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    Chapter 894 The Battle For Top Ten

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    Shenluo Main City, inside a business hotel.

    This business hotel had decent interior decor. It was considered a high-end hotel within the seventy-eighth District. There were several people gathered around a holographic projection. They were watching the most intense live feed of the Galaxy Super Mecha Wars.

    The few of them were Deca and those who first discovered Earth, and formed friendships with Hong Dali!

    Young Master Deca, look, the results are out. One of the pretty white-haired girls pointed at the holographic projection and yelled, In first place is Team Annihilation. Their leader is Li Tianxing, they had 326 mecha kills!

    Yep, Ive seen it. Its an exciting competition. Deca looked at the data on the projection. He said with a hint of regret, Its a shame, we were a little late and missed the highlightseh? Whats going on with the team ranked twentieth? Zero total kills?! That works too?! Hang on, this Team Dalis leader is called Hong Dali too?!

    The amusing idiot Hong Dali left a strong impression on Deca when he first discovered Earth.

    That Granzon forged entirely from Immium alloy. Those Dali Beans eaten by Hong Dali as snacks

    Could it be a shared name? Deca laughed and pulled out his transmitter. I have to tell him about this, haha. Ill also see what hes been up to. However, nobody picked up Decas continuous call requests.

    Whats going on? Missed calls? Deca thought for a while. Hm, maybe hes busy. Ill take a look at this Team Dalis information first. Lets see what kind of amazing team can advance into the top 100 with zero kills.

    Deca instantly turned on his computer and logged into the official forum for the Galaxy Super Mecha Wars on the Internet. He then filtered the search results for Team Dali. The statistics displayed made Deca completely stunned!

    Team Annihilation, 3,625,147 topics of discussion. Team Magic Armor Godly Mechas, 2,854,213 topics of discussion. Team Salf Alliance, 1,756,423 topics of discussion.

    Team Dali, 65,324,879 topics of discussion.

    What the heck! Deca was instantly scared to the point of peeing! What was going on? Team Annihilation, who was ranked first, only had over three million topics of discussion. However, Team Dali had over sixty-five million topics about them! Thats terrifying?!

    Young Master Deca. The white-haired girl pointed at the computer screen. She smiled and said, This Leader of Team Dali, could he perhaps be the Hong Dali that we met on Earth? The white-haired girl was Shelley, the one who planned on seducing Hong Dali on Earth.

    What a good joke. Deca shook his head and said, The Galaxy Super Mecha Wars tests your battle talent, reaction speed, and mecha abilities. All those in the top 100 are the geniuses amongst geniuses. Furthermore, there are a few billion people in Shenluo City. Its normal for people to share a common name. Its impossible. Absolutely impossible.

    Then, when Deca clicked into Team Dalis forum and saw their information, he was no longer okay!

    Oh my god, its actually Hong Dali, the Hong Dali that we know! Deca frantically said, How many days has it been? Dali became an Honorary Aristocrat? A Double Honorary Aristocrat! Look at his mecha, isnt that Granzon?! Look at Valsion, isnt that piloted by Lin Chuyin! And the Tiger King mecha, thats piloted by Xinxin and Sister Nianwei! Deca pointed at the screen. His screams could be heard throughout the entire hotel. This Jiang Qianxue shes a Galaxy Aristocrat! Ahhhhhhhh!

    Deca was completely dumbstruck.

    He spent a long time away for business this time. However, it could not have been more than a month or two. Who would have expected that within such a short time, Hong Dali became a Double Honorary Aristocrat and even formed a team together with a Galaxy Aristocrat?!

    Thats not all. He even made it into the top twenty without a single kill. In the end, the topics of discussion about Team Dali exceed sixty-five million!

    Damn, this was going against the heavens!

    This this Shelley stared in bewilderment at the screen. She then subconsciously turned to look at the sexy woman next to her with a head of green wavy hair. She mumbled, Susan, we still planned on seducing him back then

    Susan dejectedly said, Dont mention it. It pisses me off.

    On the other side, inside the exclusive club where Li Tianxings father, Li Hanhong was.

    Inside the club, Li Hanhong accompanied the royal High Noble, Sir Malone from the Dimu Star Sector. They made meaningless small talk. Suddenly, a bodyguard rushed in from the side. He yelled the moment he entered. Sir, great news! Young Master Tianxing has advanced into the top 100. He is currently still in the first place!

    Haha. Li Hanhong instantly laughed and said, Good! Good! Tianxing did not disappoint.

    With Li Tianxings strength, it was almost certain that he would enter the top 100. However, it was good news regardless, as he was ranked first and Sir Malone was present. Li Hanhong waved his hands and dismissed the bodyguard. He then politely said, Sir Malone, the advancement stage for the top 100 teams has ended. The battle for the top ten will begin soon. Should we go and take a look?

    He sounded extremely humble. Even though he was a Galaxy Aristocrat, and an Elder too, Sir Malones status was still much higher than his.

    Um, whatever. Expectedly, Malone nodded and said, Since the final stage is approaching, the battles will be more interesting. Lets go, Ill see what your proclaimed genius son is actually made of.

    In the audience stands.

    Hahahaha, this Hong Dali advanced again with zero kills! Its incredible!

    Yes, yes. This match was the most exciting match Ive watched. Im so curious now. How will Hong Dali act in the next round? Will he be able to continue with zero kills?

    The next round? Thats the advancement stage from the top 100 to the top ten. Once that round ends, itll be the final stage. Team Dali has to make a few kills this match, right?

    Countless people watching discussed about Hong Dalis Team Dali. As for the true first place in the competition, nobody paid them much attention.

    It could not be helped. Although Team Annihilation was powerful too, they were not as amazing as Team Dali.

    They had zero kills to advance from 590,000 teams to 60,000. They had zero kills to advance from 60,000 teams to 10,000. They had zero kills to advance from 10,000 teams to 1,000. They still had zero kills to advance from 1,000 teams to 100.

    This result could only be described with the word miracle. Nothing like this ever happened since the inception of the Galaxy Super Mecha Wars!

    That was why countless people were amazed by how exciting the battle was. Everyone in the audience was extremely passionate!

    It was as if they were watching a legendary playboy waltz through a field of beautiful flowers, without any petals sticking to him. As if he was a legend never seen before, yet everyone had heard of him!

    You see? Legend!

    Hence, the millions of people in the audience stands eagerly awaited Hong Dalis next performance. Even if he fell to Li Tianxings Team Annihilation, they would still be content!

    In the VIP room where the Galaxy Aristocrats were, all Galaxy Aristocrat young and old alike were gathered together.

    The next stage of the competition tugged at everyones heartstrings.

    The strongest Team Annihilation would face off against the most mysterious Team Dali! This battle was enough to attract everyones attention in the Shenluo Main City. After all, a battle featuring the strongest and the most mysterious teams had never been seen before!

    Do you think Hong Dali will win?

    Win? Probably not. Team Annihilation is too powerful. Im looking forward to it, though. I wonder if they can still advance into the final stage without a single kill?

    I doubt it. The battlefield is tiny, it only has a radius of 500 kilometers. The targets can be easily acquired. Theres no way theyll be able to hide. I look forward to their clash with Team Annihilation. Hehe.

    Thats true, only a radius of 500 kilometers. It looks like a fight is inevitable.

    Yin Tianzong listened to the discussions around him. He then turned to look at the giant holographic projection. He took in a deep breath.

    The showdown is about to happen. Dali, you amusing idiot, can you make it into the final stage?

    The battle for the top ten. Ten people! This meant that only two teams would remain. The winner would become the champion!

    On Ling Xiaoyis side.

    Sister Xiaoyi, what do you think will happen next in the competition? Li Yang asked.

    Ling Xiaoyi answered, How can I predict the outcome of anything related to the Young Master?

    Lucifer added, The Young Master is an amusing idiot. Hes not a normal person. It wont be long now, just chill and watch the competition

    This competition affected countless peoples hearts.

    Everyone speculated on how the battles would progress.

    However, at this moment, our superprodigal was yawning on Li Nianweis lap

    Dali. Tang Muxin sat next to Hong Dali. Now that she had shared her first time with Hong Dali, Tang Muxin was no longer so shy with him. She rubbed Dalis thighs and asked quietly, Itll be the battle for the top ten next. Whats your plan? Are you prepared to start killing?

    Hm, the battlefield for the next stage will be limited to a 500 kilometers radius. Hong Dali sniffled. It doesnt matter. Weve discovered such a huge secret here. The results dont matter. Lets just have fun and prepare to end it all. They can fight to their hearts content. We didnt plan to get first, anyways!