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    Vol 12 Chapter 1424: A Handsome Scene

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    Humph, it wasn't until the last minute to determine who won and who lost! Fang Lang snorted coldly, and did not continue to fight with Wang, but found a chance to retreat to Tai Chi City.

    "You continue to hide. The formation of Taiji City will be broken in three days." Fang Lang, who was opposite the king formation, slashed. The sword didn't hurt Fang Lang, but it caused great damage to the formation, causing the guard formation to tremble as if it was about to collapse. Fang Lang frowned, his dark eyes were like water, he knew that the king was right, and the guardian array would not support it for long.

    War, we will win!

    Duke, when you hold the highest position, please remember to invite us to drink!

    At this time--

    Not far from the city wall, a young man named Jiejun in Tai Chi City shouted and detonated himself. They laughed loudly, one by one, carefree. With the power to blow up themselves, they dragged the enemy to death together.

    Thousands of people detonated themselves. With the power of this group of people to blew up, the coalition forces that attacked the formation suffered huge losses and relieved a lot of pressure on the people of Taidi City.


    Fang Lang watched this scene, his heart trembled violently. He didn't expect these people to be so brave. In order to be able to kill more enemies, they actually rushed out of the city to detonate themselves. However, without a chance of resurrection, they were driven out of the Jiutian Palace.

    Hearing the words of these heroes, Fang Lang's whole body was full of blood, and bright light burst out of his dark eyes.

    He raised the **** magic sword forcefully and shouted: "Kill it, we will win this battle!"




    The morale of all young people in Tai Chi City was greatly encouraged. They seemed to defeat the chicken blood one by one. They are all crazy. They exerted unconventional forces and caused huge losses to the Allied forces.

    On the contrary, the coalition forces are not as desperate as Fang Langyi. They also want to spend more time in the virtual world to improve their achievements.

    As for the destruction of Tai Chi City, they feel that Tai Chi City will be destroyed sooner or later, so don't worry.

    Coupled with the acceleration of Yang Shaohua, Song Haoran and others, the progress of the siege immediately fell, and the angry king's brows were gloomy, but he was helpless.

    Of course, this was all because they didn't know Fang Lang's situation, including the king and others. They didn't know that Fang Lang had reached the brink of breakthrough. They didn't know that Fang Lang would greatly increase his strength after breaking through.

    Otherwise, the king and calm will despair.

    It was precisely because of their neglect that Fang Langyou had a glimmer of hope.

    "Come, look at this time. On which side is God?" Fang Lang's eyes were bright, he rushed out of the city again, taking advantage of the low morale, causing the coalition forces to be hit hard.

    "Fang Lang, you came at the right time. You don't want to escape to Tai Chi City this time."

    When the king saw Fang Lang leave the city, he immediately shouted:

    This time the morale of the alliance dropped sharply. He needs to beat Fang Lang severely. If he wasn't, he would hit Fang Lang severely and restore his morale.

    There is no wind. Worried that the king would lose to Fang Lang, he and Gongsun Xuan rushed forward together.

    Some young Junjun around him is also attacking Fang Lang.

    "Three styles of burial day!"

    The Fang Lang Tai Chi sword is intended to explode with all its strength to give full play to the funeral ceremony. His invincible defensive power blocked all attacks.

    However, this powerful defense was destroyed by the Excalibur, causing Fang Lang to vomit blood and fly out.

    However, at this time, Tian Ye wielded a Golem Knife and killed some young masters who attacked him.

    "Wang, Fang Langding, the highest position, no one wants to stop me" Fang Lang glanced at the king deeply, and fled to Tai Chi City.

    "Damn it!" The king chased up glumly, but was blocked by the formation of Tai Chi City.

    Tai Chi City.

    "Fang Lang, why are you injured?"

    Seeing that Fang Lang was seriously injured and a little bitter, Yan Tian and the others immediately became worried and ran to ask.

    "Don't worry about me, I'm fine, go and defend the city." Fang Langda shouted. Time is running out. If Tai Chi City persists a little bit, the greater his hope of success.

    Yan Tianxue and others heard this, but didn't say a word, and all ran to defend the city.

    They all knew the current situation. They couldn't help Fang Lang, so they could only delay the rest time in Tai Chi City regardless of everything.

    In this way, two consecutive days passed, and under the fierce bombardment of the coalition forces, and even under the harassment of Fang Lang and the Taiji City Guardian Array, it had reached its limit and was about to collapse.

    "Fang Lang, your deadline has come. You can't do what my king can't do."

    The king stood in the air outside the city and said coldly.

    Fang Lang ignored him. He did not go out to fight today, but closed his eyes and meditated on the door upstairs, preparing to attack Wu Jun 10th level again.

    Fang Lang knew that this was his last chance, because the guardian formation would be breached today.

    Break through, he won!

    Without a breakthrough, he lost!

    It's that simple.

    Fang Lang adjusted his state and allowed his vitality to reach its peak. Then he took a deep breath and mobilized all the true essences in his body. Qi Qi burst out from ten small worlds, rushing towards the inexplicable diaphragm.

    When Fang Lang attacked Wu Jun in the tenth grade, the young heroes of Tai Chi City on the wall fought to death.

    "Brothers, we have persisted for so many days, and it has reached the last moment. If you are defeated here today, would you let the Duke go?"

    Yan Haotian stood on the head of the city and shouted.

    "Unwilling!" All the young Jiejun Qi Qi roared.

    As Yan Haotian said, they all insisted on this. If they fail this time, no one wants to accept it.

    "But, can the Duke win?" Some people hesitated, not questioning Fang Lang, but thinking that Fang Lang's strength is stronger than the king at best, and there is no overwhelming advantage.

    Yan Haotian looked at the young master who was talking. His face was full of confidence, and he smiled and said: "I'm not afraid to tell you that the Duke's current achievements are only the pinnacle of Wu Jun's ninth grade! Moreover, the Duke is about to break through. You can imagine what will happen once the Duke breaks through to Wu Jun's tenth level? "

    "What! The Duke is just Wu Jun's ninth grade peak!"

    Wu Jun can defeat King Wang Wu's peak in the ninth grade!

    Wu Jun's ninth grade peak has invincible Wu Jun's strength. If he rises to tenth grade, will he not become a rebellious Wu Jun?


    All the young masters were shocked when they heard this.

    At this time, Yan Haotian, in order to improve his morale, naturally would not conceal it. He was not afraid that the king would know that at this time, concealment was unnecessary. ..

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