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    Book 4 Filthy Rich Chapter 374 Wang Guofeng Was Kidnapped

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    Because of Xiao Jingjing’s existence, Wang Guofeng felt tied up and he couldn’t act as he wished, especially when Xiao Jingjing held onto Mo Sun’er’s hand while she was walking and even purposely walked along the edge, which left him gnashing his teeth.

    Before coming to Qiongjin City, Xiao Jingjing was instructed by Su Tao to protect Mo Sun’er from being taken advantage of by Wang Guofeng. Although Xiao Jingjing was innocent, she was extremely serious when she carried out Su Tao’s orders, which gave no opportunity for Wang Guofeng.

    After they picked a pub, Wang Guofeng ordered some drinks before he received a call. When he saw the phone number, he held onto the phone. “I’m currently with my friends, is there anything?” When he finished those words, he headed outside.

    As relaxing music played in the pub, Mo Sun’er sighed under the dusky lights. “Why are you purposely trying to pissing Senior Brother off?”

    With a smile on her lips, Xiao Jingjing replied, “I’m helping you to test him and see if his feelings for you are real!”

    “Then should I thank you instead?” Mo Sun’er sourly smiled.

    All of a sudden, Xiao Jingjing’s face turned serious. “But if you have a heartache about this, then I’ll stop torturing him!”

    “Heartache? Why would I?” Mo Sun’er’s cheeks blushed as she sighed, “I just feel that we don’t have a future together.”

    “Then you should cut it off now!” Xiao Jingjing patiently persuaded. “When you fall deeper into it, it deeper it hurts when something happens!”

    “Can you do it if I tell you to leave the Three Flavour Hall and never meet Su Tao again?” Mo Sun’er faintly replied.

    Xiao Jingjing felt as though an arrow had shot her and she was speechless for a few seconds before she gave in, “Alright, I’m not qualified to persuade you!”

    Holding onto Xiao Jingjing’s hand, Mo Sun’er gently said, “The two of us share the same fate!”

    At this moment, Wang Guofeng came in with a helpless expression and weakly sighed, “I’m sorry, but I’ve just received a notification that there was a serious patient that suffered many bone fractures, and I need to make a trip personally. But I’ve already paid the bill here, so you guys can stay here and play!”

    “Then we’ll go back. It’s getting late!” Mo Sun’er smiled as she stood up.

    “Alright! But I’m not relieved to have two ladies in a pub so late!” Wang Guofeng solemnly said as he nodded his head.

    After sending Mo Sun’er and Xiao Jingjing back to their hotel, Wang Guofeng returned to his Range Rover. At this moment, his phone rang again. But just when he was about to pick up the call, his window was suddenly knocked. Turning his head over, he didn’t see anyone and his heart suddenly jolted. He immediately opened the door and came out of his car. All of a sudden, a figure suddenly appeared from his right, which startled him, before he bellowed, “Who are you?”

    “Your grandpa!” The black silhouette held onto a black bag and covered Wang Guofeng.

    When Wang Guofeng’s vision blacked out, he stretched his hands out and wanted to push the black silhouette away.

    It was also at this moment that the black silhouette roared, “Come and help! This fellow is pretty strong, and I can’t deal with him alone!”

    Shortly after, Wang Guofeng felt pain and a numbing sensation spreading out from his leg, which made him know that these two fellows have resorted to using weapons.

    “Behave if you don’t want to die!” The other voice was more sinister as he spoke while inflicting another wound on Wang Guofeng’s leg.

    Knowing that he has encountered criminals, Wang Guofeng coldly warned, “Who are you guys? I’m not someone that you guys can afford to touch! Do you believe that you guys will be able to leave Qiongjin City tomorrow if you kidnap me?”

    “Pretty tough on your lips!” A rough voice snickered. “It looks like we’ll have to show him some pain for him to behave!”

    “I’ve already given him two cuts, do you want to give it a try as well?” The sinister voice handed the knife to his partner.

    An instant later, Wang Guofeng screamed as a knife plunged into his thigh. The pain was torturous. At this moment, he knew that threatening them was futile, since the two of them were cold-blooded criminals. They have already caused three wounds, and if they continued, he would die in an hour!

    “This brat is finally feeling afraid and is behaving. Ole Third, you tend to his wounds. Just make sure he doesn't die!” The person with a rough voice instructed.

    Wang Guofeng has been tightly bound and was brought into a vehicle. From the spaciousness of the car, he could analyse that this was a van. Shortly after, he felt a numbing sensation coming from his wounds and felt inwardly relieved. He knew that his kidnappers have put medicine on his injuries, so he wouldn’t die, for now. But due to the intense blood loss, he felt weakness in his limbs and soon lost consciousness from the bumpy ride.

    “Old Mai, that fellow has fainted!” Ole Third hollered from behind.

    “Alright, have you taken a video of him?” As Old Mai drove, he adjusted the rearview camera to glance at Wang Guofeng.

    “Already did!” Ole Third snickered as he tapped onto the video. “I don’t think it’s gory enough!”

    With a smile, Old Mai reminded, “That’ll do. We’ll be in trouble if he dies!”

    At about 3 a.m., Wang Guofeng was jolted awake by a bucket of bone-piercing water. His eyes were blindfolded, and he could feel that he was sitting on a chair with his arms bound and a rag shoved in his mouth.

    Although he couldn’t move, he could hear a conversation taking place as Ole Third’s voice resounded, “I’ve already sent the video to her, but there hasn’t been a reply, yet.”

    “I think she’s probably asleep at this time.” Knitting his brows together, Old Mai continued, “Give her a call. Why the hell is she still sleeping at this time?”

    With an acknowledgement, Ole Third made the call.

    Just when Mo Sun’er was in a deep sleep, she felt her phone vibrate, so she picked up the call amidst her sleepiness. “You must be Mo Sun’er, right? Have you watched the video I sent you?”

    “What video?” Mo Sun’er subconsciously glanced at Xiao Jingjing, who was sleeping, while holding onto her phone. She then entered the bathroom out of fear that she might wake the latter up.

    “It looks like you’re in a pretty deep sleep!” Ole Third chuckled. “I’ve already sent the video and information to your phone. You should know what to do after looking at it!”

    When the call ended, Mo Sun’er’s sleepiness had entirely disappeared. She immediately tapped her communication app before tapping Wang Guofeng’s chat and saw a notification. What followed after was a video with some words.

    “Remember, if you want to save him, don’t cause a big fuss and listen to my orders. His life and death are fully in your hands.”

    After briefly looking at the video, Mo Sun’er shreaked. But she swiftly covered her mouth, since she was afraid that Xiao Jingjing might notice.

    The video was the entire process of Wang Guofeng being kidnapped, and the two masked men were ruthless and relentless. Wang Guofeng had a few cuts on him that were inflicted by them. It was a gory scene.

    When she finished watching the entire video, her hands were trembling and she immediately gave a call to that unknown number from before. However, she couldn’t get the call through.

    After a brief pondering, she sent a message to Wang Guofeng’s account, “Who are you guys, and why are you guys kidnapping Senior Brother Guofeng?!”

    “We kidnapped him because we want you to do something for us.” A reply was soon sent over. “9 a.m. tomorrow, someone will meet up with you in a cafe on the first floor of Qiaokou Building to tell you what to do. Don’t think of calling the cops or someone else. Otherwise, Wang Guofeng will die!”

    Just when Mo Sun’er wanted to enquire more information, another video was sent over to her. A masked man walked in the direction of Wang Guofeng and removed the rag that was shoved in his mouth.

    “Who are you guys?!” Wang Guofeng asked in a panicked voice.

    The video ended with the rag shoved back into Wang Guofeng’s mouth.

    “As you can see, he’s still alive, but gravely injured! I think you don’t want to watch him die, right?” Another text message was sent over.

    “Don’t hurt my Senior Brother. I’ll promise you guys anything!” Mo Sun’er was quick to give out her promise.

    But it was a pity that she did not get any reply. At that moment, the door was knocked and Xiao Jingjing’s voice resounded, “Sun’er, are you alright?”

    Mo Sun’er immediately wiped her tears and pretended to be fine. “It’s nothing, I just have a little stomach ache. It might have been the seafood I ate during dinner. I have mild diarrhoea!”

    “Alright, as long as you're fine!” Xiao Jingjing yawned as she returned to the bed.

    As she pressed on the flushing button, Mo Sun’er briefly waited before she walked out of the bathroom. When she came out, she saw Xiao Jingjing lying on the bed facing the window in sweet dreams.

    At this moment, Mo Sun’er felt helpless. She didn’t dare tell Xiao Jingjing about this, since she feared that Wang Guofeng might be in danger. Thus, she had no choice but to wait until she met with the kidnappers.

    Recalling the video of Wang Guofeng covered in blood, Mo Sun’er’s heart twitched. At this moment, the sleepiness she felt disappeared. But out of fear that Xiao Jingjing might notice her unusual behaviour, she could only keep herself composed and wait for tomorrow.

    The next morning, after the two of them ate their breakfast; she asked, “Are you going to the library later?”

    Nodding her head, Xiao Jingjing smiled. “Why? You have something else going on?”

    At this moment, Mo Sun’er could only lie to Xiao Jingjing, “A Senior Sister of my sect contacted me early in the morning, inviting me over to her house as a guest. So I’m afraid that I won’t be able to go to the library with you!”

    Despite the brief pity she felt, Xiao Jingjing soon smiled. “Then you can go handle your matters. I can go to the library myself!”

    “Then, I’ll look for you after meeting my Senior Sister!” Mo Sun’er added, “The character of that Senior Sister of mine is rather eccentric, so I’m afraid that she might be offended if I bring someone along with me!”

    Waving her hand, Xiao Jingjing replied, “Don’t worry about it. You can focus on your matters. I will be in the library for a long time.”

    Thus, the two of them separated at the hotel with Mo Sun’er heading over to the promised location. When she stepped into the café, she noticed a man in sunglasses and a hat sitting on the right waving his hand in her direction.

    The moment she sat down, she immediately asked, “Where’s my Senior Brother?”

    “He’s still alive, for now!” That person fiddled with the glass cup in his hand and demanded, “If you want to save him, then you will have to follow my instructions!”

    “How much do you want?” Mo Sun’er asked.

    “Money?” That person was briefly stunned before he smiled. “We don’t need money! You have the find the secret formula of the Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum. Otherwise, Wang Guofeng will die!”