Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 2211

    Chapter 2211 2211 Dont Dismantle My Stage

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    2211 Don"t dismantle my stage!

    The elderly man from Direct Line was so incensed he couldn’t talk.

    He originally thought Bai Feng was merely dragging things out for a few days. Who would’ve expected her to have thoughts of such a damaging move, causing him to be in a completely disadvantageous position and suffer a double loss?

    Ye Wanwan sat with her legs crossed on the chief seat in the conference room and coldly looked at the infuriated elderly man from the Direct Line.

    Wasn’t this old guy too naive? Did he really think the Nie family was such an easy target?

    Just watch. I’ll definitely avenge my brother!

    The elderly man darkly looked at Ye Wanwan and said, “President Bai, aren’t you too naive? Do you really think your tacky and lousy methods can deceive everyone?”

    Ye Wanwan raised her brows. “Tacky lousy methods? Then what are you, the person tricked by my lousy methods?”

    “You” Hostility flared in the elderly man’s eyes and he yelled fiercely, “Bai Feng, do you think the entire Independent State is blind? Or do you think the Arbitration Council is this easy to fool and they’d believe your nonsense?!?!”

    Ye Wanwan smiled at him like he was a fool. This old geezer might hold an enormous amount of power in the Independent State, was an important character in the Direct Line, and possessed outstanding martial strength and tactics, but he was underestimating the impact of a certain weapon.

    This weapon was public opinion.

    This was the greatest weapon she learned from China’s entertainment industry.

    Public clamor could confound right and wrong, and defamation could destroy a person.

    Right now, everyone in the Independent State knew the Fearless Alliance was defeated by the Rose of Death, and no one would believe the one-sided story from the Direct Line.

    Moreover, thanks to her baby, her last suspicion might be dissipated.

    If the Fearless Alliance wasn’t trustworthy, what about Asura? Slaughter’s Gate? Heavenly Hatred?

    Hence, even if the Arbitration Council investigated this matter, this was the only result they’d obtain.

    Clearly, the elderly man from the Direct Line was also aware of this point. He was cursing Ye Wanwan’s vileness and shamelessness when footsteps were heard outside the door. The elderly man’s subordinate knocked and opened the conference room door with several people in tow.

    The newcomers were Si Yehan, Jiang Lihen, and Xie Qianchuan.


    Why are Ah-Jiu and those two here?

    Ye Wanwan reflexively glanced at the elderly man from the Direct Line, her heart skipping a beat.

    These three mustn’t have a slip of tongue! Especially Jiang Lihen!

    When the elderly man from the Direct Line saw the newcomers, he immediately received them excitedly.

    “Lord Asura, Gang Leader Jiang, Gang Leader Xie, perfect timing! The three of you are reputable characters in the Independent State, so don’t tell me you’ll also utter nonsense like a certain shameless rascal? That day, your people were merely passing by, so how could they have been defeated by the Rose of Death?!”

    These three mammoths were different from the Fearless Alliance. They might be vicious but they still retained their pride and absolutely wouldn’t employ such shameless and despicable methods.

    Ye Wanwan immediately warningly glared at the trio. D*mn, you better not dismantle my stage at a time like this!

    When the trio received Ye Wanwan’s “Everyone must work as one and act shamelessly at this critical time” warning gaze, their expressions turned complicated.

    Xie Qianchuan looked at the elderly man from the Direct Line then Ye Wanwan before scratching his nose and turning to Si Yehan.

    As for Jiang Lihen, he had a gut of fury simmering in him. Originally, he was perfectly fine and lazing at home when suddenly, the outside world was madly saying that his Heavenly Hatred and Prison was defeated by some knockoff Rose of Death group that came from who knew where.