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    36 Chapter 36: Not Being Strong Enough

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    "You are mistaken." Elize said, finally getting up from her seat. She knew that she had to stand up for herself if she was to gain any sort of acknowledgement in the pack. It was her first time seeing Heidi and she didn't know her well. But the one thing that she knew was that her hatred towards her was based on misunderstandings.

    Brandt looked at her with wary eyes. He moved in front of her to stop her from further provoking the already irritated wolf. "Elize. I don't think it's a good idea-"

    She didn't let Brandt finish his sentence. Elize politely smiled at Brandt and stepped in front of him, silencing him. She looked at the young girl standing in front of her. She could sense the anger emanating off of her. It had a feral animalistic feeling to it. Clearly, the girl was on the verge of shifting.

    "Heidi isn't it?" Elize asked, with a smile on her face.

    The girl spat to her side, her face construed with anger. It seemed as if she had no plans to try and talk it out with her.

    "Look Heidi, not all witches are bad, unlike what you were told. And the thing with Mikail, believe me, I am as frustrated about the punishment as you are." Elize said, hoping to calm the seething girl in front of her.

    The girl narrowed her eyes at her. "Don't think that you can fool me like everyone else. All witches are bad. If not for your kind, my parents would still have been alive. Your kind started the war!" Heidi said, the slit of her eyes elongating by the second. The shift was inevitable but Elize hoped to avoid a fight. After all, the girl in front of her was younger than her. To Elize, she looked scared and vulnerable. She calmed herself and tried one last attempt at avoiding a fight.

    "Heidi, not everything is as simple as you think it is. Please, calm down. We can talk this out." Elize urged.

    "No!! I need you and your kind to leave the pack house now!" Heidi shouted, her sound almost becoming a snarl.

    "Heidi please-"

    Before she had a chance to complete her sentence, Elize was pushed back. Nina stood in front of her protectively, her back slouching slightly in an attacking posture. The murmurs in the hall rose, followed by a slight thud. Everything happened so quick that Elize was startled when she saw the small figure of a brown wolf high in the air, coming straight at her.

    "Duck!" Agatha screamed.

    A surge of energy came from where Agatha stood. Elize turned back in shock, hoping to stop the witch from doing anything stupid. She quickly raised her hand to put a shield around the little wolf just before a tremendous energy exploded against it. The impact shook the hall.

    "Elize! Why?!" Agatha shouted, clearly frustrated by her friend's actions.

    "Don't hurt her. She's only a child." Elize quickly warned her friend.


    "Agatha please." Elize urged, her brows knitted together in a worried expression. She knew that using magic in the pack's territory in order to assault one of the wolves would only lead to Agatha getting punished. Also, it wasn't fair to the little wolf. Agatha's strength could easily crush the creature to its death with a single blow.

    "Don't worry Agatha. I can protect Elize. Please don't use magic. It will only worsen things." Nina pleaded.

    Agatha sighed. She then turned back and sat down on the bench. Elize nodded to Nina in appreciation and turned her attention back towards the brown wolf. Clearly, the impact of the explosive magic had made the little thing lose its balance and fall down. The creature was now on the floor, shaking its head in frustration. Soon it's hatred filled eyes were directed back at Elize.

    "Heidi please. Listen to me." Elize pleaded as she watched the wolf stand up once again.

    The wolf barked and launched itself once more towards Elize, ignoring her plea. This time, Nina reacted faster. Her arms, which were already extended into claws reached out and caught the assailant by its neck before it could reach Elize. She flung its little body against the crowd, which suddenly parted. The wolf's body landed with a thud on the floor. Elize's heart throbbed, seeing the little wolf trying to stand up once more. The poor little thing must be hurting, she thought.

    With much difficulty the little wolf stood up once again. Elize could see that one of its legs were bent unnaturally. The creature's breath came out in rasps. She knew a broken leg when she saw one. Determined to heal the little thing, Elize took a step forward in its direction.

    Thinking that she wanted to harm her, the wolf once again ran towards her. Its teeth bared at her with a murderous intent. Suddenly an idea struck her. A calming spell would definitely do the trick! Elize closed her eyes raised her hand. But before she began to cast the spell, a loud yelp sounded in the hall. She opened her eyes quickly, recognizing the origin of the sound.

    Before her, stood the broad back of a graying man. In his right hand which was raised above his head was the little wolf, trying to struggle its way out of the man's grip. The powerful aura of Alpha Li filled the room, making the crowd in the room shiver. He looked up at the creature in his hands with an irritated expression. Suddenly he dropped the wolf down to the floor. The creature yelped in pain.

    "Shift to your human form now!" Alpha Li commanded.

    The little creature shivered under the order. Someone from among the crowd quickly came forward and put a table cloth over the wolf. He then retraced his steps to once again disappear inside the crowd. The wolf quickly transformed back to her human self and clutched the white piece of cloth around her body protectively. She was still shivering with fear when she clumsily tried to stand up, clutching her right hand to her chest in pain. Alpha Li stepped forward and with his right hand lifted her chin up to face him.

    "What was your crime little one?" he asked, in a seductive voice.

    "I- I didn't do any-"

    Before she could complete what she wanted to say, the man's hands elongated into claws and dug inside her cheeks. The little girl screamed in pain. The sound resounded throughout the hall. Elize couldn't bear to stand and watch anymore. She opened her mouth to speak but Nina quickly covered her mouth before she could utter a sound. She glared at the red haired wolf.

    "Not now." Nina whispered desperately.

    "Now, tell me. What was your crime?" The man's sound once again coaxed the girl in front of him, retracting his claws.

    "I don't know! I don't know Alpha Li! Please spare me." Heidi covered in front of the old man, tears sliding and mixing with the blood flowing down her face. She looked around her, hoping someone would come save her. Nobody came forward.

    The man laughed, seeing the fear driven people in front of him. Elize narrowed her eyes at the sight. It disgusted her to see the man reveling in the reaction that his power brought to him. She had half a mind to shout at the man, but unfortunately Nina's grip on her mouth was iron clad.

    "Your crime child, is not being strong enough." Alpha Li said, looking down on the little girl with disgust. He then turned towards Elize. Nina quickly put her hand down, but it was not quick enough. The man had noticed the action and started laughing once again. This time, the laughter seemed genuine. Elize glared at the man in pure hatred. An amused look passed his eyes as he stopped.

    With a smile plastered on his face, he said without looking away, "Li Jun, please take Heidi away to the dungeons."

    A man clad entirely in black came forward from the crowd and quickly knocked the little girl out. He then swung her body on his shoulder and disappeared from the room in a flash.

    "What are you going to do with her?" Elize asked from between her clenched teeth.

    The man was suddenly in front of her, his face inches away from her own. Startled, Elize fell back, only to be caught by his strong hands. He pulled her towards him with a crooked smile on his face. Dark energy thick like honey pressed down on her body. She struggled to get out of his grip, but he didn't budge even an inch. Suddenly Elize felt a surge of magic building up from behind her.

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you, little girl." Alpha Li said,looking towards the source of magic.

    "Try me." Agatha's arrogant voice rose up.

    The man smiled in reply, putting forth all his charm. He quickly leaned in towards Elize and whispered, "I just wanted to test something. I think I have my answer."

    "Grandfather!" Zack's voice thundered in the room, coming from the direction of the stairs.

    The old man chuckled and pushed her away from himself, disappearing from the place in the blink of an eye. Elize gasped, the force of the push sending her body flying against the wall. She braced for impact and quickly drew a shield around her. But before she could complete it, strong arms pulled her to the side, enveloping her in its warmth. Elize looked up to see Zack staring down at her, his handsome face construed in worry. Her body was shivering, yet she managed to smile feebly.