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    Vol 12 Chapter 1442: Ghost Dance

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    Of course, most people think that the older generation has broken through the strong. After all, there are many strong people trapped in the upper half of Wu Wang. Maybe someone will break through.

    However, three days later, a message made the entire Beihai 18 people boil.

    This news revealed the identity of the newly promoted King Wu, who is neither a high-ranking official nor someone else. He is one of the four kings.

    The former first person of the younger generation, the head of the Four Kings, closed the door after returning from Jiutian Palace. After more than half a year, he finally broke through the prison and was promoted to King Wu Kingdom.

    The whole heaven cheered immediately, and the morale of the anti-beast alliance greatly increased.

    As we all know, in the 18 Beihai, once a person is promoted to King Wu, a banquet will be held to celebrate all the heroes in the world.

    The king comes from heaven. Although his **** is a bit embarrassed, no one dared to laugh at them at the moment.

    Everyone, including the leaders, admired the father and son very much. Lao Tzu is the first head of the 18 North Seas. His son is the first of the younger generation and has been promoted to King Wu.

    Both father and son are kings of martial arts. This can be said to be a good story in the eighteenth generation of Beihai.

    At the Great Pass of Rainbow Grassland, the celebration of the Kingdom of Heaven for the king began. All major branches and families of the Anti-Beast Alliance have received invitations.

    Even some strong men in casual cultivators came, ready to meet King Wu.

    Including some forces in Dajiang Country and Yan Haotian, they all received the invitation.

    Yan Haotian left Wu Wangzhou to command the army and personally took Shen Wu to congratulate him.

    North Sea.

    "Boy, the king you defeated was promoted to King Wu. I didn't expect him to be ahead of your son this time, hehe!" The Fire Dragon King naturally also got the news. He looked at Fang Lang who was in a coma, and said with a smile.

    Almost hearing his voice, Fang Lang, who was in a coma, suddenly opened his eyes. Suddenly, those sharp divine lights, like two bright blades, cut through the void and the sky.

    A series of terrible cracks suddenly appeared in the frozen volcano, and the glacier was shaking.

    "Child, you finally woke up."

    Feeling the sudden horror aura, the huge body of the Fire Dragon King landed down, staring wide-eyed, and squinted at Fang Lang's already opened eyes. At this time, Fang Lang's gaze gradually diminished, and he was in a coma for a long time, leaving his mind blank.

    However, when he saw the huge body of the Fire Dragon King, Fang Lang's eyes lit up and he immediately thought of what happened before he passed out.

    "Thank you for saving my life!" After trying to understand, Fang Lang quickly stretched out his hand and thanked him. He was a little ashamed. He wanted to know when he arrived here and was still with Fire Dragon King Xie Jing. He was saved.

    This is really grievance for virtue!

    Fang Lang was extremely ashamed, and couldn't help cursing himself secretly. Could it be that he was a little lawless because of his increased strength? People obviously have no hatred with you, so how can they kill people for a little Xie Jing?

    My power seemed to grow so fast that I almost embarked on the path of magic. Fang Lang's heart palpitations secretly, a trace of vigilance flashed in his eyes.

    He is practicing the blood demon sword saint's blood demon knife. This kind of exercise is to take the pulse of murder, and his first understanding is the meaning of the murder knife.

    Although such a path is powerful, it is often a killing, leading to being enchanted and getting lost.

    Thinking of this, Fang Lang's eyes were completely clear.

    "It's okay!" Upon seeing this, the Fire Dragon King smiled and waved his hand. He didn't know what Fang Lang was thinking, otherwise, I'm afraid I can't kill Fang Langxin, so I have to teach the little boy.

    "Since you are the son of Tai Chi Holy Palace, I can tell you who I am."

    The Fire Dragon King looked at Tian Ye's confused expression and smiled. Then he said in awe: "In ancient times, the Nine Palaces of Heaven were famous all over the world. The entire Beihai and the surrounding waters were the sphere of influence of the Nine Palaces of Heaven. Especially when the Nine Heavens existed, our Beihai was the holy land of martial arts. Every year. Countless soldiers went on pilgrimage to the North Sea."

    "You should know that some powerful sects have mountain-protecting beasts, and ancient super sects like Xiaojiutian Temple are naturally not lacking mountain-protecting beasts."

    The Fire Dragon King reverently said: "In ancient times, Jiutian Palace was invincible. Its mountain-protecting spirit beasts are naturally extraordinary. Each temple has two martial-sage-level mountain-protecting spirit beasts. We belong to the North Sea Dragon Clan. This ancestor was a mountain-protecting beast of Jiutian Palace."

    Fang Lang was shocked when he heard this. He didn't expect the Fire Dragon King to have a history here, so the two are of the same origin.

    "The two ancestors died in the ancient war, but our Beihai dragon clan survived. With the help of the guardian elders, we thrived in the Beihai, strengthened our strength, and guarded the Nine Heavens Palace." said the Fire Dragon King. .

    Elder means there is more than one elder in the dragon clan? Fang Lang was suddenly taken aback.

    "Dont call seniors, Im afraid you are now surpassing me, and the relationship between our Beihailong clan and heaven. At this point, you and I can be called brothers. When I was older than you, I had a face. Be a brother." The Fire Dragon King said with a smile. He values Fang Lang's potential and naturally hopes to have a good relationship with Fang Lang. Fang Langxin felt ashamed when he heard this, and did not dare to refute it. He immediately nodded his head and yelled respectfully: "Brother!"

    "Why? Do I have to know? Who is this old man?" Fang Lang frowned.

    Nonsense, according to seniority, the guardian elder is your grandmaster. Fire Dragon King stares.

    "Master. Master. Is there still a strong man in the Nine Heavens Palace?" Fang Lang was taken aback when he heard this, and I was taken aback.

    "Of course, without his old man sitting here, the Little Nine Heaven Palace had long been occupied by other forces, and our dragon clan didn't want to occupy Beihai." Fire Dragon Prince Hao said.

    "Brother, listen to what you mean, this master has lived for many years?" Fang Lang said hesitantly.

    "Yes, his old man is the only super strong who survived the ancient war." The Fire Dragon King said with admiration.

    "What!" Fang Langwen was taken aback and almost jumped up. He was frightened and said, "Then, this old man has lived for at least tens of thousands of years."

    According to the division of the world era, from the earliest chaotic era to later concepts and antiquity, then antiquity, antiquity and present.

    As for the time of each era, it is also different. The era of chaos does not know when it was born, and there is no exact number.

    That was 1.2 billion years ago.

    There are 1.2 million years in ancient times. ..

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