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    Vol 12 Chapter 1457: Too Different

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    If not, why did the predecessors who created this kind of exercise defeated many geniuses and reached the pinnacle of martial arts?

    Obviously, this is a god-level technique that has been accumulated. Only when you reach the last few areas can you truly reflect its power.

    Fang Lang is looking forward to the ninth round of fighting on the fifth and sixth floors.

    Huge energy fluctuations continue to surging throughout Dalin County, constantly surging.

    Fang Lang suddenly appeared surprised and confused.

    "The strange thing is that I didn't increase my motivation, but how could there be such a strong energy fluctuation." Fang Lang knew what was going on as soon as he finished speaking.

    He rushed out of the secret room and looked at the center of Dalin County. A terrible force rushed into the sky and shook the earth.

    The one who was promoted to King Wu was King Shen Wu!

    Fang Lang was surprised.

    When King Shenwu broke through the fourth layer of the 9-year-old child's body, he also broke through the bottleneck that had been locked for many years, promoted to King Wu Kingdom and squeezed into the top 18 of Beihai.

    Fang Lang was very happy. Since King Wu broke through the territory of King Wu, he will be relieved after leaving the 18th in Beihai.

    After the king and ice, this is the third strong fighter to be promoted this year.

    You know, over the years, the 18 in Beihai have not been so strong. Within a year, three martial arts kings were born. They were afraid to think before.

    Even kings and wooden ice and snow are taken into account. After all, they are very talented, passed down from the Nine Heavens Palace. It is reasonable for them to be promoted to King Wu Kingdom.

    However, King Shenwu is an old strong man, and many top strong men like King Shenwu are trapped in this field and cannot break through.

    Therefore, after the older generation of strong men saw the breakthrough of the King of Magic, they immediately saw the opportunity for breakthrough, one by one, their confidence greatly increased. At the same time, King Shenwu was promoted to King Wu Kingdom. Just like the original king, he wants to entertain all the heroes in the world.

    Yan Haotian knew that King Shenwu was going to be promoted to King Wu, so he prepared a banquet in advance, so after King Shenwu broke through, he immediately sent out an invitation.

    Fang Lang also received the invitation first.


    In just one month, countless strong men flocked to Dalin County, making this huge county also present a state of overcrowding.

    Among the 18 in Beihai, all the powerful people came. Some scattered people who did not receive the invitation also came cheeky.

    Among them, there are many powerful people of the same generation as the King of Magic. They have been trapped at the pinnacle of the King of Magic for many years and have been unable to break through.

    This time, in addition to congratulating them, they also hope to get some advice from the King of Magic.

    A general promotion featuring the strong will showcase fellow or successor fighters at large banquets, which symbolizes tolerance as a feature.

    King Shenwu did not hide his personal interests and talked about his breakthrough experience. Many older, strong and younger generations have gained a lot.

    During the banquet, a group of senior leaders gathered to discuss martial arts and exchange training experiences with each other.

    In the same way, the younger generation who took over, also gathered together to talk freely and chat.

    "Brother Ye, what's the matter? Are you ready?" Yang Shaohua raised his glass and said with a smile.

    In the circles of the younger generation, the youngest Fang Lang is undoubtedly the object of everyone's attention.

    Around Fang Lang, there are a group of young people, such as Bingxue, King, Wufeng, Yang Shaohua, Zhu Hongming, Su Qingfeng, Song Haoran and others. They are all top powerhouses.

    Many people looked at this circle and listened carefully. In 18 Beihai, the younger generation is now the mainstream, and even the older generation and the more powerful generation are compared.

    "Need to ask? As you can see, Brother Ye's face is red. Obviously, he has made another breakthrough. He will definitely win this war." Zhu Hongming smiled:

    The king nodded intently and said, "Although you suppressed your breath, the invisible aura is indeed more depressing than before, not worse than the wood fairy."

    There is no wind, but there is also a feeling. He nodded and said with a wry smile: "You are really a pervert. You are so powerful, you can still be promoted. I am afraid that no one in Wu County can surpass you."

    "Haha, you don't want to be promoted to King Wu Kingdom!" Fang Langwen joked with a smile.

    No wind suddenly laughed.

    The king's face remained unchanged in profile. Obviously, like Fang Lang, he had seen the windless breakthrough long ago, and he was not far from being promoted to King Wu.


    "There is no wind, you hide hard enough!"

    Some young and powerful people next to him didn't know about it, and when they heard it suddenly, they couldn't help being full of envy.

    However, they also know that a windless breakthrough is reasonable. After all, his windless talent is second only to King, Fang Lang and others, and it is not impossible to be promoted to King Wu.

    It seems that we are getting further and further away from you. Yang Shaohua sighed artificially. No one has heard of it, and just said, "Pretend. Now, the 18 of Beihai dont know that you have practiced the sky sword skills very high. I am afraid that the confrontation with Wu Jun is not far away. You know, I have not yet reached the level of fighting with Wu Jun. The state of confrontation."

    "Hey!" Yang Shaohua chuckled quietly.

    At this time, among the younger generation, Fang Lang, Mu, Bing, and Xue were the first, followed by Wang Wufeng, then Yang Shaohua and Gongsun Xuan.

    If Gongsun Xuan had not been strong, I am afraid Yang Shaohua would surpass Gongsun Xuan.

    Among the 18 North Seas today, Yang Shaohua is very famous. He and the windless Gongsun Xuan and Zhu Hongming were revered as the new four kings.

    When the king was promoted to the status of King Wu, he withdrew from the ranks of the four kings.

    "Hey, it's really Alexander who stayed with you perverts!" Yan Haotian shook his head and sighed.

    "How can you say that you are also the master of a country. If you gather the power of a country, it will not be a problem for you to break through King Wu. We are the real silk. We don't know when to promote King Wu!" Li Lanshan turned his eyes and said.

    "Maybe, leaving 18 Beihai is our way out. All of you, what kind of world is outside?" Hu Zhang asked curiously.

    Speaking of this topic, all the young pickers' eyes lit up.

    Among the 18 people in Beihai today, the young generation is most concerned about the topic of the 18 who left Beihai. Many people are eager to try and secretly look forward to it.

    However, they have never left the 18 North Seas, so they don't know what kind of world it is outside.

    "Fang Lang and Mu Xian, you are passed down from Jiutian Temple. Do you know what it looks like outside?" No wind looked at the snow and ice in Fang Langhe Forest.

    They also looked at the past.

    There is no doubt that Fang Langhe, wood, and ice and snow inherited from Jiutian Temple are the only people who have seen the most for this group of hillbillies. ..