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    Book 5 National Healer Grandmaster Chapter 464 Dont Dare To Ride The Horse

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    Because of Qin Jingyus help, the Three Flavour International failed to get the patents and even suffered negative news. The Vice-Bureau Chief of the National Intellectual Property Administration, Meng Haode, gave out directives that this case would be used as an example to strike down those that were trying to abuse patents.

    In this matter, Wang Guofeng also retaliated and sued the Three Flavour International. With the conflict of the two biggest herbal skincare companies risen to a new level, the controversy became heated.

    Truth be told, it was sufficient for the Medicine Deity Corporation that they could resolve the problem. After all, theyre in the same industry and falling out completely benefited no one.

    But their retaliation has brought the conflict into the public. Perhaps they might be able to affect the Three Flavour International, but its nothing beneficial for them in the long run either.

    To put it simply, the Medicine Deity Corporations retaliation was beautiful with the Three Flavour Internationals brand being affected. This was also the condition that Qin Jingyu gave to Wang Guofeng for his help.

    Thus, Yan Jing was reporting this matter to Su Tao and sighed, I initially wanted to use the same method to teach the Medicine Deity Corporation a lesson, but I never expected that it would cause such big trouble. The National Intellectual Property Administrations branch in the province has been visiting the company several times, causing panic amongst the employees. The Medicine Deity Corporations retaliation is too ferocious, so we wont let them have the chance to fight back next time.

    Yan Jing had shown her vicious side at this moment.

    Su Tao locked his brows together. He did not know that Wang Guofengs action this time was directed by someone, so he replied, Use your relations to seek help from the province. As for the city, I will find someone to mediate this matter. I believe that they wont make things too difficult for us.

    If he asked Du Ping for help, he believed that the latter would surely help him clear up the relations in the city. But from the current situation, this matter wasnt at the city level.

    Ive already investigated the matter. It was an order from the National Intellectual Property Administration, and the province has no choice but to take action. Yan Jing sighed.

    Su Tao knew that Yan Jing was powerful in Huainan Province. Since she was helpless in this matter, then it must have gone out of her control. Im currently in Beijing, but I will try and find a way to resolve this matter.

    Nodding her head, Yan Jing responded, We will go two separate ways! I will try and look through my connections and see if someone has connections to the National Intellectual Property Administration.

    Actually, Yan Jing called Su Tao mainly to notify him about this matter. After all, Su Tao was currently preparing for the National Healer Selection and knew nobody in Beijing. So how could he possibly gain connections to the National Intellectual Property Administration?

    The first person that came to his mind was Shui Junzhuo. After all, amongst those around him, only Shui Junzhuo had that ability.

    The resources of the Shui Family was something that he would not touch unless absolutely necessary, not to mention that Su Tao had a habit of resolving his own problems instead of relying on the women around him.

    Thus, he flagged a cab and headed to the ranch that he and Shui Junzhuo promised to visit. When he came to the reception, he was instantly led to the horse field.

    Beijing was the heart of Chinas politics, and its also a place where many influential figures gather. In this city, you could easily find things that only the upper class interacts with.

    Take this ranch, for example, it had a high requirement, and only those with a net worth of over a hundred million were qualified to enter.

    Su Tao knew that it was all due to Shui Junzhuo that he could enjoy the atmosphere here.

    After being in Beijing for some time, Su Tao noticed that he has been influenced. Putting it in a nutshell, he could feel himself being more ambitious than he was before.

    He wanted to prove himself in Beijing by allowing TCM to regain the acknowledgment of the citizens, in which he had to conquer the heart of this country first.

    While his thoughts were running wild, a horse field appeared before his eyes. Although it wasnt massive, it was complete with a grass field, mud field, sandy field, and a race course. Several riders were riding on the racetrack, and despite wearing the same outfit, Su Tao instantly found Shui Junzhuo.

    Shui Junzhuo wore a gabardine jacket, leather boots, a velvet riding hat, and had a whip in her right hand as she sat on a white horse. She didnt seem to have noticed Su Taos arrival, since she focused on gracefully riding with the horse.

    Finally, Shui Junzhuo looked in Su Taos direction and raised the whip. The horse exploded forth with stunning power as it galloped in Su Taos direction, dust rising in its path. On horseback, Shui Junzhuo seemed elegant and heroic.

    What a great horse! Su Tao looked at the speeding figure.

    When the horse was about ten meters away from Su Tao, it suddenly slowed down and the horses muscles swiftly responded, then stopped before Su Tao. After leaping off the horse, Shui Junzhuo smiled and gently patted the horses mane. Why dont you give it a try as well?

    Shaking his head, Su Tao modestly smiled. No need for that. I have no idea how to ride a horse, and it wont be good if I injured it.

    Hearing his words, Shui Junzhuo had no idea if Su Tao was joking, so she sourly glared at him before she snapped, Arent you a little too full of yourself? You can injure the horse? When she finished, she noticed her faulty wording and blushed.

    Ill not ride! The horses here seem extremely precious, and yours must be a legendary champion breed, right? Su Tao smiled.

    Raising her thumbs in Su Taos direction, Shui Junzhuo exclaimed at Su Taos eyesight and praised, Your eyesight is pretty good! This horse participated in competitions for years and has taken at least ten championsh.i.p.s worldwide. Bright Prospects is the name of this horse, isnt it pleasant?

    Hearing her words, Su Tao had a rough estimation of the horses worth. Generally, horses that could obtain ten international championsh.i.p.s would receive about USD$4,000,000 from prize alone, and a champion breed like this must cost at least USD$7,000,000.

    At this moment, Su Tao felt an urge to give it a ride, since it was an opportunity, after all.

    But while the two of them were chatting, a sturdy-built man walked over. Su Tao had a tall stature, but that man was three to four centimetres taller than him and had a bigger build.

    Pity flickered in Shui Junzhuos eyes, but she was surprised by Qin Jingyus sudden appearance and called out, Big Brother Jingyu, what a coincidence that youre here as well!

    With a warm smile on his lips, Qin Jingyu examined Su Tao.

    This must be your friend, right? Why dont you introduce him to me?

    Removing her glove, Shui Junzhuo gently tapped on her forehead and smiled. Look at how muddle-headed Ive become! This is Su Tao, a famous divine physician from Huainan Province.

    So youre Su Tao! Qin Jingyu stretched his hand out and smiled. Ive long heard of your name, and you must be the one that has treated Sire Shui, right?

    Su Tao was a little surprised since he didnt know anything about Qin Jingyu, but he could tell that the latter had a good relationship with Shui Junzhuo, so he stretched his hand out as well.

    However, Su Tao frowned when their hands came in contact. The domineering force coming from Qin Jingyus palm was definitely a gesture of provocation and threat.

    Although Qin Jingyu focused on business now, he had once been in the military and was naturally well-trained. He originally wanted to test Su Tao, which was why he used a little more force on purpose when he shook hands. However, Su Tao was more sensitive than he had imagined and he retaliated with a stronger force, which Qin Jingyu could only respond by increasing his strength as well.

    In the end, a simple handshake has turned into a contest for strength.

    Qin Jingyu, who had been confident with his own strength, suddenly realised that Su Taos strength was shocking despite his build, his hand was akin to iron shackles that grabbed onto his.

    However, Su Tao did not feel any better. Qin Jingyus strength has exceeded his expectations as well.

    But with Shui Junzhuo here, the two of them only shook their hands for five to six seconds before they separated, in case Shui Junzhuo notices something.

    Su Tao couldnt help bringing his hand to his back and used his other hand to massage it, while inwardly cursing Qin Jingyu.

    As for Qin Jingyu, he was in a worse state. He felt that his bones were being crushed with intense pain jolting through him from his palm and his forearm was slightly twitching. However, he could bear the pain and maintained his calm expression.

    Su Tao was someone who practiced the Heavensezing Hands, so his hands were powerful despite looking tender and fair.

    Actually, its not a coincidence for me to be here. I actually came here to look for you. Qin Jingyu smiled.

    Youre leaving the country soon, so I naturally have to meet up with you more.

    Seeing that Qin Jingyu was so blatant, Shui Junzhuo immediately glanced at Su Tao. She was worried that the latter might misunderstand those words. Soon after, she smiled. Big Brother Jingyu, youre putting it too seriously. Its not as if Im never coming back again.

    Hearing her words, Qin Jingyu smiled, but he did not continue to speak. He was paying attention to Su Taos expression, in which he knew that the latter must understand the meaning behind his words.

    Su Tao inwardly sighed. Although it might seem blissful for him to be surrounded by women, theyre actually his source of troubles as well, since they were too outstanding. The modern society was similar to an animal kingdom, where the leader amongst the pride of lions would naturally put other male lions in order.

    He knew that Qin Jingyu must be one of his opponents.

    Although Su Tao had no idea about Qin Jingyus background, he could infer from Shui Junzhuos tone that this opponent was pretty powerful and his background must be comparable to the Shui Family. Furthermore, they seemed to be pretty close, and they must have known each other for years; logically speaking, he didnt have a high chance of winning.

    Since were here, why dont we race? Qin Jingyu smiled and continued, I have a few decent horses myself. Although they pale in comparison to Junzhuos Bright Prospects with a pure bloodline and boundless potential. Su Tao, are you interested in giving it a try?

    He doesnt know how to ride horses! Shui Junzhuo immediately explained on behalf of Su Tao.

    He can learn! Qin Jingyu smiled, This ranch is very professional, and the instructors here are decent. So you should give it a try since its a rare opportunity!

    Letting out a sigh, Su Tao was annoyed with Qin Jingyus words, since it was evidently directed at him.

    However, he couldnt back down now, so he smiled. Ill give it a try, then!

    If you dont even dare to ride a horse, then youre not a man! Qin Jingyu waved his hand and smiled, Fetch me the new horse!