Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 2212

    Chapter 2212 2212 Have Something Like Integrity?

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    2212 Have something like integrity?

    The rumors sounded so realistic and claimed they were beaten to the point of pissing their pants in terror.

    This was the perfect example of getting into trouble even though he was sitting at home and minding his own business.

    Hence, he came here to seek retribution from Ye Wanwan!

    “D*mn! Aren’t you too shameless?!” Jiang Lihen shouted angrily.

    The elderly man turned joyous. “You heard it, Bai Feng! Gang Leader Jiang has spoken already! It’s clearly you”

    Before the elderly man could finish speaking, the quiet Si Yehan fixed his cufflinks and nonchalantly interrupted him. “Elder Xue, back then, it was you who determined the treaty, but now, not only did you breach the contract and stand by without doing anything, but you’ve also distorted the truth deliberately. Aren’t you too shameless? I’m afraid that will damage the Direct Line’s image.”

    When Si Yehan finished saying that righteously, not a single sound could be heard. Jiang Lihen’s jaw dropped to the floor and Xie Qianchuan’s eyes also shot open in shock and even Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded.

    As for Elder Xue, he lost the ability to breathe, his face swelling red as he scrambled for something to say.

    He seriously never expected Lord Asura to actually speak such such unreasonable words!

    Elder Xue: “You you Lord Asura you, the mighty leader of Asura, are actually acting like this despicable scoundrel”

    “Elder Xue, we’ll meet at the Arbitration Council. Show him out.”

    Big Dipper was startled for a moment before quickly responding and leading his subordinates to escort the guests out.

    After the Direct Line group left, Ye Wanwan immediately pounced toward her darling with sparkling eyes and a holler. “AH! Baby, why are you so awesome?!”

    The man’s gaze softened the instant the girl entered his arms. He reached out and indulgently patted her head.

    Jiang Lihen simply couldn’t believe this and outrage filled his body. He shakily pointed at Si Yehan and shouted, “D*mn, Ah-Jiu, what’s wrong with you?! If you’ve been kidnapped, blink your eyes!”

    “” Si Yehan coldly glanced at him.

    Jiang Lihen was rattled. “You’re freaking marked by the company you keep! Look at how this woman has changed you! I really never expected you to have such a lack of integrity! I’ve misjudged you!”

    Ye Wanwan kissed Si Yehan on the cheek before peering at Jiang Lihen. “Tsk tsk, I also never expected you’d be as naive as that old man, Jiang Lihen!

    “You actually thought my baby would still have something like integrity after being with me for so long? Can I interview you? Just what were you thinking? I originally you thought you just looked ugly and lacked good looks but didn’t expect you to also lack intelligence! Ey”

    Veins bulged on Jiang Lihen’s forehead, and he immediately erupted. “D*mn, who are you freaking calling ugly?!”

    “” So out of all the things I said, this guy only paid attention to me calling him ugly?

    “D*mn girl, come here! Come here and tell me! Who are you calling ugly? Look at my face and say it again!” Jiang Lihen had completely forgotten he was arguing with her about who was shameless and was fixated on the issue of his face.

    However, Ye Wanwan had no care for him anymore and all of her attention was glued to Si Yehan.

    “Ah-Jiu, thank you”

    It wasn’t until later that she realized how meaningful Si Yehan’s visit was.

    If it weren’t for him, her plan might not have been so successful.

    Now, he even tossed aside his integrity for her

    Si Yehan narrowed his eyes. “I’ll give you another chance.”

    Ye Wanwan grinned and obediently corrected herself, “Muah! Love you the most!”