Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 4971

    Chapter 4971: Pretend

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    Chapter 4971

    She saw Wang Qi and Zhao Yuande, and a look of disgust suddenly appeared in the depths of her eyes.

    "The girl is meeting with the distinguished guests, wait a minute!" The little girl said coldly.

    "Bold! You girl doesn't know the severity, is this your girl's meaning?" When Wang Qi heard the other party say this, his face suddenly became cold and he scolded.

    The little girl's cultivation was only able to dominate the realm, feeling Wang Qi's anger suddenly scared Huarong.

    "Xiaoqing, don't bring two distinguished guests in mischievously!" At this time, there was a soft and clear voice in the elegant room, as if the clear spring was flowing in the mountain stream, as if the fairy sound was lingering in the ear, touching.

    "Yes! Girl!" The little girl turned her body like an amnesty, and hurried into the private room.

    The elegant room is quietly arranged, a little streamer shining in the air, and a refreshing fragrance diffuses.

    At a glance, Zhao Yuande saw a woman in a white dress sitting behind a guqin.

    At first glance, this woman makes people feel that she shines in front of her eyes, and she is not too surprised.

    But the more I look at it, the more I feel that the other person is beautiful, and the more I look at it, the more it makes people throb.

    This woman is born to be charming!

    Opposite this woman sat a young man in white. The young man looked equally good, and his temperament looked like a scholar who was full of poetry.

    "Girl Jiang Yu." Wang Qi nodded slightly at the woman, with a kind smile on her face.

    He also saw the young man in white clothes, but he didn't say hello to him, he didn't even lift his eyelids, as if he hadn't seen him at all.

    "It turned out to be Lord City Lord. I don't know what happened to Lord City Lord who came to me this time?" Although Jiang Yu was talking to the City Lord, his beautiful eyes fell on Zhao Yuande behind him.

    The girl's face became more solemn the more she looked, and the more she looked, the more frightened she became.

    "It's the Yuan youth from the Celestial Clan who came to see the girl." Wang Qi stepped back in time and let Zhao Yuande out.

    "Jiang Yu, see Young Master Yuan." When Jiang Yu heard this name, his face changed a little, and he hurriedly got up and leaned slightly towards Zhao Yuande.

    "Girls don't need to be polite." Zhao Yuande waved his hand slightly.

    "Young Master Yuan can come here, let Jiang Yu shine here, Young Master Yuan, please sit down." Jiang Yu hurriedly winked at that girl Xiaoqing.

    Xiaoqing hurriedly led Zhao Yuande to his seat.

    "If this is the case, then the city lord will resign!" Wang Qi turned around very sensibly and left.

    During this period, the young man in white remained motionless, sitting there quietly, without even lifting his eyelids.

    This made Zhao Yuande feel a little surprised, his name as the young master of Yuan youth is not good enough, who is this young man in white clothes?

    When he sat down, he glanced at this person, and his eyes couldn't help showing a look of surprise.

    This turned out to be a master with a lot of background.

    The young man in white also looked at Zhao Yuande at this time. Although his expression was gentle, Zhao Yuande felt a kind of contempt and disgust from the depths of his eyes.

    He didn't care. A human race had such an attitude toward the **** race, but he thought it should be.

    But the reason for this is that he is jealous, which makes him a little depressed.

    "Since the two nobles are here, then Jiang Yu will play a piece for them!" Jiang Yu felt the atmosphere a bit weird facing the two at this time.

    Both of them seemed to be sitting there with a friendly expression, but in fact she knew that these two definitely had their own ideas in their hearts.

    She was also helpless, unable to provoke either, she could only adjust as much as possible in her heart.

    When the song fell, both of them nodded and smiled slightly, both seemed to appreciate it very much.

    Jiang Yu was even more awkward. She always felt that something was going to happen between the two.

    Especially the eyes of the white-clothed youth became increasingly sharp.

    "Ah! We listened to a song by Ms. Jiang Yu, should we also express it? I heard that the gods are the best at fighting, I don't know if it can..." The white-clothed youth looked at Zhao Yuande at this time with a smile on his face, but He was interrupted mercilessly when he was halfway through.

    "No! I have no interest in fighting!" Zhao Yuande shook his head repeatedly, "Especially fighting a human being is even more boring!"

    "Unexpectedly, the Celestial Clan, known as the fighting race, would actually be timid!" The white-clothed youth sneered slightly.

    "Haha! I didn't expect that a strong man in the late eternal period would be jealous for a woman and want to bully the small! I haven't thought of people who are thousands of years old, but always love to be tender. The most unexpected is that Your dignified human warlord is hooking up with the underworld." Zhao Yuande retorted, and what he said at the beginning was just to make the opponent look ugly, but at the end of the day, the face of the white-clothed youth changed in an instant.

    "What are you talking about!" The white-clothed youth suddenly stood up, and the kind smile on his face disappeared suddenly, replaced by a horrible murderous intent.

    "You two, please don't do anything with me." Girl Jiang Yu couldn't help but her expression changed slightly at this time, and she hurriedly wanted to stop.

    "Don't you know what I'm talking about?" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold, and he sneered. "The strong man in the underworld who assassinated me before must be related to you!"

    "I don't know what nonsense you are talking about. Don't rely on your identity as the young master of the Celestial Race to give me nonsense, otherwise don't blame me for taking you down and personally sending you to the third ancestor of the Celestial Race." It was hard, but there was a panic in his obvious eyes.

    What Zhao Yuande wanted was this scene. He was actually a guess before, and he was truly sure when he saw the panic in the other's eyes.

    He didn't want to touch the human race here, they are all descendants of the human emperor's blood, and they are of the same origin in the human race universe.

    However, this person had colluded with the Yin Realm, trying to cause a war between the Human Race and the Celestial God Race, no matter what he was for, his heart was shameful.

    "Come if you have the ability! My thirteen guardians can arrive in an instant. I don't believe how you can treat me in front of them!"

    "You two listened to me. There must be some misunderstanding in this. Don't be impulsive, otherwise it will really cause disputes between the two races." Jiang Yu was sweating coldly on his forehead at this time, and his heart complained endlessly.

    She really regrets coming here, and regrets to see this guy who loves to be tender.

    "There is no misunderstanding. He dared to slander me. I am a strong man in the late eternity stage. Even the young master of the Celestial Clan is just a weak man who has just stepped into the eternal state. If I don't dispute this matter, I will be There are countless fellow jokes. Don't worry about girl Jiang Yu." The young man in white still has a lot of thoughts about girl Jiang Yu, so he can only explain it patiently.