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    Chapter 34: Principal Of Magic

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    |Third Pov Theodore|

    Before Theodore continued two clones of his quickly appeared dragging a long and thick plank of would which sat up straight between him and shady.

    It was a few meters closer to the camera acting as the dividing line between reality and the shadow world.

    The spotlight then changed into a larger stage performance with light being spread across the walls.

    Theodore then made a tennis ball appear in his hand. The camera zoomed into the ball and let Chat get a good view of it before he began throwing it from his right had to his left hand.

    "Okay while we play catch I'll answer some questions that you have" Said Theodore as he viciously through the ball toward shady.

    The ball was hidden for a split second behind the plank before black dot with the same size came out on the other side.

    It then zoomed into Shady's hand who then flew back from the force of the throw. Shady then stumbled out of the light and into the darkness.

    Theodore gave a nervous laugh and said "Oops"



    [NoSocial]: F

    [SugerBaby??]: F

    [FightPressure]: F

    [SmoothButter]: F

    [SmallMuffin]: F


    [GamerBod: Donated: $5: Do you have any plans to do a game stream? And what's your favourite game?]

    "Its been a while but my favorite game is hands down Time Splinters on the PlayNation. And yes I have plans to do a PUBG V.R stream with a friend to teach me the ropes" Said, Theodore

    During Theodore's reply, Shady had re-entered the spotlight angrily while he frustratedly stamped his feet and threw a middle finger at Theodore.

    Shady then comically spun his left arm around while holding the ball, building up as much speed and momentum before it became a black blur.



    [Love2Hate]: Oh shit its coming in hot

    [xXQuickScope22Xx]: this got violent real quick LOL

    [SettleWithMe]: Get that chad fuck in the face

    [QuiteNoise]: Shady!!

    [OtakuFPS]: Kill him

    [Raccoon-8In-Butt]: Revenge!!


    He then released the black ball that flew passed the plank of wood and transformed back into a tennis ball that then smacked Theodore on the nose.

    *slap* Theodore grabbed his nose while groaning "Urgh So you wanna play rough huh?"

    Theodore picked up the tennis ball, stood side on and raised his front leg while cupping the ball near his chin. He pulled his right hand back and pitched the tennis ball at a ridiculous speed.

    Once again Shady was unable to catch it as it smashed him in the stomach before he tumbled forwards while holding the tennis ball.



    [TightZippy]: No shady! fuck him up!

    [Big-M-B!ch]: Yeah, get him, master!!

    [GamerBod]: Get up Shady you've got this

    [ThiCCC-Rear]: So Hot

    [BluesMan]: Bastard!!!

    [LadyLuck]: I like shady BUT he hurt dads face DEATH to the shadow


    [Coffee_N_D!K]: Hurting Daddy is a death sentence


    [Still-In-Student-Dept: Donated: $1: How do you attain happiness]

    "not exactly the question I was expecting" Said Theodore as he pondered over the question.

    After a few seconds, Theodore said "I'm not a therapist or even old enough to give some wise words. I think a problem that's not mentioned a lot is people become numb to happiness. Let me give an exam umm. . . simple things like seeing Rose smile and laugh is my sense of happiness for some they can't appreciate what already have. I'm not saying you should settle with what you have to be happy, its human nature to strive for more what I'm saying is to just remember it. Stay still and look at the simple things with a bit more care and you should find happiness. Of course, if you are still unable to experience happiness then find people who can give you that feeling, like friends and family. You can also improve your health or set some simple goals"



    [Sniff-It]: Wise words Mr Hunt

    [F.Y.B-Agent109]: I approve of this message

    [LoneWolfx69]: Just watch some cute animals

    [RicherThanYou]: I'm happy when I watch dads stream

    [Aqua-Sift]: It's a bit too simple happiness differs from one person to another as their personality, likes and dislikes changes things.

    [TouchTips?]: Just have good old stress releasing wank

    [DarkLord]: Shady's back with a vengeance


    Shady had successfully stood himself up again. He grabbed the tennis ball with both hands and began to pull on it as if intending to rip it apart.

    But instead of ripping it was stretched into a regular-sized soccer ball. He proceeded to place it down on the floor before stepping back and running up to it and kicking it.


    A white and black ball revealed itself after passing behind the plank before whizzing into Theodore's chest.



    [PunkJelly34]: GOAL!!!!

    [WeatherDude]: OOF

    [WeebMaster696]: Shady, once again proving that he belongs on the pitch

    [LordZzzz]: Oof

    [KickAbout]: Great forum 10/10


    *Cough, Cough*

    "Ahem okay I think we're done playing catch, aren't we Shady?" Said, Theodore

    Shady replied with turning his back to Theodore.

    "What you think of our game of catch pretty cool right? Well let's get to the main event but before that dose, anyone knows what magic is" Said Theodore while fixing his clothes.



    [AntiMagic]: Magic is a legal lie that makes money

    [420Cali]: It's cool

    [WonkyTable]: If it's real then it's the work of Satan if it's a trick then it's cool

    [EatPuss]: You learn it hoping your crush thinks it's cool before you realise you're still ugly and a loser

    [DryBread]: It entertainment

    [Lost-Aggresssion]: @EatPuss you good bro?


    "All of you are right including Eatpuss, F In the chat for our fallen brothers" Said Theodore jokingly

    Chat then spammed "F" and some saying "I can relate" with a sad emoji face.

    "AnitMagic's answer in the one I'm looking for. Its a lie but I like to call it a fun lie. Magic is about lying to the eyes and brain of the audience. The end result leaves the audience pleasantly surprised that is unless you're doing escape magic which just leaves people with the relief that he or she didn't die" Said, Theodore

    Theodore then approached the camera with his face taking up almost all of the video.

    On the stream, Theodore's face was on the left with his shoulder appearing to act as a platform for Shady who a distance away in the background still stuck on the wall.

    Shady looked up as if he was looking up at Theodore who was now closer to the camera.

    "You see this, this an illusion. You see it commonly done with The Leaning Tower Of Pisa and many other well-known tourist attractions. So congrats to all those who have done it your a magician. It's all about perspective. You can do this with a friend just a bit of practice and you can make it look like your controlling him" Said Theodore as his finger began to point at the little Shady on his shoulder.

    Shady moved with every poke that Theodore made and jumped with the pinch and lift action.

    It was like Shady was a puppet and Theodore's finger was the strings.



    [SmallMuffin]: Hehe I'm a magician

    [SteamyTurd37]: To all those "I'm holding up the tower" pictures y'all are big doo-doo.

    [NoSocial]: I don't have friends, so like where can I get a Shady

    [ThiCCC-Rear]: HD Closeup of hubby, please let me sit on that face

    [PushingBucket]: Preety cool but this isn't magic

    [SadAssMan]: Very good

    [LadyLuck]: I think I can smell him

    [TheRealJesus]: He knows to much father

    [DarkLord]: Kakaka the power I hold I now immense

    [PunkJelly34]: I think I've seen something like this in a movie

    [Coffee_N_D!K]: Stick out your tongue babe for visiting.