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    Chapter 1009. Noon Sunshine Stupid Sisters

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    Muuuuuu, Misato-sama

    Mumumumu, Arisu-sama!!!

    Anjou Mitama and Kinuka are wearing nothing but a micro bikini

    They still call the name of their Masters despite rendered immobile with Qi skills.

    I-Im coming to save you

    W-We will not fail!

    Theyre completely lacking in common sense, and are somehow lacking as bodyguard siblings, but

    Their thoughts towards the Kurama sisters are genuine.

    Hey, girls. You should calm down

    Katsuko-nee, wearing the same micro bikini with her dynamite body speaks to the two.

    Didnt I tell you earlier? Shes not injured nor bullied. What theyre doing is sex. An act of love


    Oh right, Katsuko-nees been looking after the Anjou sisters for at least three hours now.

    These girls had no knowledge when it comes to sex


    No, but didnt the Anjou sisters also attend Misuzus school as bodyguards?

    I mean, I just heard that the students of that school at least had sex education.

    Of course they learned that from their school, but its only taught for the young ladies, right?

    Oh, I see.

    The students in Misuzus school are 99% daughters of the wealthy men of the political and business circles.

    Among those young ladies, those who are allowed to bring their attendants or bodyguards are only about 20 from elementary until high school.

    Theyre all young ladies of nobility, and they all visited the party of the Kouzuki house yesterday.

    That means its clear that more young ladies dont have attendants or bodyguards with them.

    Thats why sex education lessons are oriented towards young ladies.

    I mean, they wont give a separate lesson for the employees.

    Besides, these girls were sleeping like a log when it comes to lessons unrelated to them

    They were asleep?

    But, if its in the tests, we listen earnestly

    It would soil Ojou-sama if we have poor grades

    They let people like us attend to that academy, and so we cant go easy on our studies

    Its natural as the vassals of Kurama house

    However, if its a lesson that is unrelated to the exams

    We just take our time to sleep with our utmost

    We need to be in perfect posture as bodyguards of our young ladies after school

    It doesnt matter what the lesson is, we will sleep

    The Anjou sisters said.

    Then that means, homeroom, any lessons that arent on the tests, and music appreciation and such

    I asked.

    We sleep on them


    Yeah, theyre consistently broken.

    Theyre stupid as bodyguards.

    They think of only staying loyal and keeping the Kurama sisters safe, they dont see even themselves. They dont think about it.

    Thats why I taught them about sex briefly. We cant move forward if they dont have any knowledge

    Katsuko-nee smiles.

    No, Katsuko-nees sex education might be a bit too extreme.

    So girls, what the younger young lady is doing is sex. Its nothing bad. Its an act of love. Instead, you should greet her "Congratulations"

    Katsuko-nee said.

    Thats right. We havent greeted Arisu-san that yet

    Misuzu speaks brightly.

    Congratulations on losing your virginity, Arisu-san

    Congratulations on losing your virginity, Arisu-san. Now, youre our sister

    First, Misuzu and Ruriko.

    Congratulations. Youre now a woman. Just like us

    Thats right, congratulations! Arisu-chan, you can bear Onii-sans child anytime now

    Yes. Youll become a mother. Just like us. Congratulations!

    Nagisa, Eri, and Rie said.

    Edie and Michi are silent. Its because the Kurama sisters think of them as bodyguards.

    Therefore, theyre not saying anything.

    On the other hand, Torii-san is dumbfounded.


    Theyre right. Congratulations, Arisu

    Misato-san, Arisus elder sister congratulates her on losing her virginity.

    Mitama, Kinuka. Arisu will be serving Kuromori-sama from this moment

    Misato-san speaks to her loyal servants.

    She will be by Kuromori-samas side all the time and will serve him for the rest of his life. Therefore, this is okay. The two of you should give praise to Arisu who offered her body to Kuromori-sama

    She cant say that Arisus become my sex slave.

    Thatuhm, that means?

    Mitama-san asks Misato-san.

    Is Arisu-sama going to marry Kuromori-sama?


    Kinuka-san panics from what Mitama-san said.

    A lifetime companionship means marriage, isnt it?

    Mitama-san asks her Master with a straight face.

    Thats not it. As you know, Kuromori-sama is engaged with Kouzuki Misuzu-sama

    Misato-san said.

    Then, what is it?

    N-N-N-No way?!

    The Anjou sisters give Misato-san a grave look.

    Right. To make it easy for you to understand, Arisu has become Kuromori-samas concubine


    That means she wont be married on paper but she will be Kruomori-samas mistress?

    Mitama-san glares at me.

    Kinuka-san followed.

    Yes. Its an honor


    The situation has changed while you were gone. Kurama house is in fact demolished. Arisu and I no can no longer return home


    Is that true?

    What do we get from lying to you? The history of Kurama house has ended

    She speaks mournfully

    T-Thats stupid!

    Kurama house who has an honorable origin cannot end!

    The Anjou sisters desperately appeal.

    The cause of it all is the failure done by the head of Kurama house, our father. He trusted Kenmochi-san and allowed foreign investors to take control of him. He defiled the honor of all the nobility, and so its natural that they will blame him. Kurama house has lost their pride as a member of the nobility, and nothing can make up for those crimes. Therefore, Kurama house has to collapse

    But, that would mean

    Its too much trouble for Misato-ojousama and Arisu-ojousama!!

    Kinuka-san and Mitama-san said. Misato-san shook her head.

    I had the same thought until earlier, but its foolish. Its too spoiled. Its not a thought suited for a daughter of the Kurama house

    She shows a lonely smile.

    Arisu and I were born in the Kurama house, and we were loved by everyone as a daughter of nobility since childhood. They even blessed us with such loyal servants, which are the two of you

    Yes, we are!

    We will serve you all the time

    Except, the reason we have servants like you is that we were the daughters of the Kurama house. It wasnt our own strength. We sisters have always been protected by the Kurama house


    We have grown up like that, and so thats why we cannot allow ourselves to remain unharmed during this family crisis. We are the proud daughters of the Kurama house


    Arisu looks at her sister like shes about to tear up.

    All while exposing her naked body stained with blood and semen.

    If the house collapsed, then all we have to do is revive it!

    Mitama-san said.

    Thats right. Misato-ojousama, Arisu-ojousama, and our handswe can revive the Kurama house!!

    Kinuka-san too.

    We will work ten times harder than before!

    Ill do my best hundredfold! Well give the family its the greatest revival!

    Hey, hey, hey, what are you going to work hard on?

    These sisters only live out of their momentum.

    Theyre not bad girls though.

    I dont need your help

    Misato-san refused them.

    No, I seek no help from you girls

    She looks at the Anjou sisters gently

    I will become a prostitute to buy back the fortunes Kurama house lost. I will save money, trying to regain back the hotels and inns of the Kurama group that had to be given away one by one as much as possible

    I-If thats the case, I will too

    Yes, Kinuka will accompany you!

    The Anjou sisters knock their chests.

    You cannot. We have lost our status as daughters of nobility, we need no bodyguards. Instead, if you stay with us, youll only hinder our work

    We cant sell a prostitute who has a bodyguard with her glaring at the customers.

    Its far from making it hard for them to buy her but its just troublesome. They might stab someone without warning.

    And as for Arisu, as mentioned earlier, she will become Kuromori-samas concubine. You may not understand it but

    Arisu-san speaks with a straight face;

    Its an honor to become a concubine of Kuromori-sama, Misuzu-samas fiance. Listen, that would mean that Arisu-samas child would be treated as a half-sibling of Misuzu-samas child, the successor of the Kouzuki house!


    Arisu and I may not be able to revive the Kurama house. However, Arisus child with Kuromori-sama can. No, I will be opening the path to prepare the revival of the family by recovering our assets. That will be my goal for the rest of my life

    Misato-san got over everything and has resolved to become a prostitute.

    Thats how it is.

    Therefore, Arisu, you must devote yourself to make Kuromori-sama love you. You must not be selfish. You must fulfill all of Kuromori-samas wishes. You must never hurt Kuromori-samas feelings. If you do that, think of it as the end of our dream of reviving the Kurama house

    The elder sister of the Kurama house orders her sister to submit to me completely.

    And to Misuzu-sama and everyone you will meet, you must not disobey them, be modest with them, and be sure to lower your head. Its because of their kindness that youve become Kuromori-samas concubine. You may live Arisu but that doesnt mean that you have all the rights. Therefore, you must not make any unnecessary claims. Do not cause trouble to them. You must not be ashamed that youre a daughter of the Kurama house, do not forget the pride of being born in a noble family, and live with a sincere attitude

    Misato-san speaks to her sister like its her last farewell.

    Arisu sits down on the bed.

    Thank you for the advice. Misato-oneesama is correct

    She bows her head with her fingers pressed down.

    Youre overthinking it! Arisu-chan has us

    Thats right! We wont make Arisu-chan lonely

    The twins said.

    Please take care of Arisu

    Misato-san bows her head to Eri and Rie.

    T-Thats not needed

    Please raise your head. This isnt something where you ask us a favor for

    Arisu-chan is already our family

    Thats right! Its natural to get along with those in the family

    The twins said. Arisu;

    Thank you. Thank you

    Tears spill from her eyes.

    Come here, Arisu

    I embraced Arisus body.

    Eri and Rie touch Arisus skin.

    U-Uhm, w-were

    Mitama-san speaks with a dumbfounded look.

    What will happen to us?

    To us?

    Kinuka-san seems confused.

    Arent you fired?

    Edie said with a smile.

    Arisus coming to us and so she has enough security

    Edie looked at the Anjou sisters.

    Theres me. Michi. Haiji. Yomi and Luna are also training to become bodyguards. We dont need you, girls,

    The Anjou sisters are shocked.

    Besides, you girls are weaker than us. Youre useless as a bodyguard

    The color of their eyes changed.

    If thats the case, I challenge you to a duel!


    Then, the winner will be Arisu-samas bodyguard


    If youre a samurai then youll accept this challenge!!


    Err, calling an American beauty a samurai?

    I mean, is Mitama-san even a samurai?

    I wont allow that

    Misuzu said.

    Youre not to decide who becomes the bodyguard of who. Dont be selfish

    Mitama, Kinuka, apologize

    Misato-san speaks harshly.

    I-Im very sorry

    Im sorry for the noise

    The Anjou sisters bowed their heads.

    However, if thats the case, Misato-ojousama. What do we do from now on?

    Should we shut ourselves in the mountain and train? Can we become the bodyguard of Arisu-samas child?

    The children of Kuromori house will only have Kuromori houses bodyguards

    I said.

    Then, we will be watching over Misato-ojousama and Arisu-ojousama from the shadows. Is that okay?

    We will protect from the shadows!


    Look, do the two of you know anything else other than being a bodyguard?

    I asked without thinking.

    If its stealth skills then just a bit

    Mitama-san replies.

    Exactly what?

    Well, we can disappear in the shades of the evening, and infiltrate to snatch away secret messages

    Use water escape ninja arts to cross over moat

    We can explore enemy territory disguised as Komusou

    We can use Kunai and make a hole in mud walls

    Well, as expected of the bodyguards serving the Kurama houses ancestors.

    Their tech progress stopped during the Edo period.

    Those are useless skills in this age

    Edie said laughing.

    Kuuu, dont look down on Anjou arts!!!

    We do know that these are outdated!

    Anjou sisters speak out of frustration.

    But, that would mean that you girls are useless

    But, Danna-sama, Mitama-san, and Kinuka-san are both in the top five when it comes to our school grades

    Misuzu said.

    That means theyre smart. If thats the case, they could start something else other than becoming a bodyguard

    What are you talking about!


    Hearing me say that had the Anjou sisters react in resistance.

    We have been the bodyguards of Kurama house since our birth

    Me too!

    Thats how our ancestors lived!

    Its too late for our generation to stop!!


    But, that Kurama house youre protecting is no longer here

    I said.

    Then, we will wait!


    We will wait for years to come until the Kurama house is revived!

    Yes! Mitama-oneesama, we will polish our skills as a bodyguard while we wait!

    Kinuka-san too.

    Thats a problem. Or should I say, an annoyance

    Misuzu said.

    Please. Mitama Kinuka, forget about Kurama house, about us, and start your own life

    Misato-oneesama is right. Im asking you too

    The masters of the Anjou sisters, Kurama Misato-san and Arisu plead the two.

    Please dont say that! We can do nothing but keep Ojou-sama safe!

    We have nothing else!!

    Oh, this is going around in circles.

    I think this is the fault of the young ladies

    Katsuko-nee said.

    Right. I agree with Katsuko

    Nagisa too.

    These girls never had a life other than being a bodyguard of the Kurama houses young ladies since childhood. Despite that

    Now that the house has collapsed, youre telling them to find a new lifeThats a bit absurd

    Thats right. Even though you couldnt escape from the binds as the young lady of nobility

    Telling your bodyguards to leave the life they had so far is a bit selfish

    The two big sisters said.

    Then, what should we do with them?

    Misato-san asks. Katsuko-nee;

    Theres nothing to do about it. You must take responsibility for them

    Right. If theyre your servants, then look after them until the end

    That means

    They have to stay as your servants until they become independent

    Thats right. Your family collapsed and you cant hire them anymore, becoming independent is indeed a problem

    Katsuko-nee said. Ruriko nodded.

    However, its also impossible to hire Mitama and Kinuka as bodyguards, isnt it?

    Misato-san said.

    Well, it is as mentioned earlier. Besides, these girls arent suited as Danna-samas servants

    Misuzu said.

    Yes. Anjou-san doesnt listen to others, and they move on their own accord. To be honest, Kuromori house cant hire them

    They have no use when employed, or should I say that theyre only a source of trouble.

    Kouzuki house wont hire them either

    Misuzu said.

    Right. Theyre impossible as bodyguards


    But, these girls at least can have sex, theyre girls after all

    Huh, Katsuko-nee?

    These girls have that kind of personality, but, theyre cute, and they have a good proportion, right? Besides, I had them put on this micro bikini to let you take a look

    Katsuko-nee says with a composed attitude.

    Mitama-san and Kinuka-sanyou dont want to part ways with your Master, right? You can endure any pain as long as you can be with your Masters, right?

    Yes, Ill endure it!

    Ill endure it too!!

    Nonono, I mean, Mitama-san and Kinuka-san, you dont know anything about sex, right?

    They just slept during the whole sex education lessons.

    Even if its a trial of hell I will accept it to stay by Mitama-ojousamas side

    Me too! Ill do anything to live together with Arisu-ojousama!!!

    The two speak with their eyes sparkling.

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