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    Vol 12 Chapter 1427: Facing Doubt

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    "We sent the powerful Heaven No. 9 and in the end only saw him holding the body of that arrogant woman, relying on a boulder, looking at the blue sky, his eyes were sad. On the boulder next to him, there was a line of blood: without your company , What is Wu Shenhui like?" Shi San shook his head. As a puppet, although his wisdom is not low, he still doesn't understand the so-called "love", it has such magical power.

    "Don't worry, I will finish the road you haven't finished." Fang Lang listened and patted the blue love of life and death in his hands.

    The blue long knife seemed to be trembling, making a sound that shocked the soul. Ye was surprised.

    "It seems that this precious sword has been alone for thousands of years. It is eager to fight a good battle." Shi San said with a smile.

    The sword is alive, it is indeed a good one. Fang Lang's eyes condensed, and he gently poured his true essence, and found that the blue love of life and death immediately awakened like ancient gods, emitting a huge sword soaring into the sky.

    "How strong!"

    Fang Lang was shocked, and quickly put down his true essence, the mighty sword intent slowly disappeared.

    Let's go, quickly enter the Tai Chi Holy Land to accept the inheritance. Shi San was pushed aside.

    The nearby Tai Chi Holy Land is like an ancient behemoth that has been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years. Although the gate of the palace is open, it is silent. No one has stepped into it for thousands of years.

    When Fang Lang first came two months ago, he was forbidden to enter.

    But now, after winning the Supreme War, Tianye finally is no longer blocked and enters the Tai Chi Holy Land smoothly.

    Many statues, are these the name of Wu Sheng, the holy place of Tai Chi? After entering the palace, Fang Lang was stunned by the sight in front of him.

    This huge palace is very bright. There is a huge Tai Chi picture on the floor, emitting a faint light.

    On a high platform in the innermost hall stands a golden statue. They are elderly, middle-aged, young and women. They all carried a precious knife and looked up at the sky with deep eyes.

    These statues are lifelike, if you don't observe carefully, you will think they are real people. Fang Lang was shocked. If you look closely, there are dozens of them.

    "A lot, it's just Artech Shrine, with so many martial arts titles, it's no wonder that Jiutiangong has shocked the world since ancient times." Fang Lang secretly licked his tongue.

    These people are not ordinary martial sages like the Blood Demon Sword Saints. They are the strongest among the martial sages. They used to be invincible in the first rank of the martial sage, second only to the absolute top martial sages. "It's a pity that they won't become war gods. No matter how powerful they are, they can't resist the swallowing of time. After all, they will be submerged in the long river of history."

    Fang Lang shook his head and sighed, these titles Wu Sheng was strong again, and finally ran out of life and died.

    Only the Valkyrie can cast an immortal body, coexist with this world, and remain immortal.

    Because just now, thousands of young masters were kicked out together. No, even Wang Feng, Feng Ping Lang Jing, Gongsun Xuan and others were among them.

    From the young masters, they had learned that the highest internal battle had reached a critical moment, and Fang Langyi was facing countless young masters.

    Therefore, everyone present knew what would happen if the king was expelled.

    "Didn't my eyes be spent? Did you do it naively?"

    "Even the king, Wufeng, Gongsun Xuan and Wu Zhao were killed. Is Fang Lang really that powerful?"

    Will we really have youth hegemony in the 18 North Sea countries?


    The old generation and the strong who remained, whether they held evil thoughts or any other thoughts, shocked their faces and hearts.

    Fang Lang's defeat of the king is incredible. Now Fang Lang has even won the highest position. Now, all 18 countries in the North Sea will be completely boiling.

    Of course, there are also elderly and strong people in the crowd worrying: "This will be a changing day. There are two heirs in the nine sacred palaces. I am afraid that none of the 18 lords of the 18 North Sea countries can resist such a big temptation! "

    As we all know, the legacy of Xiao Jiu Tian Temple is very important. If the absolute power is greatly increased, if the power is not too bad, even everyone present will be greedy.

    In addition, if the leaders of 18 countries can get this inheritance, they will have the opportunity to promote Huang Wu and even become stronger.

    Faced with such a big temptation, I am afraid that the Lord of Great Flame may be unable to resist.

    The so-called morality, face, dignity, etc. are all susceptible to the influence of increasing power and cannot stop the ambitions of these people.

    After all, it is a world where the strong are respected. The truth pursued here is that the fist is the biggest.

    The so-called fairness only exists when the strength of both parties is similar.

    Don't talk about the waves in people's hearts. At this time, not far away, the emperor, the windless, and Gongsun Xuan had different expressions.

    "Unexpectedly, at the last moment, he broke through, and this highest position is worthy of this name!" Wufeng sighed and finally admired him.

    "Hmph, he is so lucky!" Wang Leng snorted, somewhat unwilling, but not jealous. He just regretted it a little, why didn't he work hard before, otherwise Fang Lang would not be able to break through at the last moment.

    Once again, he is a young peak powerhouse, not like Wu Zhao who can't afford to lose.

    "We, the 18 countries in Beihai, have finally achieved youth supremacy. This is a bit embarrassing for us, but it is also an inspiration." Gongsun Xuan said sadly, also full of admiration. Fang Lang's achievements are not empty, but he fought in the First War. His gold content is absolutely sufficient, which makes people admire him.

    Wang, the wind was calm and the waves were calm, and the three of Gongsun Xuan were very big, not as narrow as Wu Zhao. Therefore, even if they are not willing, they will not be jealous. They just secretly made up their minds to catch up with the waves as soon as possible.

    "Yes, we are not afraid of failure, they are not afraid of no opponents. We used to live too comfortable, this time he gave us pressure, which will make us progress faster." No wind nodded, he felt the deepest. On the 9th, he gained a lot, surpassing Gongsun Xuan and Wu Zhao and approaching the king.

    "Wu Jun's realm is just the beginning. When I break through the Wangwu Kingdom, I will leave the 18 countries in Beihai. I believe he will leave here too. I may not lose to him then." The king quickly regained his confidence. This time his kendo breakthrough was huge, and he was only half a step away from the rebellious king. When he is promoted to king, his power will be stronger. ..

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