Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 2213

    Chapter 2213 2213 Disguises Litter The Ground And Paramours Fill The World

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    2213 Disguises litter the ground and paramours fill the world

    When Jiang Lihen saw how Si Yehan was utterly bewitched by that female bandit, Ye Wanwan, he nearly reduced his teeth into powder from how hard he ground them.

    “D*mn! I finally remember who you are! Aren’t you that little girl from Asura’s restricted area back then?” Jiang Lihen suddenly recalled the past.

    Ye Wanwan stared at the sky, feigning ignorance. “Huh? Asura’s restricted area? What restricted area?”

    Jiang Lihen glared at her. “Stop pretending with me. I’d recognize you even if you turned into ash!”

    Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him, speechless. She simply remarked “Ah-Jiu, why would you have such an ugly friend” and this guy suddenly remembered her now. What an oddball.

    With old and new grudges welling up, Jiang Lihen instantly disliked her even more. He immediately sprinted toward Si Yehan and solemnly said to him, “Ah-Jiu, didn’t you say this girl was an ordinary resident who accidentally entered the restricted area? Didn’t you say she was especially naive and innocent? How did she turn into the demoness?

    “I swear, this girl is a lackey from the Fearless Alliance one second, the President of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop, the next second, the Second Miss of the Nie family the second after that, and the demon instructor from the Scarlet Flames Academy a second later! Her disguises litter the ground and paramours fill the world! She’s absolutely unreliable! Ah-Jiu, how could you believe her just like this?”

    Ye Wanwan’s blood boiled. D*mn! What did he mean by her disguises littering the ground and her paramours filling the world, huh?!

    Who would talk like him?

    Si Yehan sent the twittering Jiang Lihen a warning glance. “Shut up.”

    Jiang Lihen disgruntledly continued, “Ah-Jiu, don’t be bewitched by this woman’s face! Have you forgotten how this woman cuckolded you?

    “Do you seriously believe in a piece of lousy paper and believe some DNA test and think that nearly five-year-old kid is your child? What if he’s another man’s, huh? Wouldn’t you be raising another man’s son for him then?”

    “Jiang Lihen!!!”

    Ye Wanwan pulled back her sleeves and was about to beat up Jiang Lihen when a child calling “Mommy!” suddenly came from the door.

    Baby Tangtang?!

    Tangtang appeared to have just woken up and was standing by the door, adorably rubbing his eyes.

    When Ye Wanwan heard Baby Tangtang’s voice, the rage on her face instantly disappeared without a trace, and she ran over to hug the little fella with a bright smile on her face.

    “Baby, why did you come here? Are you hungry? Sorry sorry, Mommy was caught up in something and will immediately go eat with you!” Ye Wanwan placed a smooch on her son’s face as she spoke.

    Ye Wanwan then glanced at Si Yehan before giving Tangtang a look. “Baby, your daddy’s here!”

    Upon hearing that, the little fella finally looked at Si Yehan and childishly called, “Daddy.”

    “Mm,” Si Yehan grunted.

    Ye Wanwan nodded with content as she watched the father and son duo. “Good baby, go on, let Daddy hug you.”

    The little fella who was normally incredibly sassy in front of Si Yehan immediately nodded obediently when he heard his mommy and pattered toward Si Yehan, extending his short little arms.

    Si Yehan looked at this son, who acted like a completely different person in front of Ye Wanwan and was cute and docile and obedient, and grew silent.

    Could there be a problem with his method of interacting with his son?

    A moment later, the man knelt down and picked up the little fella with extreme gentleness.

    Jiang Lihen and Xie Qianchuan: “”

    “” Jiang Lihen and Xie Qianchuan stared at the father and son duo, eyes wide and minds blank.