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    Vol 12 Chapter 1426: Sap

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    Including the king, all the young kings who were swept away by the **** knife were killed and disappeared in the virtual world.

    In an instant, a large number of people disappeared outside the walls of Tai Chi City. Not far from the city, the coalition forces preparing to rush in suddenly stopped.

    It sucks.

    Tens of thousands of people fell in one blow.

    Even the strong, such as the king, the windless, and Gongsun Xuan, could not resist such a blow. What else did they do?

    The rest of the members of the alliance were pale, full of fear, and their morale suddenly disappeared.

    In fact, they made a mistake. Although Fang Langs sword was powerful enough to kill the King of Martial Arts, it was also because Wang Feng was very close to them. If they were far away, Fang Langs sword could only hit at most they.

    As for the young masters behind, they were actually killed by the aftermath of the knife. Their achievements are too low. Even the aftermath is enough to destroy them.

    However, in any case, with Fang Lang's breakthrough, he was promoted to the tenth rank of Wu Jun, and he was finally promoted from the invincible Wu Jun rank to the rebellious Wu Jun rank.

    After the Blood Demon Sword King, the eighteen countries of the North Sea finally had another person to become a rebellious prince. This is definitely big news and will make the entire North Sea boil.

    "It's your turn!"

    Fang Lang's indifferent tone, cold voice, with a terrifying power, made everyone in the alliance tremble.

    Then, they saw a wave of blood that was more **** than before, like a hundred feet high, hit them.

    Faced with this kind of power, the coalition forces did not start to work one by one, because all of their strength could not shake the knife. They don't know what else to do except die.

    There were only three blood holes, and the coalition army was almost killed by Fang Lang. The rest of the people didn't need Fang Lang to take action. The young remnants of Tai Chi City rushed up first.

    Soon, with the fall of the last ally, the entire Tai Chi City burst out with dazzling golden light, like a holy city.

    "Congratulations, little one!"

    There was a flash of light in the sky. The old man who gave them a talent test appeared again in front of Fang Lang and others. He looked at Fang Lang with satisfaction.

    At this time, following the death of the allied forces, the people of Tai Chi City were also sent out. They followed the field to seize the highest position and received some rewards.

    Of course, Fang Lang's reward is generous.

    "You have used your power to give yourself a bright future. I think you will never forget this day." The white-haired old man waved his hand and a golden light shot out.

    Fang Lang was bathed in golden light, and his whole body felt very comfortable. Starting from Wu Jun's tenth level, Fang Lang instantly reached the peak of Wu Jun's tenth level, and then entered the half-step Wangwu level. "Go and accept the legacy of Tai Chi Holy Land. I am not afraid to tell you that among the nine temples, Tai Chi Temple is the most powerful. I hope you will not tarnish the reputation of Tai Chi Holy Land."

    The gray-haired old man disappeared immediately.

    Fang Lang's face was surprised to sense the horror in Zhen Yuan's body. He didn't expect that this white-haired old man would also improve his self-cultivation, allowing him to advance from the tenth rank of the military army to the half-step Wangwu realm.

    In the past, Fang Lang was already a rebellious Wu Jun, but now he is probably stronger. Even he didn't know how strong he was.

    "I'm afraid I don't need the King's Blood Demon Sword. My power is enough to kill a powerful man at the Wuwang level."

    Fang Lang thought secretly.

    Before long, he was full of emotions, and he also turned into a light and disappeared into Tai Chi City.

    Before the spirit formation, Shi San looked at Fang Lang with a smile on his face and slowly opened his eyes. He said happily, "Congratulations, boy, come and accept your reward!"

    "Senior, don't forget, I still have a chance to turn the steering wheel." Fang Lang said with a smile.

    "I know that your kid will not forget this. Hurry up and wait with me to accept the inheritance of Tai Chi Holy Palace. Alas, for many years, Tai Chi Holy Land finally has an heir." Shi San scolded with a smile.

    Fang Lang quickly came to the big turntable and began to turn the pointer, his eyes fixed on the Tianyuan armor.

    "As long as you get this precious armor, no one in the 18 North Sea countries can do anything to me." Fang Lang looked expectantly, his current strength is very close to the three-level master of Wu Wang, killing Wu Wang. Level 2 is not a problem.

    If Fang Lang gets this precious armor again, the 18 lords of 18 North Sea countries will not be Fang Lang's opponents. He is really invincible in Beihai.

    "Boy, it looks like you are going to be disappointed. This is a life-and-death blue love!" Shi San smiled and said:

    At this point, the pointer finally stopped rotating and pointed to a blue sword.

    Blue love of life and death, the emperor.

    "I'm very lucky!" Fang Lang sighed and was not disappointed. With this emperor, his strength can be said to have truly reached the third level of King Wu. I am afraid that only 3 of the 18 countries in the North Sea are better than him.

    A flash of light, a dazzling blue light, very bright, shot into the sky from Shi San's hand, emitting a very sad horror knife.

    "The owner of this knife is a great genius. Don't insult this knife, alas!" Lightly touching the blue long knife in his hand, Shi San looked a little lamented, full of regret.

    Fang Lang immediately knew there was a story inside, and asked curiously: "Senior, who is the owner of this knife?"

    "He is the heir to Tai Chi Holy Land, with unparalleled talent. In the Huangwu Kingdom, he killed a well-known and strong emperor Wu Di. He is the most talented genius of that generation, and he has the best chance. People who enter the restricted zone of magic and gods." Shi San was full of admiration.

    "So powerful? He must finally become a martial sage, or a sage?" Fang Lang immediately asked in shock. "If he is still alive, he does have a chance to become Wu Shen, but unfortunately he committed suicide." Shi San's face was full of bitterness and lament, "It's a pity that a generation of outstanding talents fell like this."

    "It's a pity that I was jealous of talent that day. That arrogant woman died in a secret environment in order to help him get the treasure and let him enter the forbidden realm of magic. When he heard the news, he lost his gray hair overnight. The grief was deafening. He died in that mysterious land."

    Shi San sighed.

    Fang Lang was shocked immediately. This is really a very emotional person, capable of becoming a Valkyrie. He is willing to die for love. His love for the arrogant daughter of that era is really deep and deserves the admiration of the whole world. ..

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