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    "I didn't expect you to be so good at boxing, so you were punched by me!" There was no wind, his eyes gleaming, and he waved his fists. At this time, he seemed to transform into a golden scorching sun. The force that had just reached Yang broke through the void, tore open the ice, and completely destroyed the 30 million miles of ice in the sky full of leaves.

    Fang Lang hurriedly backed away. Every step he took in this place seemed to roar and tremble in the sky, as if to collapse and explode.

    After retreating several tens of feet, Fang Lang steadily walked, looking at the calm on the opposite side solemnly.

    "As for the general who just arrived at Yangguan, it just restrained my cold fist. It seems that your fist is still stronger." Fang Lang couldn't help sighing.

    Freezing 30,000 miles is a magic trick, much more serious than calm boxing. However, calm boxing means that he has just arrived at Yang and has just restrained his cold boxing meaning, which prevents him from exerting 30% of his strength and thus loses his calmness.

    This is because martial arts will be bound, not war crimes, so Tian Ye is not discouraged.

    "Boxing is not your specialty after all. Take out your Blood Demon Sword and fight with me at the top. You are called the King of the Great Flame Sword. If you defeat me today, you can be called the King of the North Sea Sword. "There is no wind, no sadness, no happiness, no pride, because of Fang Lang's praise. He stared at Fang Lang tightly, still very solemn.

    "As you wish--" Fang Lang yelled and danced wildly. He suddenly violently raised a **** magic knife, his temperament changed suddenly, like a demon **** awakened, his sharp eyes frightened People, murderous aura filled the whole body, and the blood was rolling.

    Wufeng suddenly became very solemn, his right hand clenched tightly, like a sun, exuding the ultimate power to Yang Xue. The huge light seemed to melt the sky and the earth, leaving half of the sky covered with gold.

    The collision of the protesters filled the sky with infinite light, the sky was burning, and terrifying energy raged everywhere. The huge pressure spread everywhere, shaking the whole body.

    The earth is shaking.

    "It's terrible, this is the power of Infinite Martial King!" Yan Tian was shocked upstairs at the gate of Tai Chi, whispering science. Everyone nearby was stunned. I'm afraid they can't even bear the aftermath of this terrible force.

    This is the peak battle of the younger generation!

    Not far away, Song Haoran took his army into Tai Chi City and said with a smile.

    At first, he took people to assist Fang Lang to attack Yinyang City, but he did not expect that there would be no wind to lead people to attack Taiji City. He hesitated for a long time and finally arrived.

    "I calculated from the perspective of winning the final victory, but the goal of the two of them is hegemony. If they want to become supreme, sooner or later they will have to face the best players in the world, so it's fair to the First World War. It is the most suitable." Yan Haotian smiled bitterly when he heard the words.

    I think the winner of them will finally compete with the king fairly and decide the final winner. Li Lanshan said.

    The crowd nodded and immediately continued to watch the high-altitude summit.

    Above the sky, there was no wind, black hair was dancing wildly, and a gust of wind blew into the sky. Xiang Gang Xiangyang is domineering, like a dragon, entwining his body. A terrible breath diffused from the surface of his body, setting off him like an invincible God of War.

    There is no final conclusion about the two extreme martial arts will of Yin and Yang, and the research is also very deep. Although the fist from this gate to Yang is only ground level, the power he exerts is close to the sky level.

    Since ancient times, boxing should be vigorous, because there is no wind, so it is also called the North Sea champion. His fists amazed the strong martial artists.

    Now Fang Lang finally felt the power of the North Sea champion. His ferocity and domineering force shocked him as soon as he arrived at Yang. He held the Blood Demon Knife in one hand and the Iron Hyun Battle Knife in the other, casting three funeral styles.

    Whoosh whoosh.

    The huge Tai Chi diagram was conceived and turned into Yin and Yang Qi, wandering in vain, preventing the windless domineering attack.

    Those who collided broke out under the bright light, and the entire sky was burning.

    The Tai Chi Tu trembled violently immediately, as if it was about to collapse, but in the end it lost most of its calming power. The remaining residual power was shattered by Fang Lang's blade, making it vulnerable to a blow.

    Later, Fang Lang took advantage of this situation and walked up, exuding a strong murderous aura. The waves of blood surpassed the sky and kept rolling. A huge **** sword light slashed across the sky, breaking through the void, and killing towards no wind.

    The third burial day is really fierce and deserves the reputation of invincible defense! There was no wind back, and his expression was very solemn. He just stood on the spot, covered with blood blades, and the terrible energy fluctuations made him shocked.

    With this defense, at the same level, those who can defeat us have not yet been born. A loud noise from the sky shook the earth. His hair is tousled and his muscles are surging. He raised the Blood Demon Knife and swept the sky with murderous intent, like a demon god, erupting from the dark abyss, and magic sweeping the entire world mightily.

    The windless eyes condensed, he knew that Fang Lang was not crazy, and if he wanted to defeat Fang Lang, he had to face three types of invincible defense.

    But since this is an invincible defense, how can it be cracked?

    The great burial elder has been in the Eighteen Kingdoms of Beihai for hundreds of years. No one can beat him except the powerhouse of King Wu. This is a true record.

    There was no wind, and he frowned deeply. Then his eyes narrowed suddenly, and he said, "It seems that I can only try the combination of Yin and Yang. Initially, this was my unique skill against the king. It seems I will use it in advance." Think about it, left palm up Without a trace of wind, an extremely powerful force towards Yin appeared on one side of his body, presenting a dark area.

    On the other side, his calm right hand clenched his fist, and went to the fist that had just been domineering at Yang Xiong, filling the void, and using immense power to make the world shine.

    These two completely different forces suddenly began to merge. They are really merging, not cuddling each other.

    Facing him, Fang Lang held the Blood Demon Knife, and suddenly felt a chill rise from the bottom of his heart. Seeing the peace on the other side, he suddenly felt a hint of danger.

    "With my current strength, I still have this feeling. What is the windless card?" Fang Lang trembled secretly. He thought he was ranked invincible Wu Jun and could easily defeat the king of windless, but now it seems, I am afraid not that simple.

    Compared with Wu Zhao and Gongsun Xuan, the calm and peaceful kings had a huge opportunity in Xiaojiu Tiangong, and their strength became more and more unfathomable. ..

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