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    Vol 12 Chapter 1439: The Bullied Little Girl

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    "I am also a master anyway, can I interact with such animals?" Great Yan Nation has always only had leaders who died in the war, not leaders who surrendered. "

    The Lord of the Great Yan Kingdom roared, his whole body glowing like a statue of the sun, releasing an immortal light. Suddenly, a terrible smell emanated from him, driving away the leader of Zoroastrianism and a dozen young men in black robes.

    When the soldiers of the imperial capital saw this, they all yelled in excitement, full of excitement.

    You have enough courage to blow up your soul and burn out your blood! Fang Lang, the blood-robed robe, was unmoved, he raised his hands and coldly looked at the Lord of Great Flame whose breath was rising opposite.

    After hearing what he said, the smiles of all the soldiers in the imperial capital immediately solidified, and their faces were full of horror and despair.

    Blowing up the soul of martial arts and burning blood vessels is almost a determination to death. Even if Saint Wu came, he could not save the Lord of Great Flame.

    All imperial fighters immediately faced sadness and despair.

    The entire imperial capital, with a sad atmosphere.

    Come on, let me see how your elder brother compares with his elder brother. Great Yan Nation's fighting intent rose to the sky, without fear, he burst out of peak power and rushed in front of Fang Lang in the blood robe.

    Rumble. The terrible energy made the entire sky tremble.

    After the eruption of Martial Spirits and the burning of blood, the power of the Lord of the Great Yan Country reached the third level of King Martial.

    From a distance, it looks like a hot sun exploding in the sky, releasing terrible shock waves, making the entire imperial city tremble.

    "With this kind of strength, Fang Lang also wanted to compete with me in a delusion. He snorted, raised an arm, clenched his fist, and blasted out.

    The black energy on the edge condenses into a fierce tiger, stepping on the clouds and slaughtering it towards the Lord of Great Flame. For a moment, the tiger shook the earth like too strange, possessing unparalleled power.

    "Flame Slash!"

    The King of Great Flame did not dare to be careless. He drew his sword and killed the ferocious tiger.

    The sword light of fear, which is thousands of meters long, passes through the void and shoots into the sky, as if from the sky is a kind of sacred punishment, slashing fiercely on the fierce tiger.

    "Ho!" the ferocious tiger roared, its momentum exploded, sending out terrible ferocity.

    The King of Great Flame did not dare to believe it, because he could not use his all-out sword to repel the fierce tiger. The other side still rushed towards him, blasting his body into the palace below.

    Oh God.

    A group of people in the imperial capital suddenly screamed, they couldn't believe that the strongest Great Yan Nation was so fragile that they were injured one by one by the enemy.

    The power gap is too big and in danger! Li Lanshan sighed secretly.

    Li Xiong, do you think we might as well seize the opportunity to escape? Zhang Hu didn't know when he met and was with Li Lanshan.

    Beside them, there are dozens of young masters who have just returned from Tiangong.

    "Not now. A dozen people in black robes are terrible." Li Lanshan shook his head.

    "It seems that the leader is about to die..." A young Jiejun looked at the sky in horror.

    When they saw the sky in the distance, they saw that the monarch of Great Yan Nation was covered in blood, and one of his arms was crushed by a fierce tiger.

    Just now, this ruler is still developing rapidly, and has quickly reached this point. Everyone in the imperial capital was silent, everyone's face was filled with despair and fear, the enemy's strength was too strong.

    "Something is wrong. There are not many guards in the palace. Even King Shenwu and all the princes and princesses are missing." Zhang Hu said suddenly in surprise.

    "It seems that the Lord has anticipated it and waited for us to flee. Remember, don't take power suddenly, try to keep a low profile. When you encounter an enemy, you can only dodge rather than attack." Li Lanshan said in a deep voice.

    Everyone nodded.

    "Where are you going?" Hu Zhang asked.

    In the Great Song Kingdom, Brother Yan is there, and I am afraid that King Shenwu is also there. Li Lanshan said.

    "These people are so powerful, I am afraid they are ambitious. I am afraid that the great Song State will soon face them." Hu Zhang worried.

    Step by step, even if the sky falls, there will still be a tall man. Li Lanshan hummed lightly.

    A loud noise shook the sky and the imperial capital. Like an earthquake, houses collapsed and the ground cracked.

    All the young Jiejun immediately looked at the sky in shock, one by one was stunned, and then all the faces were sad.

    The great Lord of Yan Country detonated himself!

    In the imperial capital, there was grief, and everyone was stunned.

    For a long time, in the imperial capital, the patron saint of great inflammation fell like this.

    Many people couldn't stand the blow and passed out.

    Many people screamed frantically, and killed a dozen powerful black-robed men in the sky of Fang Langhe. Others took advantage of the chaos and fled the imperial capital.

    The imperial city was in chaos, and people fled everywhere.

    "Humph!" Blood-robed Fang Lang ignored these people and walked directly toward the Great Flame Palace, and the beast religious leader followed.

    As for the dozen or so black-robed powerhouses, they also looked down on the people below and directly ordered the theocratic army to surround the beasts behind the imperial capital.

    However, in the end it was the imperial capital of Yan Kingdom, with many masters, and the army of the beast religion could not besiege many people, and how many people escaped.

    Li Lanshan, Hu Zhang and others also mixed into the crowd and fled the imperial city.

    Soon thereafter, the entire Dayan capital fell into the hands of the enemy, completely under the control of Zoroastrianism.

    The king of Wu and the army of the Kingdom of Great Yan fought side by side with King Shenwu, stationed on the border of the Kingdom of Song Dynasty.

    With the extinction of the beast religion to the Great Yan Country, the entire 18 Beihai is in a state of tension.

    They were led by Yan Haotian, King Shenwu and King Wuzhou.

    At this time, the whole city is full of sadness and despair.

    All soldiers of this great provocative are sad, full of despair and worry.

    "The great inflammation is destroyed!"

    "The main battle is over!"

    When the news came from the front lines, all the soldiers of Great Yan Nation were stunned, and they couldn't believe them.

    You know, their roots are in Great Yan Nation, their family and relatives are all in Great Yan Nation, if it weren't for King Shenwu and King Wu Zhou, I'm afraid the entire barracks would be in chaos.

    City Lord's Mansion.

    Yan Haotian opened his eyes and looked at the sky, tears streaming down his face. "Little Si, hold on. Starting today, you will become the leader of the great inflammation." King Shenwu placed the seal representing the monarch in front of Yan Haotian, and said in a deep voice. ..

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