Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Do You Guys Need Me To Teach You?

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The moment he said that, a resounding hiss came from the corner of the dim room. A soldering iron was imprinted on the man’s chest, causing him to emit an ear-piercing sound as he convulsed on the floor and howled in agony.

When Ye Wanwan saw this, the corners of her lips twitched. “What era are we in right now? You guys are still using such an old-fashioned method of torture?”

Sure enough, it perfectly suited Si Ming Rong’s old-fashioned style…

She wasn’t sure why, but there were many familiar yet foreign images appearing in her head all of a sudden…

Ye Wanwan looked at the two guards by her side and said disdainfully, “This sort of torture only works on small fish and prawns; for real, professionally-trained guards and secret service agents, these minor superficial wounds are nothing to them – you’re actually counting on this to pry open their mouths?”

The two guards: “…”

They planned on scaring Ye Wanwan and even thought she would scream out of fear and cry her guts out. They didn’t realize that not only would she be so calm and casual like she was strolling in her own garden, but she would actually criticize the way they conducted interrogations.

Ye Wanwan: “Hey, do you guys have any idea what mental torture is? Do you guys need me to teach you? It’s a special method that destroys a person’s willpower. It’s much better than…”

The two guards listening to Ye Wanwan’s unceasing torrent: “…”

Alas, the two people took her to her cell and left swiftly. It was as if there was a monster chasing them.

“Eh? Why are they gone, I’m not finished yet”

Ye Wanwan leaned on the metal bars and looked regretful.

Seeing that the two of them were gone without a trace, Ye Wanwancould only squat downwith herchin in hand as sherevealed a suspicion look.

Weird, how did I know about all that stuffI said just now?

Could it be that I read it in some magazine? Why don’t I have any memory of it…

However, she had lived through two lives before and had twice the memories, so it was perfectly normal for her to be confused or forget some things…

In the Age of the Immortals conference room, a few of them were discussing the script.

“Whoa super… super big news!” The little gossip king, Gong Xu, rushed into the office the moment he arrived.

“Gong Xu, you’re late again!” Ye Mu Fan rolled his eyes at him. “What news? Are you coming out of the closet? Or are you announcing your marriage?”

“Who’s coming out, huh?! You’re the one who’s coming out of the closet!” Gong Xu glared at Ye Mu Fan then held his phone and said excitedly, “It’s the Si family… that legendary Si family…”

“What’s with the Si family?” Han Xian Yu asked.

Gong Xu: “It was on the news that the master of the Si family died of illness! It just happened this morning!”

Ye Mu Fan was taken aback. “What? The master of the Si family died of illness? How’s that possible?!”

The Si family… everyone’s impression of them was that they were the influential aristocratic family in China who were extremely out of reach. They built a huge business empire in China and Si Ye Han was the king of the empire who steered the entire Si family.

If he died, the entire building would collapse, causing the economy of the country to fall into turmoil…

Han Xian Yu said, “Probably just rumors – which publication dares to talk bad about the Si family?”

Gong Xu: “Yes, nobody dared to and this news was published only for five minutes before it was deleted, but I took a screenshot!”

Ye Mu Fan: “…”How gossipy can he get? It was published only for five minutes, yet he read it and was able to take a screenshot of it…

Luo Chen, who was focused on reading his script, lifted his head and asked, “Where’s Ye-ge? He’s not here yet?”

Ye Mu Fan shrugged. “We don’t have to wait for him today. He just sent me a message and said he’ll be busy these next two days!”