Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Im Here to Get Hit?

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Nine Suns Dragon Taming Palm!

Once he said that, everyone became astonished. Lin Hao expressed that his kneecaps were already given to Hong Dali from kneeling to him in awe. "Young Master is indeed ingenious, your brain is really extraordinary. I'm really impressed!"

Hong Dali proudly said, "This is what you call a movie, a plot! Look at your own plot."

"Yes, yes, Young Master's critique of me is correct!" Lin Hao was full of tears. He was, after all, one of the top-notch directors in the country, but he was reprimanded by this Young Master who looked the age to be his grandson. What's more, he couldn't deny him—his plot was truly much better than his own!

At this time, Mu Zixiao anxiously asked, "Dali, what about me? When do I come out?"

"Right now!" Hong Dali slammed the table, just as if he were a storyteller. "The male lead's martial art has made some progress, what does he need now? Of course, he needs a villain for him to defeat!" Hong Dali cheekily laughed and said, "Therefore, the extremely handsome Old Xiao—the villain—will then make an entrance!"

"I will appear just to get beat up?" Mu Zixiao's tears and mucus almost flowed out. "Can I have another job?"

"NO!" Hong Dali evilly said, "At this moment, you, who was always very arrogant, will jump out and receive a good beat up. Then, you will return home and diligently train yourself and master the super powerful martial art technique, 'Divine Sunflower Art,' and prepare for revenge!"

"OK! I will do it!" Mu Zixiao slapped his leg, then looked at Geezer Wang who was on the tree. "Master! At that time, you must teach me some special moves! Whether your disciple beat someone or gets beat up will all depend on you…"

By now, Hong Dali had finished with this part of the scene. Director Lin Hao's eyes lit up as he listened. "Genius, genius indeed! This is what the plot should be like! Young Master, I'm totally impressed with you now! Why not you change the rest of the plot as well?"

"That shall do for today." Hong Dali rubbed his stomach. "I'm hungry. I shall be going off to get some food now, you guys can continue first."

"This… alright." Lin Hao definitely did not wish for Hong Dali to leave, but he couldn't do anything because Hong Dali was a Big Young Master of a prestigious family. Also, he had heard that Hong Dali was very fragile since young. He didn't dare to force Hong Dali and could only send him off. "Then, take your time and mind your steps. And don't get a cold, the air in this May period is really cold!"

"I know, I will come over tomorrow if there's nothing much to do." Hong Dali stood up and gave a long yawn. "Ah, Geezer Wang and Old Xiao, the two of you shall stay here and film the movie. I'm going to get some food first, then change places to play in the afternoon."

Mu Zixiao gratefully said, "Then, I wish you a safe voyage! If you need anything, just call me. I will arrive immediately!"

"I got it, remember to go soft on your fist later." Hong Dali waved goodbye. "Don't injure that male lead."

"My master will be here, don't worry!" Mu Zixiao sent him off.

Now that Hong Dali had spoken, the nine lackeys opened the path for him. Hong Dali brought Tang Muxin with him up the car, and she continued to ask him for the rest of the story. "Dali, what happens next? Can you please tell me? I'm really curious!" At this moment, she was really like a little girl who was acting coquettishly towards her boyfriend.

But a story plot wasn't something that came just because you want it to. Hong Dali helplessly shrugged and said, "I haven't thought of the rest of the plot yet…"

"Then… fine…" Tang Muxin also knew that some things couldn't be forced. Since Hong Dali said that he hadn't thought of it, then he must be telling the truth. Anyway, today was the weekend. Tang Muxin tapped her lips and said, "Dali, shouldn't we think about 'I Am a Singer' now? According to the time, there are only three days left before the show starts, right?"

Previously, when planning "I Am a Singer," Hong Dali feared that there would be too many people if it were on the weekend. Therefore, he decided for the show to be aired on every Tuesday, starting at 8:00 PM. If it were on the weekend, just because of Caiwei Entertainment's reputation, countless people would be willing to travel long distances to watch the show. Hong Dali had already seen online that a "Goddess Alliance" who claimed to have over a million members said that Li Nianwei would appear onstage as a guest. Just this news alone would cause countless people to willingly come. Hong Dali didn't want so many people to come to the extent that one couldn't even enter the venue due to the crowd.

Fake news was really harmful…

"By right, they should be ready by now." Hong Dali thought for a while and then shook his head. "But I keep having the feeling that something seems to be missing." As he says so, he muttered, "Xinxin, think of it. This 'I Am a Singer' have several stages, we can't let the viewership rating be too terrible to look at. We should think of something to attract audiences. Otherwise, our reputation will be destroyed—I still think that I'm not squandering enough!"

"Still not enough!?" Tang Muxin's eyes opened wide. "You have already thrown 5 million in, is that not enough for you!?"

"That is, of course, not enough." Hong Dali said so matter of factly. "This 'I Am a Singer' has ten stages, and every two stages one singer will change. In total, there will be at least ten plus singers participating. If the show is too small scale, the first few stages are not interesting enough, and no one watches the later stages, wouldn't that be embarrassing?"

Tang Muxin casually calculated—if there were ten stages, it seemed that only 500 or 600 thousand were used for each stage. Even if it were because some stuff would require money every time, the budget still seemed quite low…

Hong Dali touched his chin and said, "But, which aspect can still allow me to squander… Forget it, let's not think about this anymore. Let's go and eat first, our stomachs are more important!"

North of Tianjing City, outskirts, Forest Medical Enterprise.

A dusky private room.

A person sitting on a chair spoke in a deep voice, "How is it at the Tang Medical Enterprise?"

A person standing opposite him respectfully said, "Everything is going well so far, just that Tang Ruisi went out this afternoon. He seems to have gone to Chenhui Building, but I'm not sure what it was for. I was afraid to expose myself, so I didn't dare to follow him there."

"Chenhui Building?" The seated person thought for a while and said, "That place is the domain of Hong Dali, the prodigal from the Hong Family. You were right in not following him there. If you were exposed, it would not be good. Tang Ruisi's daughter is walking very close to Hong Dali recently. I reckon that he went there not for something to do with work, don't concern yourself with him. Just pay attention to Tang Ruisi's laboratory. Hmph, he thinks he can overcome me just by developing a new medicine to prevent the formation of blood clot—it isn't so easy."

"Currently, everything is normal at the laboratory." The person standing smiled and said, "Tang Ruisi totally never guessed that it was me."

"Of course, he never guessed that it was you. You have followed him for ten plus years, it would be weird if he guessed that you are the traitor." The person seating laughed and said, "Speaking of which, he's really silly, wasting so much effort to develop this new medicine—he really has nothing better to do. If it were not because of this, I wouldn't have the opportunity to beat him down. I wonder what is wrong with him. It's much better to just sell his medicines—the reward is high, and there are no risks involved."

"This…" The person standing hesitated before slowly saying, "I heard that it was to develop something to benefit the human society. Whatever it is, his reason is for some noble cause."

"Ridiculous!" The persons seated disdainfully said, "In this society, earning money is the right thing to do! What use is there for nobleness?" After saying so, he got impatient and waved his hand. "OK, I don't care about this other stuff. Once his new medicine has been developed, bring it to me first instance, do you hear?"

"I got it."

The person standing went out, leaving only the seated person inside. He lit a cigarette and violently sucked in, laughing cheekily. "Nobleness? Rubbish! Isn't it just doing all the work for me, brouhaha!"