Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 4970

    Chapter 4970: Purpose

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    Chapter 4970 Purpose

    The two have something in common and also have differences.

    If the two can be combined...

    Thinking of this, Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly widened, and he felt that there was a problem.

    This **** Yuanqing was sent into the land of reincarnation by all means. The conspiracy of the gods should not just want to control the land of reincarnation, but want to integrate the land of reincarnation with the underworld!

    As soon as this idea came out, Zhao Yuande's heart couldn't help but jump wildly, he didn't know what this kind of thing meant.

    "We in the underworld have always wanted to leave that dark place, but you have stopped it again and again! You said that only the yin and yang will be born new life, you enslave us, you will force us to break up and reintegrate into the world In, the evil you did..."

    The more he talked, the more excited he became, and the more he talked, the more angry he became. In the end he pointed at Zhao Yuande and cursed.

    "Pay attention to your current identity, you are my prisoner!" Zhao Yuande frowned and scolded.

    "Yes..." The shadow shivered, and a light of fear appeared in his eyes.

    "How to enter the underworld? What kind of strong do you have? What is your purpose?" Zhao Yuande began to ask again.

    "The entrance to the Yin world is under the Yin and Yang caves, in the endless abyss. As for what kind of powerhouse is there, dont you really know? Your third ancestor, your grandmother, entered our Yin world and killed us three. Pluto, now there are only nine of our twelve leaders in the two Pluto seas!"

    "As for our purpose, it is natural to let you kill each other. The more dead people, the stronger the power of our underworld."

    "That's it!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

    He knew that the other party did not deceive himself, and what he said should be true.

    He left the main world and returned to the human city.

    He knew that if the **** Yuanqing really died here, I am afraid that the gods of the gods would really have a war with the human race, and there would be countless deaths and injuries at that time, which is what Yin Realm would like to see most.

    But this is not what he wants to see, because he feels that he is connected with the human blood here, they are all descendants of the human emperor!

    Moreover, the Human Sovereign was obviously here at this time, imprisoned here by the two powerhouses of the Celestial Clan who were beyond eternity.

    It would be great if I could see the Emperor!

    This thought came into his mind at this time.

    However, he knew that it was impossible, and he was still very weak in front of the two transcending eternal realm powerhouses.

    This matter can only be considered after being promoted to the eternal peak.


    As Zhao Yuande thought about it, there was a knock on the door outside.

    He swept away his soul and found that he was a strong man in the mid-eternal realm of this human race city, and it was also the city's lord.

    This person is called Wang Qi, his appearance is like a middle-aged person, and his age does not seem to be very large.

    "I don't know why Brother Wang came to me?" Zhao Yuande walked out and looked at each other.

    "Young Master Yuan has broken me! Just call me Wang Qi!" Wang Qi's posture is very low, and it can be seen that the human race is not very high in this world.

    "Oh! Please tell me, Brother Wang!" Zhao Yuande just smiled.

    "Oh! This time the proud girl of my human race, the girl Jiang Yu who has the blood of the king, came to our East Decision City! I think Young Master Yuan should be interested in meeting this girl Jiang Yu!" Wang There was a hint of flattery in his tone.

    "Brother Wang is interested! This jade talisman is one of my personal belongings, so give it to Brother Wang as a souvenir!" Zhao Yuande took out a jade talisman and threw it to the other party.

    This can be regarded as a supreme treasure, it is the grandmother of Shen Yuanqing, who was given to him by the third ancestor, possessing powerful protective power.

    But how powerful Zhao Yuande's body is, this thing has no effect at all.

    "This...this is too precious!" Wang Qi felt the wonder in this jade charm, and his eyes straightened suddenly.

    I am afraid that the full blow of the late Eternal Realm would not be able to break the light of defense in this jade talisman.

    This is definitely a life-saving hole card.

    "Take me there!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, not letting him continue.

    "Yes!" Wang Qi played with this jade talisman in excitement, feeling very excited.

    Soon under the leadership of Wang Qi, they came to a few luxurious restaurants.

    At this time, there was a crowd of people outside the restaurant, and everyone's eyes flashed with expectations.

    "City Lord Wang?" At this time, there was an old man outside the restaurant quietly guarding him, not allowing anyone to enter. He saw Wang Qi coming with Zhao Yuande, and his brows suddenly frowned.

    "Lao Sun! This is the young master of the Celestial Clan, and his grandmother is the third ancestor of the Celestial Clan! Young Master Yuan wants to see Miss Jiang Yu." Wang Qi seems to be very afraid of this old man, but still on A grand introduction before.

    The old man, who is known as Lao Sun, frowned at this moment.

    This is him, and even the forces behind him cannot provoke him.

    Even if Miss Jiang Yu hates the Celestial Clan, she will have to deal with this one. If one accidentally provokes the other party, the third ancestor of the Celestial Clan will be angry and blood will flow into a river.

    "Young Master Yuan! The grandson of the third ancestor!" Lao Sun nodded slightly, "The girl is now meeting a distinguished guest on the third floor, and you will bring this young master in, Lord King!"

    "Thank you, Sun Lao!" Wang Qi nodded eagerly and thanked Zhao Yuande.

    "Who is this girl Jiang Yu?" Zhao Yuande asked after entering the restaurant.

    "You... don't know!" Wang Qi was a little surprised, but then he thought of something, and said, "I forgot that you are from the Celestial Clan, I am afraid that the aesthetics of you are somewhat different from our Human Clan! This girl Jiang Yu is actually the most famous It is not that he has the blood of the king, but her appearance!"

    "Appearance?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning.

    "Yes! It's her appearance! Miss Jiang Yu is known as the most beautiful woman in the human race, and she is a cultivator by nature. She has only cultivated to the mid-eternal stage in just five hundred years, and countless geniuses in the human race have respected her, even more true. His admiration! There is no such arrogant person in the human race who doesn't want to marry Jiang Yu home." Wang Qi introduced, eloquently, even his eyes showed an indescribable excitement.

    Obviously Wang Qi also has a covetous heart for this woman.

    "Oh! This makes me a little interested." After Zhao Yuande heard so many descriptions, he couldn't help but feel a kind of curiosity in his heart about what such a woman looks like.

    Outside a private room on the third floor, Wang Qi knocked on the door.

    The door was opened from the inside, and a pretty little girl walked out of it.