Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 4969

    Chapter 4969: Underworld

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    The fourth thousand nine hundred and sixty-ninth chapter

    "How is it possible!" The dark shadow's eyes widened, and his voice was full of shock.

    "There are so many impossible things!" Zhao Yuande's voice was erratic.

    When the voice fell, all the dark shadows hidden in the surrounding area were punched out of the void by him, and they were all shattered and destroyed.

    " are not God Yuanqing, who are you!" The dark shadow saw this scene, but didn't stop it directly, but backed away again and again.

    "It doesn't matter who I am, it is important who you are! What is your purpose!" Zhao Yuande walked towards the shadow step by step.

    Every step he took, the breath on his body grew stronger.

    The opponent's face changed drastically, and there was a look of horror in his eyes.

    Because it was only an instant that the other party had already taken a dozen steps, the aura on the other party was stronger than him at this time, and a terrifying sense of oppression swept over him, making him tremble.

    "You are the pinnacle of eternity!" Sombra no longer dared to stay, his body quickly withdrew.

    "Leave it to me!" Zhao Yuande's body teleported out, and he was in front of him before the other party quit.

    Faced with this daring that could bring him a crisis, Zhao Yuande did not dare to have half reservations.

    With a palm of his hand, the sky and the earth changed color, and the entire void seemed to be under his control at once. A pitch-black black hole appeared in his palm and began to spin rapidly.

    The terrifying pulling force pulled the black shadow towards his palm, faster and faster.

    "What..." When Sombra saw this scene, his expression suddenly changed, "What kind of magical powers are you! You..."

    Although the black shadow was shocked, but did not give up resisting, his body began to twist, as if it turned into a burst of black smoke and wanted to float out of Zhao Yuande's palm.

    "Hmph! You can't escape!" The black hole in Zhao Yuande's palm had an extra black spot at this time, and the suction force was ten times stronger than before.

    "Damn! You are not God Yuanqing, I was designed!" There is a monstrous resentment in the voice of the black shadow, "You forced me!"

    Immediately afterwards, a huge volcano seemed to open in his body.


    There was a loud noise, and the black shadow's body exploded.

    This explosive force directly exploded Zhao Yuande's palm, and the terrifying force shredded the entire world, and a series of large void cracks appeared in the sky.

    A black smoke rushed out from the center of the explosion, and it was about to penetrate into the void.

    This guy was decisive, and even directly blew himself up, just to let his soul escape.

    But how could Zhao Yuande let him do what he wanted, and at this moment he took a breath without hesitation.

    Suddenly, a terrifying explosion, his power was even sucked into his abdomen.

    And at that moment, a finger that was as thick as a mountain fell in the sky.

    This finger grew bigger and bigger, and immediately enveloped the sky with a huge size, crushing the sentient beings of all realms.

    But before the black smoke escaped into the void crack, he felt the terrifying finger, and suddenly let out a terrible scream.

    " can't kill me! Killing me will bring about a terrifying battle between the two worlds. You can't afford the consequences!"

    "Really? Then I really want to try!" Zhao Yuande sneered, not moved at all.

    But at this time a doubt arose in his heart.

    What exactly are the two realms that the other party said? Is there another world here? Is there a huge **** floating in the void?

    "Don't kill me! I am willing to surrender!" In the end the shadow finally succumbed.

    Between death and becoming a prisoner, he chose the latter.

    "Oh!" Zhao Yuande's chaotic fingers paused in the void.

    A big hand reached out, grabbed the black smoke directly in the palm of the hand, and then threw it directly into the main world.

    At this time their battle has attracted the attention of many strong men in Gongyang City, and many figures are flying in this direction.

    Zhao Yuande didn't want to cause trouble either, his figure disappeared in a flash.

    In the next moment, he has reappeared in that big human city.

    At this moment in the main world, the black smoke, the soul of the shadow, saw a strange scene that he had never seen before.

    "This is... this is... the legendary universe! And so peculiar, it turned out to be a huge plant at its core... I didn't expect that the Pure Land of Bliss that we wanted to look for all our lives would appear here! It was shown in front of me like this!" Sombra murmured.

    "Let's talk about it! Who are you? Why do you want to create a chaos between the gods and humans, what do you want to do!" Zhao Yuande appeared in front of the shadow.

    "You...what exactly is this place?" Sombra did not answer Zhao Yuande's question, but asked in a foolish manner.

    "This is my world!" Zhao Yuande said proudly.

    "You...your world! How could it don't lie to me, this is a big universe!" Soi Ying didn't believe it at all.

    "You don't believe it? This is very simple. Here I am the **** who rules everything. I can control everything including your life." Zhao Yuande said lightly.

    The black shadow immediately felt that the will of this universe seemed to have descended on him at once. He felt that he was rejected by this universe, just like a needle in the hands of a doctor, pushing the medicine and liquid in the needle. All the air is expelled.

    "I believe it! I believe it!" Sombra nodded suddenly, but in spite of the words, there was a touch of excitement that could not be concealed.

    "Who are you?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

    "I am... one of the twelve leaders of the underworld! My name is Moshatian!" The black shadow said, and the black smoke began to twist, unexpectedly re-forming a human form in the void.

    "Yin Realm?" Zhao Yuande felt that this name was very devilish.

    "Yes! It is the Yin Realm! Your level should not be able to access this secret! There is Yang and Yin, and we and your Yang Realm are two opposite worlds. After your life and death, a trace of the soul will enter the Yin Realm. Of course your consciousness will be erased, and then a new individual will be born. This individual is the creature of our underworld! So we are all of the same origin!"

    "Go on!" Zhao Yuande seemed calm on the surface, but at this time he was shocked, with a lot of speculation and thoughts.

    He immediately thought of the land of reincarnation, the underworld and the land of reincarnation are actually very similar, but the land of reincarnation is to rebirth the soul and reincarnation, starting from anew.

    But the Yin world left a trace of soul, erased the memory of previous life, and restarted cultivation.