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    Chapter 1567 The Underworld Prince

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    A few breaths later, the two arrived in a confined space.

    The Nine Heavens Immortal Realm was different than the Canglan Continent. In the latter, cultivators were able to construct confined spaces with a cultivation of the Martial Monarch Realm. However, in the former, a cultivation of the Earth God Realm and above was required.

    "So many experts!"

    As soon as Qin Nan landed, he immediately sensed the formidable auras around him. In fact, he was trembling in excitement.

    "As expected of an Immortal Ascending Opportunity, every single one of them always attracted countless people..."

    The Blood-Eye Heaven God exclaimed.

    There were around six hundred cultivators in front of them.

    Among these cultivators, most of them were Heaven Gods. On top of that, a few hundred of them had reached the peak Heaven God Realm.

    Only a few tens of them were in the Earth God Realm.

    On top of that, there were quite some inner disciples of the Supreme Daoism factions too. Meanwhile, most people were disciples of the factions ruled by Peerless Rulers.

    The crowd only consisted of those that passed the trial. Including those that had left after failing the trial, the size of the crowd would be even more shocking.

    "Those three..."

    Qin Nan soon focused his gaze on three people.

    The one on the left was wrapped in bandages soaked in blood, with an evil aura. He could not see the person's face clearly. The one in the middle was half-naked, with a beast hide around his waist and a giant sword on his back.

    The one on the right was a purple-clothed woman with her face hidden under a veil. Her physique was stunning and her skin was white like snow. She had an alluring temperament, that many people found it hard to move their gaze after looking at her.

    The first two were in the peak Earth God Realm, while the woman had reached the Heaven God Realm.

    "Three geniuses that have mastered the Four Extremities!"

    The golden glow in Qin Nan's eyes grew stronger.

    The others had trouble identifying people that had mastered the Four Extremities. However, he had mastered the Dao Realm, and possessed the Golden Eyes of the Divine God of Battle. He could basically see through anyone with a single glance.

    "Qin Nan."

    At that instant, a calm voice echoed in Qin Nan's mind.

    Six young women in black robes and seven-clawed golden dragons on their chests approached them from the distance.

    Their auras were formidable like immortal mountains, and strangely intimidating.

    They were the disciples of Supreme Daoism factions. Two of them were even inner disciples with cultivation of the peak Heaven God Realm.

    "I am an inner disciple of the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect. I won't waste our time here. Just tell us your secrets of the Liuhuang Rock and name the price."

    The person leading the group said in a proud voice.

    It was quite challenging to become an inner disciple of a Supreme Daoism faction in a Small Immortal Realm.

    "I'm sorry."

    Qin Nan shook his head. No matter what benefits he was promised, he would not tell anyone the secret of the Ownerless Heaven Pattern.

    "You dare reject our offer?"

    The disciples were infuriated upon hearing the words, powerful auras burst out of their bodies.


    It immediately grabbed the attention of the cultivators across the dojo.

    Some who were at the Liuhuang Heavenly River previously immediately came to a realization. They would most likely do the same thing too if the disciples were not there.

    "Qin Nan, a piece of advice, you should be more aware of the situation you're in. Otherwise, you might trip yourself!"

    The inner disciple snapped coldly and left.

    They were forbidden to use violence here. Otherwise, she would have attacked without hesitating.

    Qin Nan shrugged. He was never bothered by threats like this.

    "Oh? So you're Qin Nan?"

    Suddenly, a hoarse voice said, followed by a man wrapped in bloody bandages. His pair of green eyes was staring at Qin Nan, "A mere Earth God dares to challenge the Little Peng Emperor?"

    The whole place fell silent upon hearing the words.

    The disciples of the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect wore cold grins.

    Even if they did not make their move, that Qin Nan was surely going to suffer today knowing that the senior had his eyes on him.

    "This man is known as the Underworld Prince, he's a Peerless Genius. Apparently, he enjoys killing innocent people with cruel methods..."

    The Blood-Eye Heaven God transmitted his voice with a startled look.

    "Aren't you in the Earth God Realm too?"

    Qin Nan squinted. It had been an interesting adventure so far, as people kept coming to bother him.

    "Did he seriously talk to the Underworld Prince like that?"

    The cultivators nearby gasped.

    They were familiar with how cruel the Underworld Prince was.


    Even the other two Peerless Geniuses were looking at them. The glamorous woman wore a slight grin.

    "Tsk tsk, it seems like I've gone into seclusion for too long, that even ants dare to disrespect me!"

    The Underworld Prince let out a weird chuckle. A shocking blood glow burst out of his figure, sending chills down the spines of the cultivators nearby.

    "Qin Nan, I will spare your life for now. When the time comes, I'll drink every single drop of your blood."

    The Underworld Prince was wrapped in bandages, thus no one could see his face. However, they could easily imagine the devilish grin under the bandages.

    Qin Nan was too lazy to even respond.

    Time gradually passed. A hundred breaths were gone fairly quickly.


    Following a whoosh, a headless man with a shocking deathly aura appeared in front of the crowd.

    "So this is the kid that has mastered the legendary Dao Realm?"

    The headless man's Divine Sense swept past Qin Nan and shuddered.

    He was still immersed in astonishment as he saw Qin Nan in person.

    "Fellow cultivators, the succession won't be able to help you ascend as immortal."

    The headless man soon spoke with a loud voice.

    "Unable to ascend?"

    Many peak Heaven God Realm cultivators were stunned.

    They had all come here for the chance to ascend as an immortal.

    "However, the benefits of obtaining the succession is almost the same as an Immortal Ascending Opportunity. You can still leave if you want."

    The headless man said. However, no one in the crowd reacted to it.

    "Very well, the final trial will begin now!"

    The headless man said, "The last round is different than the ones before. You will be split into two groups depending on your cultivation. One for the Earth Gods, one for the Heaven Gods."

    "Meanwhile, your cultivation will all be suppressed to the same level."

    The crowd listened in silence.

    The headless man added, "On top of that, we will choose two people among you to be the gatekeeper."