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    Vol 12 Chapter 1450: Very Tangled

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    Mu Xue and Bing called Tian Tian shouldn't work, but in desperation, they had to stay in Fang Lang's small world to meditate.

    During this period, Mu, Bing, and Xue also listened to Fang Lang's words, and were not in a hurry to be elevated to the realm of King Wu.

    To this end, she began to learn a very powerful ice and ice holy palace arcane to enhance her power.

    This profound theory is called the Seven Wonders of Ice. When you reach the peak state of Dzogchen, you can kill the enemy in the seventh level.

    "What! There is such a secret!" Fang Lang was shocked when he heard the words. No wonder Mu Bingxue's breakthrough was so powerful, and what secret technique was so powerful.

    Fang Lang couldn't help but buried it. It was also a temple. Why didn't the Taiji temple teach him such a powerful secret technique.

    "Brother Ye, this secret skill requires a layer of ice to cultivate, otherwise, you can't make your talent higher." Bingxue said.

    Although Fang Lang was curious, he was helpless.

    He had to practice the Seven Ice Cold Techniques, and the Jiutian Palace had regulations that could not be taught at will. Even if Fang Lang can learn the seven skills of ice, he must apply for it in the Xiaojiu Tiangong, rather than teach him from wood, ice and snow.

    Now that you have such an opportunity, you must practice this secret art! Fang Lang warned.

    When he was in seventh grade, this Fang Lang couldn't even think of it. He studied hard, and it is only now in fourth grade.

    It can be said that the talents of wood, ice, and snow have completely surpassed him.

    "Well, I understand, Brother Ye." Mu Xuebing nodded obediently, listening to Fang Lang's words very much, and said proudly: "Brother Ye, I have almost mastered this secret technique. Now I can pass the sixth grade. "

    Fang Lang is really speechless, he is more popular than the dead, and inherited from the Holy Palace. Mu Bingxue is not only easier than him, but also more rewarding than him.

    If it wasn't for Mu Bingxue to be his woman, he really envied the sky. "Big brother, your Tai Chi holy palace is the strongest among the nine holy palaces. The secret art you have obtained should be stronger than mine." Wood, ice and snow looked at Fang Lang admiringly, said.


    Fang Lang almost vomited blood when he heard this.

    The thought of this made him full of anger, and he got nothing but Artest.

    Later, Fang Lang learned from Mu Bingxue that the holy palace of ice and ice had taught him many faculties and exercises. These were just encyclopedias.

    Fang Langzhen is a madman and an heir. Why is this treatment so bad?

    Fang Lang now wants to go to the Tiangong to ask the guardian elder. How can your elderly not mention the younger generation? This is not good for deceiving people.

    However, Fang Lang also knew that the Jiutian Temple was closed now, even if you were Emperor Huang Wu or Emperor Wu of Liang.

    "It's Fang Lang!"

    "It's really Fang Lang. I thought I had seen flowers!"

    "The Lord of the East did not kill Fang Lang. He lied to us."

    In the conversation between Fang Langhe Mubing and Xue, people not far away also found Fang Langhe, and immediately began to make a noise.

    "Fang Lang is back!" Yan Haotian was full of surprise and excitement. He found that today's harvest was too big. First of all, King Shenwu has the opportunity to break through King Wu. Then he saw the wooden ice and snow spread to King Wu. Now, even Fang Lang appeared.

    Now we have three kings! Yan Tian smiled and smiled at science.

    Everyone next to him looked at him enviously. They all knew the relationship between heaven and heaven, the Yantian Supreme War, and heaven thanks to heaven's help.

    Now that Fang Lang's husband and wife have been promoted to King Wu, they will naturally help Yan Haotian recover.

    Although Fang Lang did not release the breath of King Wu, he was also the heir, and was even promoted to King Wu by Mu Bing and Bai Xue, let alone Fang Lang.

    So they also regard Fang Lang as the king of martial arts.

    "Impossible, you cannot live!"

    Suddenly, there was a loud roar in the sky that I couldn't believe.

    I saw that the king of Dongfanghe was shaken from the battlefield with a single blow. I looked at the snow, ice and leaves on my face in shock.

    As, but he committed suicide with Fang Lang himself, so now seeing Fang Lang standing in front of him gave a hum, I was very shocked.

    "Big brother, what's the matter? Who is he?" Mu Xuebing saw that the proprietor was very hostile to Fang Lang, and immediately looked at the proprietor with vigilance.

    "Um..." Ye looked at the head of Dongfang coldly, and then he left the Jiutian Palace and told Mu Bingxue what had happened in the past six months.

    "What! Brother Ye, why didn't you tell me?" When Bingxue learned that Fang Lang had almost died in the past six months, they almost jumped up.

    "Well, I'm fine now." Fang Lang said with a smile, not caring.

    "Huh, you are not allowed to do this next time." Mu, Bing, and Xue snorted softly, then coldly looked at the heads of the Eastern people, and said coldly, "Brother Ye, now is the time, Xueer I will avenge you." With that, Mu Bingxue rushed to the east of the Lord before Fang Lang could speak.

    Well, let the master of the East exercise Cher, let Cher learn how to restrain breathing. Fang Lang didn't worry either. He could feel from the smell of wood and ice that wood and ice were much stronger than him, so naturally he would not be harmed by the East.

    When Mu Bingxue rushed to the ruler of the East, everyone exclaimed.

    "Look, she looks like she is going to fight the proprietor!"

    "Nonsense, Fang Lang was almost killed by the proprietor. The hatred is deep."

    "Mu Bingxue just broke through King Wu. I'm afraid they are not the opponents of the Eastern rulers."

    How can Ye Cantian rest assured that Mu, Xue, and Bing will face the proprietor alone?


    Seeing Mu Bingxue rushing east alone, everyone's hearts were filled with doubts, including the look of fear on Yan Haotian's face.

    "Did you almost kill my eldest brother? Humph, let you use your life to repay it today!" Wood, ice and snow are like angry tigers at the moment. Their unconcealed breath soared again, filling the sky and shaking the earth.

    The head of the East was a little scared, but he still did not notice the newly promoted King Wu, Mu Bingxue. He snorted coldly: "As a junior, I really don't know whether it is life or death. I will kill you, and then kill the child Tian Ye."

    A smile appeared in the eyes of the Eastern Head of State. From the shock just now, he has fully reacted.

    "Unexpectedly, these two younger generations are still alive. It just so happens that I can take this opportunity to get the inheritance of the Nine Heavens Palace. At that time, even the Son of God and the old man in the sky were not my opponents."

    The leader of the East has a good idea in his mind. ..