Plundering The Dao Of The Immortal Journey Chapter 265

    Chapter 265: Wedding

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    Fang Household

    The forests grew well as the lush greenery leaned against the fence and climbed it. Pei Zi Yun had returned.

    The young man within the hall looked extremely anxious as he paced several steps back and forth. He didnt feel well and after a short time, he felt like he needed to rest. He panted raggedly.

    When the door was pushed open, the young man stepped forward to greet the one who walked through it, "Master Top Scorer, how did it go?"

    Pei Zi Yun heard this and waved his hands, "You are a scholar, you must learn to control your emotions. Your body is frail and you shouldnt be overly emotional. Sit down and we shall speak."

    Hearing Pei Zi Yuns advice, the young man sat down. His face revealed a strange expression as he picked up the fan in his hands and started to fan himself.

    "Its done. There is only one simple condition, that you have to produce two sons, and the second one has to be surnamed Du. He will continue burning the incense for t

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