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    Vol 12 Chapter 1412: Check In

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    "Yin! Yang. Sheng. When the dead leaf day was waiting, there was no wind on the other side, and there was a loud noise. In front of him, two completely different forces from yin to yang completely merged together, presenting a huge The two-color wheel of life and death gradually receded towards Fang Lang, with the smell of destruction.

    Fang Lang's heart trembled suddenly.

    "Yes, yin and yang are indeed Tai Chi, but if there is no wind, they will merge backwards, that is to say, the cycle of life and death!"

    Fang Lang had to be shocked by this calm talent, but at this time he was not allowed to think too much. He quickly raised the Blood Demon Knife, and Qi Qi broke out in ten small worlds. He didn't dare to have a hidden spark anymore to show himself. The pinnacle of a knife.

    Suddenly, an invincible breath erupted from Fang Lang's body, rushing straight into the sky, shaking the sky, the world.

    "Invincible Wu Jun!"

    On the contrary, the calm pupils contracted, the confidence on his face suddenly solidified, and his heart was full of shock.

    He did not expect that Fang Lang would surpass him and enter the realm of invincible armed forces first.

    The big yin-yang wheel of life and death, with the breath of erasing all living things, rolls from the distant void, shattering the world.

    But at this moment, a **** sword light, which was thousands of feet long, tore through the space, stabbed Huanglong with a single knife, and slammed it on the huge yin and yang wheel.

    Rumble. The world was trembling, terrible energy burst out, and there was a brilliant light in the sky, dazzling light, people couldn't open their eyes.

    Without wind, Fang Lang was hit by this terrifying force. Their bodies flew back, blood gushing out.

    Fang Lang is better because he uses three funeral methods to dissolve most of his power.

    No wind is bad. This is his full blow. Not only did it split, but in the end, he suffered two long-range slams and was severely injured with only 30% of his strength.

    "It seems that I was defeated. I didn't expect that I was defeated by Fang Lang instead of the king!" Wufeng felt his injury, and his heart sank immediately, with a wry smile on his face.

    Stay away from the earth, because this violent blow is shaking. The King Formation, who was attacking Chongding City, suddenly looked back in the direction of Taiji City, his face suddenly dignified, and his eyes were full of unprecedented fighting spirit.

    "They even touched this area..." The king was shocked in his heart. For many years, he has been confessing, always ahead of his peers to take over. It wasn't until this time in heaven that he had a chance to get this far.

    However, from the blow just now, Fang Langhe has no wind.

    Wufeng said that after all, he is the strongest of his generation, but Tian Ye has fallen behind a generation, and even caught up. This talent made his generation of young people the first to be jealous.

    "Maybe in a few years, when I quit the younger generation, the highest position will be yours. But now that I am the king, you will never reach the top."

    The king looked deeply at the direction of Tai Chi City. Fang Lang wondered if he was telling Fang Lang.

    The city of Chongding, which was attacked by the king, was already shaky, but under Yang Shaohua's resistance, it still stood firm.

    "Brothers, it's time for us to work hard. One day is more than ten days. If we miss this good thing, there won't be another one." Yang Shaohua shouted at the gate. At the same time, he attacked a strong urban man who wanted to enter the city.

    Except for the king, no one can stop Yang Shaohua's vigor. His power surpassed the Five Heavenly Pride and shocked everyone.


    Hearing this, all the young people in Chongdeng City were aggressive and supported the second round. They have won and are very satisfied.

    Therefore, they did not have any resentment and were persuaded by Yang Shaohua. They all broke out in the First World War and fought to the end.

    In the face of these young heroes defending the dead, there is also an urban array to protect them. Even if the king wanted to catch them, he had to pull out a few teeth.

    Damn it, if Gongsun Xuan hadn't caused a huge loss, the city would have been captured. The king thought bitterly.


    "No wind, you are defeated!"

    In the high altitude of Tai Chi City, Fang Langyi's knife slashed on the windless body, and his cold words resounded throughout the world.

    Only 30% of his power calmed down and he naturally defeated Fang Lang. He was beaten in the chest by Fang Lang's knife, breaking his heart.

    "I lost. I hope you can defeat the king and become the supreme!" Wufeng was very calm at the moment, as if letting everything go, he was anxious for Fang Lang.

    "I assure you. But you and I still have the First World War!" Ye Xiaotian said, when he wins, he will have to face all the attacks from the young Jiejun. Only through this level can he reach the highest position.

    Otherwise, Fang Lang can only become the second king, the first person of the younger generation, not the ultimate youth.

    "Then I won't forgive you." Even if there was no wind, he smiled.

    "This is only a temporary gain or loss. My martial arts journey has just begun. One day in the future, I will definitely defeat you... Fang Lang!" There is no wind in my heart. At this time, he fully understood, he put aside the focus of the argument and set his goal on martial arts.

    Wu Jun, this is just the beginning. Wang Wu, Huang Wu, Liu Yu. Even Wu Shen will only win until the end.

    Since being defeated by the king, no wind has entangled with this anymore, causing his "heart" to be trapped. Today he was defeated by Fang Lang, and he was finally liberated today. Without wind, it would become more terrifying than before, which Fang Lang had not expected.

    Of course, even if he knew it, Fang Lang was fearless. For him, he is not afraid of opponents, nor is he afraid of no opponents.

    The world is invincible, although glorious, but also extremely lonely.

    Many of the Valkyries on the site finally disappeared, I don't know where they went. Because they are world-class and very lonely, they emigrated abroad, looking for rivals that could compete with them in the First World War.

    The highest position is not far from me. Fang Lang's black eyes burst out with bright brilliance like two suns.

    In the countless years of the Eighteen Kingdoms in the North Sea, countless young Tianjiao broke into the Nine Heavens Palace, such as the Prince of the Blood Demon Sword and the Elders of Funeral Paradise. These Tianjiao also ruled one side and were invincible to the younger generation.

    Every familiar genius has worked hard from generation to generation, but except for Mu Bingxue who accidentally unlocked his talent and obtained the inheritance of one of the holy palaces, there was no second person who succeeded. ..

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