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Princess Agents Chapter 292

Chapter 292: Chapter 292

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The day she entered the city was a beautiful day with a seemingly endless blue sky that was devoid of clouds. The majestic castle flourished under the golden rays of the sun as though it was a giant beast that sat in the midst of countless flowers. Even with the immense aura, there was a flowery feel to this city. Tang Jing had been filled with signs of prosperity.

Yunsheng sat on her horse and galloped along rapidly. The peach blossoms had already withered into a land full of red petals that fluttered with the horse's galloping feet.

"Wooo," she cooed to the horse and stabilized it before jumping off. A worker at the inn was sharp as he had noticed that even though this girl was not old, she exuded a sense of royalty that made it impossible for people to ignore her. He quickly headed out to welcome her and smiled, "Lady, are you going to have a meal or stay here for a few days? This inn has the quietest rooms and the tastiest dishes."

Yunsheng did not reply and di