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    Vol 12 Chapter 1418: Punishment

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    Shi San's face was full of expectation.

    "Boy, luck is sometimes plundered. If you encounter geniuses in other areas in the future, you must defeat them. Only in this way can you seize their luck. This is the only way to become a Valkyrie." Shi San suddenly warned.

    After Fang Lang heard this, he asked in shock: "If I am defeated by them, will my luck be lost?"

    "Of course, everyone has his luck. If he loses every battle, his luck will be exhausted and his future achievements will be limited unless he has the opportunity to change his destiny." Shi San said .

    "Senior, what impact did the decline of the North Sea in the ancient World War I have on? I mean, is it possible to have the incomparable genius you mentioned on the magical forbidden land?" Fang Lang continued to ask Shi San Information, this is very helpful for his future martial arts.

    "There are some effects, but not great. You know, the entire air transportation is fixed. We have reduced air transportation in the North Sea. In another place, air transportation will increase. If you want to achieve great success in the future, you must Compete with those talents in the mainland, and never be afraid of failure. Wushen came out of war, not out of practice." Shi San said.

    "Damn. So, my current talent, looking at the whole, is fragile." Fang Lang was immediately depressed when he heard this. Their talent on the North Sea fighters declined, and nothing else changed at all.

    "Don't be disappointed, look at your reward first. You won the final championship. The reward is very generous." Shi San glanced at Fang Lang and said with a smile.

    "Oh! I almost forgot this. Whether I can win the highest position depends on this reward." Fang Lang heard this, his eyes lit up, and he immediately recovered from the loss.

    "No matter how talented he is, I just need to strengthen my strength now, and one day I will catch up with them."

    Fang Lang thought to himself.

    "What is my reward?" Fang Lang regained his confidence and raised his head to look at Shi San.

    "This. You should know that in order to test the luck of the following disciples, our Tiangong No. 9 is randomly awarded. This time is no exception. You need to extract it and see your own opportunity. Maybe you will get nine holy palaces. You may only get a piece of inferior spirit stone, everything depends on your luck." Shi San said slowly.

    "No. You don't have to test your luck every time!"

    Fang Lang was speechless when he heard this.

    Fang Lang cursed very secretly to the elder of the Xiaojiu Tiangong who made this rule. He was so full that he could think of this idea.

    "Unfortunately, there is no dragon's essence!" Fang Lang glanced at it. He didn't know the purpose of the items above. He didn't see Long Xiejing's bottle. He was in a bad mood and was very disappointed.

    Seeing Fang Lang's expression on one side, Shi San couldn't help but criticize: "What is your kid's face? The things on it are much better than what you saw in the temple." "Hey, trouble your seniors to dispel your doubts! Fang Lang chuckled after hearing this.

    Shi San shook his head, then pointed to one of the jade ornaments and said, "Look, this is a promotion to the dragon talisman. You only need to draw this to ensure that your achievements are raised to a higher level and help you achieve the highest level. The position is not a problem."

    "One step forward. Hush!" Fang Lang took a breath after hearing the words, his eyes were immediately fixed on Yu, unable to move away.

    "Child, look at this again..." Shi San smiled for a while, moved his finger to a green pill, and said, "This is called Congenital Five Pills. Is it familiar with this name?"

    Does this matter have anything to do with natural martial arts? Fang Lang's eyes lit up and asked.

    "Hehe, it seems that your kid did eat the fruit of innate martial arts. This innate martial arts pill is made from an innate martial arts fruit." Shi San said with a smile.

    So, can this kind of medicine enhance the will of martial arts? Fang Lang's eyes suddenly turned red. If it were true, if he got this pill, he could be promoted to the realm of King Wu within a month.

    "Not only that, taking this pill will not only increase your martial arts level by 10%, but also improve your achievements in small areas." Shi San nodded and said.

    PSST. Fang Lang suddenly felt short of breath. He is now at Wu Jun's ninth level. If he eats this innate martial arts pill, he will immediately be the peak of Wu Jun's tenth level, and his martial arts will reach 50%. Will soon be able to improve the level of King Wu.

    "There is also this kind of Tianyuan battle armor. Its defense is very strong and will change with your strength. It can help you weaken 70% of the attacks under the rule of Emperor Wu." Shishisan pointed to a blue armor again. .

    "You mean, as long as you don't exceed Emperor Wu's level, the opponent's power to attack me will be reduced by 70% by the Tianyuan armor." Fang Lang was shocked.

    This kind of defense is too strong, not much worse than his Funeral III. If he wears this armor and then casts the Funeral III, even if he stands there and lets the king attack, the king can do nothing against him.

    "There is also mountain cutting. This is the top martial arts of the heavenly rank. There are 18 styles in total. If you can practice it to a satisfactory level, you can definitely have two levels of combat power."

    "And this blue long knife is called Blue Love of Life and Death. It is an imperial instrument with powerful power. It is easy to jump over and kill the king of martial arts with a cold fist."

    "and this"

    Listening to Shi Sanyi introducing the treasures one by one, Fang Lang's eyes were hot and red, and his heart was beating.

    These items are not of any kind. They are all kinds of treasures. If anything circulates, the entire 18 countries of the North Sea will tremble.

    Fang Lang breathed a sigh of relief. No matter which one he chooses, he will not regret it.

    "This." This, elder, how many opportunities do I have to withdraw? Fang Lang couldn't wait to ask, both eyes were staring at the big wheel in front of him. "How many times have they been?" Thanks to your son, as before, there is only one chance. "Shi San smiled and rebuked: "However, if you get the highest position, you can take another risk." "

    "Well, I want this natural martial arts pill. Although Tianyuan Battle Armor, Tian Kaizhan and Blue Love of Life and Death are the most valuable, they are still the most important to me." Fang Lang thought for a while and said. ..

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