to the Ye House to recuperate.


    Had they really won?

    At that moment, the youths from the Ye Family looked rather dazed.

    The Ye Family, followed by the Duan Family, left the large martial arts arena. Only the watching citizens who had personally witnessed these events remained.

    Although they had personally witnessed everything, it was as if they had seen nothing.

    Who would have expected this match to have so many twists and turns?

    Ye Qingtang was the first to reach the Ye House. In the Ye House, the various elders and Ye Ling were already waiting in the main hall. The outcome of that days match was of utmost importance to them.

    They saw the main gate of the Ye House suddenly open, and they all turned their gazes towards it. However, only Ye Qingtang walked in.

    With that, the Great Elder and Third Elder could not help but look disappointed.

    However, a moment later, the majority of the Ye Family members also followed.

    The Great Elder rose, and his heart filled with antic.i.p.ation when he suddenly realized that his grandson was being carried back by the united efforts of the group.

    The Great Elders face immediately drained of blood. He hastened over, and Third Elder and the rest hurriedly followed.

    Whats the matter? What on earth has happened? How was Yifan injured so badly? The Great Elder was desperately worried when he saw Dan Yifan, who was being carried back by two youths from the Ye Family.

    Dan Yifan had already sunk into a faint. His handsome face was bloodless and ashen. Traces of dried blood could still be seen at the corner of his mouth.

    Ye Ling waited for the youths to walk over. He was also shocked to see the extent of Dan Yifans injuries.

    They were well aware of Dan Yifans abilities and had thought that this match would not present him with any great difficulties.