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OngoingBook 12 Chapter 1459

    Pirates Infinite Wings Book 12 Chapter 1458

    Vol 12 Chapter 1458: Your Show Time Is Over

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    "I know very little too!"

    Fang Lang shook his head and continued, "As far as I know, we are in the deepest place among the 18 North Seas. The nearest one is the power of the Dragon Clan, which closes the entire deep sea of the North Sea. However, the Dragon Clan is not hostile to our 18 North Sea countries. People, so as long as we be careful of the beasts in the sea, it is not very dangerous to leave here."

    "The real danger is the outer area of the North Sea and the sea area that leads to it. These two places are not restricted by any big forces. There are many ferocious beasts. There are also various evils, the evil factions are strong, and the evil factions are strong. Wait. You know, sometimes humans are more terrifying than fierce beasts." Mu, Bing, and Xue had obviously read the book of Ice and Snow Temple and knew some secret information, so she was worried.

    "Yes, I also heard that some evil strong men like to train other fighters to learn human medicine to improve their achievements." The king lowered his voice.

    "I also saw in my book that there is an evil force that likes to devour the essence and blood of soldiers. This kind of person is good at killing low-intensity soldiers." Wufeng also looked solemn. All the young people who received the king were told that they were pale and worried about the future.

    Fang Lang glanced at the crowd, smiled and comforted, "You don't have to worry too much, since you have chosen to go out, you should be ready to die. Either die or live and become stronger. There is no third way. You can go."

    "Brother Ye is right. If you can't be promoted to King Wu, it doesn't matter if you die." Zhu Hongming yelled dryly.

    All the young masters immediately recovered their minds and nodded secretly.

    They are all ambitious, and they all hope to become Wu Wang, Huang Wu, and even pursue better martial arts.

    In order to reach the top, even the danger of death cannot stop them from moving forward.

    "Men, we go out, alone, with low strength, and it is easy to encounter danger. Therefore, I suggest that when you train outdoors, look for opportunities to worship some strength and take this opportunity to increase your strength. When you have strength Its not too late to worship those big sects." Fang Lang warned.

    Everyone is not an idiot, naturally knowing Fang Lang's kindness, nodded.

    Even a proud king knew that he could only rule 18 of the North Sea. Outside, there are many more powerful people than him.

    Therefore, in the early days, adding some small forces is the best way to protect our lives, and it is also the best way to strengthen our strength.

    Even Fang Lang intends to do this.


    After the banquet, Tian Ye returned to Yecheng with three Mu Xue women.

    On the way, the three girls and Fang Lang did not speak, which made them extremely slow.

    It wasn't until the four of them saw Ye Cheng that Huo Yan broke the silence for the first time, looked at Fang Lang faintly, and sighed, "After the First World War, have you decided to leave the 18 Beihai with Shengzi?"

    "Take us together!" Mu Bingxue and Lin Xue also looked at Fang Lang expectantly. They hope Fang Lang can take them out of here.

    But Tian Ye shook his head and said: "My strength is too weak, the outside world is too dangerous, you follow me, I am not at ease. In addition, I also need you to help me take care of my parents. Forgive my selfishness!"

    "But when will we meet again?" Huo Yan's eyes turned red. The two have been married for a long time, but Fang Lang has been practicing outside and they spend very little time together.

    "Let me see..." Fang Lang looked at Bingxue and said, "After Xueer is promoted to the Huangwu Kingdom, the three of you will come to me together."

    Fang Langxin estimated that Mu Bingxue had become the seven skills of ice and ice, which could be used to fight the enemy in the first war.

    If the wooden ice and snow are promoted to Huang Wu's level, even if Huang Wu is level 1, they can still compete with Huang Wu's level 8. This strength was enough for her to bring Lin Xue and the two women safely.

    "Well, that's it." Mu Xue laughed immediately when she heard the words. Since she got the inheritance from heaven, the nine-year-old is very confident in her practice.

    Yanhuo and Lin Xue also nodded happily after hearing this.

    "Don't worry, even after the first war with the Son of God, I will stay in 18 Beihai for several years before leaving." Fang Lang said with a smile. The three women smiled happily at once.


    A month later, the battle between Fang Lang and the Son of God finally came.


    Yecheng, City Lord's Mansion, backyard.

    After Fang Lang was refreshed, he put on the purple star robe representing the true disciple of the gate of the gods under the service of the three women of Mu, Bing, and Xue.

    Despite his current achievements and the inheritance of the Nine Heavens Palace, Fang Lang has always considered himself a true disciple of the Gate of the Gods, and he will not forget the sect that raised him.

    This is my last battle in the 18 North Sea!

    Fang Lang looked at the blue sky, his eyes were like stars, his face was calm and his voice was low.

    The 18 in Beihai were boiling, one by one at the mountain gate and one after another at the residence. There were countless soldiers everywhere, all walking towards Jiutian Palace Square on this day.

    From a distance, the entire North Sea is full of jet black and fighter jets.

    Among them, the strongest are more than a dozen martial king-level leaders, and the worst are the martial spirits brought by some Wuzong and elders. There are millions of them, which is spectacular.

    "Oh my God, what happened to these humans? Do you want to leave the 18 North Seas collectively?" At the bottom of this huge volcano, the Fire Dragon King raised his head and stared at the scene dumbfounded.

    "The Dragon King, Fang Langhe, and the Son of God were at war in Tiangong on the 9th. Don't you plan to watch it?" The Lord of Heaven sensed the existence of the Fire Dragon King and couldn't help but smile.

    "Oh, Junior Brother is going to fight a decisive battle. I have to go and see!" The Fire Dragon King cared about Fang Lang very much, and immediately rose into the sky when he heard the words, tied to the heaven and the others.

    It's the Fire Dragon King!

    "What a huge body, not much worse than the Son of God."


    Many soldiers in the back were shocked to see this scene.

    The aura of the Fire Dragon King is very powerful, second only to Heaven, and much stronger than that, which is very shocking.

    The 18 soldiers in the North Sea finally understood how powerful the Dragon King sleeping in the North Sea was.

    However, the king and others who knew the Fire Dragon King's background from Fang Lang were even more afraid. You know, the entire Beihai is now ruled by the dragon clan.


    This is destined to be a boiling day. Countless warriors gather together, and the strong suppression of the sky by a dozen warriors shocked anyone who came. ..