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    Vol 12 Chapter 1444: Ghosts

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    "Brother, this..." Fang Lang looked at the Fire Dragon King with emotion and guilt on his face.

    Fortunately, he wanted to kill the Fire Dragon King and catch Xie Jing earlier, but he didn't expect that not only did they save him, they also gave him Xie Jing, a lot of Xie Jing!

    You know, this is Xie Jing. There is so much blood in a big basin, and one drop of Xie Jing is to be drawn.

    The Fire Dragon King gave Xie Jing ten drops at once. I am afraid that the loss was very great, and he could not recover in a few years.

    "Hehe, but only ten drops of Xie Jing. This is a trivial matter. Your brother and I are both big. This Xie Jing is not worth mentioning." The Fire Dragon King looked over and said, feeling very satisfied. The feelings are heavy, so he is not white.

    "Thank you, brother!" Fang Lang took a deep breath and looked grateful. He knew it was unnecessary to say anything now, and after he exerted his strength, he would find a way to make up for the Fire Dragon King. "Well, practice as soon as possible. The 18 of Beihai are now in chaos. Without strong power, you may be unlucky." Fire Dragon King said with a smile.

    "Oh? What happened to the 18 in Beihai? By the way, brother, how long have I been in a coma?" Fang Lang immediately asked a few questions when he heard this.

    The Fire Dragon King said: "You have been in a coma for more than half a year. During this period, a lot of things have happened. You slowly listen to me..."

    During this time, people passed by here from time to time, and the Fire Dragon King caught them just to understand some things about the Eighteen Kingdoms of the North Sea.

    Fang Lang's expression became increasingly ugly after hearing the words of the Fire Dragon King.

    "What! The Lord of the Great Flame Country is dead. The Great Flame State has also been destroyed by the Beast God. The Beast God has such a powerful power?" Fang Lang suddenly became anxious.

    You know, his relatives and friends are suffering from inflammation.

    Fortunately, the Fire Dragon King told Fang Lang that the lord of the Great Yan Nation was ready to send Yan Haotian and others out in advance to avoid disaster.

    However, Fang Lang was still worried because he didn't know the news of his family from the Fire Dragon King.

    "Brother, I want to go back and see now."

    After hearing the Fire Dragon King's account, Fang Lang raised his head and said solemnly.

    Now he knows his family is not safe, so what ideas does he have to practice?

    "This..." The Fire Dragon King was a little worried. Although Fang Lang's strength is not weak now, as far as he knows, the Son of God is unfathomable, and Fang Lang is probably not an opponent for the time being.

    "Brother, don't worry, I will practice nine tactics as soon as I come back. With your help from Xie Jing, I will be able to successfully practice soon." Fang Lang's words dispelled the Fire Dragon King's worries.

    At first a drop of Xue Jing was enough to make Fang Lang the fourth layer of the body of a nine-year-old. There are ten drops of Xue Jing now. Naturally, the speed of farming has also increased a lot.

    The Fire Dragon King wanted to understand, so he nodded and said, "Well, you have to be careful of that son of God. His power is much stronger than mine. I am afraid that he has reached the level of King Wu, the same level as Heaven."

    Tian Guangming nodded, then confidently said: "My strength barely reaches the fourth level of King Wu, but with this sword, I won't even be afraid of the first battle with the emperor and the son."

    As Fang Lang's voice fell, an extremely cold breath spread throughout the world. In his hand, a brilliant blue light rose to the sky.

    The blue love of life and death!

    This imperial musical instrument appeared in Fang Lang's hands with unparalleled power.

    "Hiss. It turned out to belong to the empire!" The Fire Dragon King couldn't help widening his eyes and his face was shocked. Even among their dragons, the emperor is very precious, at least he is not qualified to have it.

    "My cold ice fist has reached the level of 50%, which can give full play to part of the power of this knife. I can't deal with Huang Wu, but it is enough to deal with Wu Wang's level 5." Fang Lang looked confident.

    Yes, with this knife, there is no problem for you to kill them. The Fire Dragon King's eyes are full of jealousy, and his face is no longer worried. Now, among the 18 in Beihai, King Wu is the strongest in the fifth grade. With this imperial instrument, Fang Lang's power is enough to be called the first person among the Eighteen Kingdoms in the North Sea.

    "In that case, take care!"

    "Take care!"

    Fang Lang clasped his fists and then flew towards Beihai City.


    According to the Fire Dragon King, Yan Haotian is now in Dajiang Country. If Tian Ye wants to know the whereabouts of his family, he naturally needs to find Yan Haotian.

    Moreover, after all, the Fire Dragon King did not go to the eighteen of Beihai, his knowledge is very limited. Therefore, to understand the whole situation, he also needs to understand Yan Haotian.

    Fang Lang was worried and walked straight towards the river.

    When we arrived in Beihai City, Tian Ye casually asked about the restaurant, and learned about the current situation of Dahe and about 18 Beihai.

    "Unexpectedly, the Beast Cult had already occupied more than half of the Eighteen Kingdoms in the North Sea. Even the East had already surrendered to Haicheng. Fang Lang walked out of a restaurant with a cold light in his eyes.

    Thinking of the host's pursuit of himself, Fang Lang couldn't wait to kill this guy and avenge him. This has always been his character.

    However, it is better to find news about family members.

    "Keep calm for now, hum!" Fang Lang snorted coldly, flew up, and walked towards a nearby county town.

    This county is called Dalin County. It is a medium-sized county in Dajiang. It has been completely controlled by Yan Haotian. The remnants of the Great Yan Kingdom he brought live here.

    At this time, Yan Haotian and the Demon King had already attended the king's celebration, and only King Wu Zhou was in charge.

    One day, Wu Wangzhou was dealing with political affairs, and suddenly he felt a strong martial arts will swept him. His heart trembled suddenly, and his whole body couldn't help shaking.

    "Strong. Definitely the strongest of the king of martial arts!" Wu Wangzhou's expression suddenly changed.

    Now, the 18 strong men of the North Sea are scrambling to congratulate the king. How could King Wu come here? Unless it is the king of the Beast God Alliance.

    When he thought of being King Wu of the Beast God Alliance, King Wu Zhou realized the trouble.

    Could it be that the beast religion destroyed Da Yan, and even their remnants were not let go, and they were going to use the king's banquet to drive them out?

    Just as King Wu was worried, he saw a streamer flying in, and a familiar figure flashed out.

    "Wu Wangzhou, long time no see!"

    The person in the purple star robe went all the way to Fang Lang.

    "Fang Lang?" Wu Zhou Wang suddenly widened his eyes, his face full of surprise.

    "Why, the elderly don't recognize me?" Fang Lang said with a smile.

    "You finally come back, I know you will come back, God will not lie to us..." King Wu Zhou was very excited, holding Fang Lang's arm with excitement on his face. ..

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