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    Part Time Star Full Time Dad Chapter 35

    Chapter 35: Shady Changes

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    Theodore lightly smiled and said "Once you get really good you can do this"

    He said while moving his finger to float above Shady. Shady then proceeded to hoist himself up on top of the finger and balance himself on it.



    [SettleWithMe]: Cool, I guess



    [AniMagic]: Sorry this could easily be a simple projection. Do it with the clone and I might be impressed but then again it could just be wirework. The other shadow themed tricks we're impressive because it interacted with reality or transformed into reality this is just sad.


    "Well, that's true, with technology like holograms being so easy to get a hold of, magic loses its credibility to amaze. Especially with the existence of powers" Said Theodore sadly before a smug and confident smile appeared as he said "But doesn't that make it more impressive. To create a performance that can't be easily explained is what magic is all about"

    As he said that he put his palm on his shoulder and let Shady step on it. He stepped away from the camera at a slow and steady pace.

    Theodore's confident smile had already won over most of the chat particularly the female portion but once they took their eyes off his face they noticed something.



    [QuiteNoise]: Mind

    [Yes Man]: Short Shady

    [SuperLazySister]: MINI SHADY!!

    [Love2Hate]: LIL SHADY

    [SoAmbiguous]: Teeny Weeny Shady

    [OtakuFPS]: Huh?? Wait, what?

    [xXQuickScope22Xx]: Its just shade now

    [Thrust master 23]: Pretty fricken cool


    [RicherThanYou]: Wow, sooo CUTE!!!


    On the live video as Theodore stepped back with his palm just a few inches above his shoulder Shady was still on it and yet his size was not changing.

    During the time he had explained how perspective works in magic. Shady had somehow shrunk down and was actually still standing on Theodore's palm.

    [AntiMagic: Donated $200: It can still be a hologram but its nonetheless a remarkable transition and showmanship]

    Theodore brows scrunched as he said in a questioning tone "Hologram? Can a hologram do this?"

    After saying that he pulled out a pen which Shady struggled to hold before lifting it up a like barbell.

    Shady proceed to take off the lid and write on Theodore's cheek "Hello!! :)"

    If that still wasn't enough the BoxCam flew around Theodore getting every closeup angle. A second BoxCam was then activated giving a wide shot of the situation.

    The chat was able to see that the Shady the shadow was no longer a 2-dimensional image that was stuck on the wall but a fully 3-dimensional black avatar.

    Even though the world's technology is more advanced than his previous world it had yet to find a method to make a lifelike 3D holograms that could move as freely as Shady dose.

    Holograms also can't interact with physical objects as they are just a bunch of lights.




    [Infront_Of_My Salad]: Just WOW

    [DarkLord]: The darkness is evolving

    [Master baiter_45]: Holy shmolly

    [SadAssMan]: Is that pen permanent??

    [WeebMaster696]: Shady- Fufuf this isn't even my finale form

    [CreamySurprise]: MAGIC IS REAL!!


    [AntiMagic: Donated: $100: You win, take my money]

    "Haha, thanks but I personally think this is not enough. Let's take it a step further" Said, Theodore

    He then pretended to look around the room before pointing and saying "You over there, please come assist me in the next part"

    The BoxCam panned to the left where a clone wearing a set of casual clothes and a cap was seated on the desk chair while pointing at himself, and with a confused face, he said "Me? Umm okay"

    "So what your name, random audience member," Said Theodore reaching for a handshake

    "Its Thomas," Said The Clone with a nod while shaking Theodore's hand.

    "Welcome, now I believe I should ask for permission to do this as its quite a rough experience. So, Thomas, can I take your Shadow and have my shadow beat it into a bloody pulp" Said Theodore with a kind smile

    Even with the kind smile, the chat took note of the sudden change in his eyes that resembled a person with unpleasant intentions.

    The clone reacted timely with a shiver as he gave a nervous nod.

    "Good, well I'll take this, thanks," Said Theodore kindly before placing his hand on the clones' shadow ripping it off the Clone.

    The clone(Thomas) eyes rolled back as the life in his face disappeared before he flopped on the floor like a puppet without its strings.

    Two clones wearing matching black suits dragged 'Thomas' out of camera's view.

    [Big-M-B!ch: Donated $80: How much to get you to just look at me with those eyes while saying as many disgusting slurs about how I'm worthless *****]

    Even though the WideView censored the word he knew exactly what she said but even so the sudden prompt caught him off guard and destroyed the act he was putting up.

    *Cough* "Come on, Big-M It took me ages to make that psycho character. Thanks for the donation you. . . . ." Said Theodore sadly but while thanking Big-M-B!ch he mouthed "Cheap Bitch" while giving off domineering temperament.

    (Note: I don't know about this Its seems to contradict what I said about not stringing along with fans but at the same time could be just teasing. There's a thin line and I don't whether it falls in the other)

    [Big-M-B!ch: Donated $200: T-Thank You]



    [Sausage_lover_230]: Shit got dark real fast

    [TightZippy]: Umm am I the only one felt threatened for visiting.

    [WonkyTable]: Can we just take a moment to appreciate the acting.

    [ThotPatrol]: Back up civilians, its a wild one

    [BangMan]: This took an oddly sexual turn *Unzips pants*

    [GamerBod]: Whelp

    [ThiCCC-Rear]: Confused emotions


    "Now that we have a friend for Shady to play with. Now we just need him to be the same size," Said Theodore before the Shadow of his Clone shrank suddenly and turned in a 3-dimensional shadow.

    Theodore went down on one knee and had the new shadow stand on his palm with shady

    "Hmm, I can't tell them apart oh I've got an idea," Said Theodore as he pulled out two pens that glow under the light, one of them was a bright blue while the other was bright red.

    He then had clone appear with a table. He places the clones down on the table. He then began to draw some veins on Shady with the red.

    For the other shadow, he used the blue pen and drew a bunch of circuits that he remembered from the fate series.

    With his arms open he dramatically announces "In red, pulsing with rage and power we have Shady. In blue we have the equally strong and tactical Dusk. weapons of all sorts are legal you can play dirty but you'll lose the respect of the audience. Now let's have a good fight"

    Music began to play as Shady and Dusk sized each other up.



    [NoSocial]: I don't know if this magic and I don't care. Fuck him up, Shady

    [SugerBaby??]: come on new guy, you got this

    [FightPressure]: Best see some dirty hits

    [OtakuFPS]: STANDOFF!

    [SmoothButter]: SHADY!!

    [SmallMuffin]: The new guy looks nice with the blue

    [Big-package]: I bet blues kick his as in the first five seconds




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